Wednesday, July 21, 2004

We've got mail!

Previous blog entry about doctors apparently got to Dr Gerard Chuah - chairman of the Children's Medical Fund. Eh, very shockingly, he was not offended. Which is good, because being angry is not good for the heart (according to Fei Yu Ching who said he is very seldom angry which is why he is so healthy. Is gay sex healthy? Sorry, that was an irrelevant question)!!!

I suspect Dr Chuah is not angry because I said he is good looking. Kidding!  ;)

So anyway, here's the mail:

Hi XiaXue!

I read your blog and I think it is very funny!

Well, doctors really don't make that much money-----just to correct that
fallacy. I drive a Subaru, hardly go for any holidays and live quite simply

A few more clarifications:

1. Firstly, many doctors donate to charities and spend a large proportion of
their time serving in charities.

2. The NKF Children's Medical Fund supports mostly medical programs in
government hospitals----there are no programs involving private doctors. The
medical programs are expensive because of the equipment involved and the
infrastructure setup costs----it is expensive to send doctors, nurses and
paramedical staff for training overseas---this is necessary so that the
patients receive the best possible care.

3. Medical care is expensive in Singapore because of rentals and staff
salaries---in comparison, the rentals in Malaysia and THailand are only 1/2
to 1/4 that of Singapore and a nurse's salary in Malaysia and THailand are
1/4 that of a comparable Singaporean nurse. These are factors which we can't
change significantly right now---instead, we can concentrate on providing
high quality medical care for complex diseases---something which the rest of
the region cannot yet provide.

4. The NKF Children's Medical Fund supports children with chronic medical
problems----for children, it is not just about money---very often, financial
problems compound family problems. THese children grow up with a lack of
self esteem-----they often look disfigured or abnormal (so they get teased a
lot in school), they miss school because of the frequent visits to the
hospital (so their school work suffers), their families are often low income
groups and the medical bills are great burdens to the family----in a lot of
these families, the husband often quarrels with the wife over the household
bills---the finances are strained because of the child's hospitalisation

The chronically sick child often feels useless and some even attempt
suicide. We try to help not just the child but the entire family. This
involves not just paying for the medical bills but counselling by the child
psychologist, specialised physiotherapy/speech therapy, job placements for
the parents, tuition subsidies for the other siblings etc. All this requires
a lot of funds!

Hope you and your readers find this useful info

Dr Gerard Chuah

Ok great, now I feel really stupid about posting all that. BUT I AM JUST A LAYMAN WHAT, so I shall not blame myself for not knowing.

Just to prove that I am a nice person and that I am sincerely apologetic for writing all that (esp the sucking c*** part), I shall post this up:

Please click here to donate money or an organ (a piano or liver are both welcome)!

Or you could write a cheque to the �NKF Children�s Medical Fund� and mail it to the following address:NKF Centre Children�s Medical Fund Department 81 Kim Keat Road Singapore 328836

And since I was once wrote an article for CMF, it gives me the rights to lecture you.


When was the last time you helped a child? *plays sad music* GO AND DONATE NOW LAH, YOU STINGY POKE! Since I am unemployed, it gives me the rights not to donate till I am employed later on.

Shut up, Re-minisce. Zip it. Sheesh.