Thursday, July 15, 2004

So you think you are an avid Xiaxue reader?!

Have you been reading me like a madman everyday, every hour? You think you are my number 1 blogder? You know my favourite colour is pink, and that Chua's penis is 19cm, and I stay in Teban Gardens, and I interned at TODAY, but think, "DAMN! What's the point of reading every single entry three times? Nobody knows how AVID I AM!!!"

There, I have made a quiz! Go see how much of an ardent Xiaxue reader you are!

I must say that the quiz is not easy. Unless you managed to read almost of all my entries, I don't think you can get 100%. And since it IS possible to cheat to get full marks, I shall not give any rewards to well-scorers!

Are you ready to take the challenge? Ok, GO!

The Scoreboard is here.