We've got mail!

Previous blog entry about doctors apparently got to Dr Gerard Chuah - chairman of the Children's Medical Fund. Eh, very shockingly, he was not offended. Which is good, because being angry is not good for the heart (according to Fei Yu Ching who said he is very seldom angry which is why he is so healthy. Is gay sex healthy? Sorry, that was an irrelevant question)!!!

I suspect Dr Chuah is not angry because I said he is good looking. Kidding!  ;)

So anyway, here's the mail:

Hi XiaXue!

I read your blog and I think it is very funny!

Well, doctors really don't make that much money-----just to correct that
fallacy. I drive a Subaru, hardly go for any holidays and live quite simply

A few more clarifications:

1. Firstly, many doctors donate to charities and spend a large proportion of
their time serving in charities.

2. The NKF Children's Medical Fund supports mostly medical programs in
government hospitals----there are no programs involving private doctors. The
medical programs are expensive because of the equipment involved and the
infrastructure setup costs----it is expensive to send doctors, nurses and
paramedical staff for training overseas---this is necessary so that the
patients receive the best possible care.

3. Medical care is expensive in Singapore because of rentals and staff
salaries---in comparison, the rentals in Malaysia and THailand are only 1/2
to 1/4 that of Singapore and a nurse's salary in Malaysia and THailand are
1/4 that of a comparable Singaporean nurse. These are factors which we can't
change significantly right now---instead, we can concentrate on providing
high quality medical care for complex diseases---something which the rest of
the region cannot yet provide.

4. The NKF Children's Medical Fund supports children with chronic medical
problems----for children, it is not just about money---very often, financial
problems compound family problems. THese children grow up with a lack of
self esteem-----they often look disfigured or abnormal (so they get teased a
lot in school), they miss school because of the frequent visits to the
hospital (so their school work suffers), their families are often low income
groups and the medical bills are great burdens to the family----in a lot of
these families, the husband often quarrels with the wife over the household
bills---the finances are strained because of the child's hospitalisation

The chronically sick child often feels useless and some even attempt
suicide. We try to help not just the child but the entire family. This
involves not just paying for the medical bills but counselling by the child
psychologist, specialised physiotherapy/speech therapy, job placements for
the parents, tuition subsidies for the other siblings etc. All this requires
a lot of funds!

Hope you and your readers find this useful info

Dr Gerard Chuah

Ok great, now I feel really stupid about posting all that. BUT I AM JUST A LAYMAN WHAT, so I shall not blame myself for not knowing.

Just to prove that I am a nice person and that I am sincerely apologetic for writing all that (esp the sucking c*** part), I shall post this up:

Please click here to donate money or an organ (a piano or liver are both welcome)!

Or you could write a cheque to the �NKF Children�s Medical Fund� and mail it to the following address:NKF Centre Children�s Medical Fund Department 81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836

And since I was once wrote an article for CMF, it gives me the rights to lecture you.


When was the last time you helped a child? *plays sad music* GO AND DONATE NOW LAH, YOU STINGY POKE! Since I am unemployed, it gives me the rights not to donate till I am employed later on.

Shut up, Re-minisce. Zip it. Sheesh. www.zip-it.com.


Fenix said…
It's probably 2 degrees of separation in Singapore... Freaky albeit heart-warming :>
Ediris said…
I think quite a number of people don't donate to NKF because they are not sure how much of the money goes to the kids and how much to NKF itself. More transparency in the accounts dept, in short. But it's a pleasant surprise to know that the medical fund helps the entire family, not just the kid. It wasn't mentioned on the NKF site, I think. Cheers for the doc.
eve said…
You spelt 'Gerard' Gerald wrong.
Apple said…
xiaxue so pai seh!
jamie said…
i'm a newbie here and wait. firstly, your blog rocks! not powerful enough.
err.. your hair too. ok, was reading the debate about the doctors and the pay and blah, and after this entry, i think you're not as mean as you try to be. (keep your brinjal i don't wanna get hurt) i think you should go get a job in the straits times and earn big bucks. spice up the newspapers. though they should not leave you to do the political stuff cuz u might cause a riot. =)
Bluestar said…
After the 2 overwhelmingly successful charity shows (with another one coming up tomorrow night), the CMF will have enough funds to last them for god-knows-how-long. So, there's no need to donate to the fund anymore.
Clatzz said…
i wouldnt b surprised if doc gerald is one of ur loyal blogders...

