Thursday, July 22, 2004


Hello! Did anyone tell you that today is I LOVE MYSELF DAY? That's right, July 22 is I Love Myself Day! It is stated that all bloggers should post up as many pictures of themselves as they please and no one is supposed to say anything because it is I Love Myself Day, the one and only day where everyone is supposed to show how much they love themselves.  If you don't have a camera or a blog, I suggest that you rob someone of one. Go guess your friend's password and post some of your photos there. Your friend wouldn't mind, because it is I Love Myself Day and he is too busy loving himself to notice.

If anyone critisizes you, it's ok! Just tell the fella merrily that it is I Love Myself Day! Watch as he says, "Orh, ok." and walk away while u continue humming to yourself about how much your knees rock coz they are not as knobbly as the normal human's knees. =)

I love myself!!!

Non-bloggers are adviced to talk to complete strangers to tell them what you love about yourself. If you are Gothic, or maybe George Bush and you have nothing you love about yourself, it is OK! Lie!

"Hi, I am George Bush and I love my eyes!"

"But they are saggy and disgusting."

"Ha! See! I found something else I love! I love my sense of humor!"

" ... "

While you prance about telling yourself how much you love yourself, also remember to give your dog a hug and don't leave him in the car coz it's really hot in there.


Oh yeah. I possibly should also mention that anyone who critisizes on the holy I Love Myself Day will be cursed forever! They will have no one to ever love them!!!

What are you waiting for? Go post photos of yourself on your blog now. It's the only day which u can do that without anyone saying you are narcisstic. =)