Got Bone Marrow?

I received the following email, and I have confirmed that they are presently in need of a donor. The needy patient is merely 14 - and that's too young for her to leave this world.

If you are willing to take a blood test and is not a carrier of infectious diseases, the blood tests can be conducted eitherduring 8-9 am or 4-5 pm from monday to friday. The place to conduct the test is SGH Block 7 Level 2 Haemaeology Centre.

Call Enkai at 90120203.


Dear Wendy, I saw your blog being featured in newspaper recently and it boasts that you have over 4000 viewers daily.

A friend of mine has a young cousin who is suffering from leukemia. It is in a critical stage and the only way to save her is through a relatively harmless bone marrow transplant. Even though the national bone marrow institute hasfound a suitable donor for her, the person isstationed overseas and doesn't want to come back. Sadly, such injustice is rampant in our world today.

The reason why I'm writing to you is the hope that you can illuminate the plight of my friend's cousin. She is only 14 this year and if her life is taken from her, she'll never have the chance to experience what life has to offer. She'll never be able to hold her bf's hand or to perhaps even marry one that she loves. The worst is that her parents would lose their child to someone who turn his/her blindeye to her tragedy.

The letter that my friend emailed me is as follows...

Dear all,
My cousin, a lovely young girl who is only 14 years old, has been diagnosed to be in the critical stages of leukemia(blood cancer). Her situation has taken a turn for the worse and she has been down with fever ever since last wednesday, due to a severly weakened immune system which is unable to cope with any viruses or illness.

Previously we had managed to find asuitable donor. However the donor, who is stationed overseas at this present moment, has repeatedly turned down the pleas to return. Hence i would like to appealto all of you to save a young life. Chances of finding a suitable bone marrow donor is very slim but we are not taking any chances.

Its not a lot of hassle really; we just need donors to undergo a simple blood test at NUH or SGH.

Interested donors do contact me at 90120203or reply to my email. Time is really running short. To my friends and others, do help me to spread this mail around as soon as possible. Thanks and i really really appreciate it!


Therefore, I beseech you to help by posting his letter in your blog and urge your viewers to spread the news among their friends too. The gift of life is perhaps the most endearing and precious to give to a fellow human being.

Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Yang

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