but he was so nice to explain all the misconceptions that we have...
doubleUei said…
actually i'm also kind of an anti-NKF person. no offence but i would rather send the cheque directly to the children than through NKF. maybe it's bcos there's a lot of rumours about them "kop"ing the money or something like that.. well, just a lil comment! (=
hey! i enjoy reading the entries in your blog. i visit your blog everyday so that i can relieve my stress and get a good laugh! hee =).

anyway.. regarding NKF. i hate to say this, and i shall try to put things across in a manner as civilised as possible:

NKF is BULL. my mom told me that there was an article in the newspaper(not sure when. i dont really read the papers you see..) that said that in the NKF office building, the toilets have taps that a plated with real gold etc. or something along those lines, not too sure of the details. looks like that's where all of our money goes to..

-Hui Lin
Audrey said…
I have worked with children at the receiving end of the CMF..
You won't know what BIG idifferences it makes to them..

for those who are either stingy or can't afford to donate at the moment, y not volunteer?

the kids not only need medical care, they need US to play with them, read with them..

some of them long to study but can't go to school..reading to them or teaching them how to read is an enjoyment they will never forget, and an experience u will remember for the rest of ur life...
Xiaxue said…

Well, that article was a big flop. Obviously Straits Times did not report it, but NKF says that no such thing ever happened, and NKF has filed a law suit to sue ST and also the lying contractor. Got this from the mouth of the PR guy in NKF himself.

Also, understand that there are a lot of issues going on, because ST = Mediaworks = supportive of Ren Ci = not supportive of NKF.

Think about it. ;)
Ivan said…
It's sad when charity organisations get caught up in the media war. :(

I do donate to charity whenever possible, but I believe Singaporeans are still suffering from charity fatigue; remember how many charity shows we have a year, plus the fact that we also donated a lot to the Courage Fund last year.

And I agree that in order to regain the trust of Singaporeans, NKF requires more transparency in its accounting. I don't believe people who work for the NKF should be paid, since such work should by nature be on a voluntary basis.

But it remains to be seen if such a system is feasible. Easy to say, hard to do. *shrugs shoulders*

DoOg says... said…
I am glad that most of the ple here cleared the misunderstandings..

Seriously, no offence... but don't pay the ple who are working there? Hmm... Lets be honest... we do need to eat, pay our bills and stuff... just cos NKF is a charity org doesn't meant that ple who work there shouldn't be paid...

I agree that alot are hesistating, pondering if they should donate cos they dunno where all the money goes to... believe me.. the funds will never be enough because the numbers of cases are increasing and if you think that the money is enough, you definitely haven't really known the ple on the receiving end... All it takes is to have have abit of empathy... Many of these children's family ain't living the life u are living... u can never imagine what they are going through unless u witness it, or better still, gone through it...
lotise said…
Kudos to the doc for penning a sincere email reply. NKF is not a non profit organisation. They employ executives with top salaries comparable to the private sector. They get bonuses for good performance, they get the usual perks. They have an opulent building. I think their remuneration is more or less pegged to the funds they bring in, thus explaining their aggressive fund-raising drives. But of course altruism is served too.

Its the government answer to the huge costs needed for dialysis. Their mantra of self sufficiency of course. Ahem. So one problem is solved, but creating another: the accountability towards the public as it is still donation in the end. Info which NKF is not forthcoming about. I guess they do not want to compromise their business model.
jeRrRKKKK said…
doctors still earn way too much...
no matter what the explanation, it's ridiculous to get 4 or 5k per month just to prescribe panadol and give MCs... ok, every now n then you gotta give those flu medicines... but how difficult can it be to prescribe flu medicine for flu patients, and panadol for fever patients?!?! the hardest part i guess, would be to decide how many days MC... cause some doctors always forget to give me MC... haikz...
Re-minisce said…

I didn't need to say a thing...
I won't write that Gerald wrote to you everything that I was tempted to rant about on my own blog - and I didn't. (rant.) It would have achieved nothing.

While we're temporarily trying to see things from the other side of the fence,

1) do you really think he wasn't offended? Perhaps some people grit their teeth and tide through their initial anger, then try to make something *good* happen out of their emotions.

2) mr jeerkkkk here seems to have inherited the Crown for Venomously Shooting Mouth Off Through Ignorance... mm. careful there, next thing we know, he'll be the next big thing on the blogging scene. laughs.
lip said…
Sorry jerKK

But I think because someone is not smart enuff to get into med school he should insult all doctors and just define their work as giving MCs. Firstly, you really have to WANT to help people to even become a doctor.. it's not just any tom dick or harry. or jerkk

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