Monday, August 9, 2004

Of concerts and horrid taxi drivers

I know I have not been updating very regularly, and that's because of two reasons:

1) I am working (I'm doing a book project and that's all I'll be revealing, my dears. My pay is relatively good for a poly grad too, and yes, I love this job. It's confidential lah, if not I'll tell u guys, really. You will know in December) and hence I am almost always tired.

2) I am hooked on Solitaire Showdown in MSN so I am always playing that with Shuyin till the wee hours of the night. She always thrashes me and that gets me pissed. When I am pissed, I hate the world and I don't blog.

BUT! I am nice! So despite being very pissed with the tremendous amount of stupid people who misunderstood my National Day blog entries (the hate mail, I tell you.) , I shall try to churn out more blogs for the smarter and more open-minded people who read me.

Before I continue, here's to stupid people:


TODAY (yes, the 2nd highest circulating English newspaper in SG) had me to cover the COOLPLAY concert by Wilber Pan and Zhang Shan Wei, so I went.

Some time ago, they also bestowed upon lucky me tickets to watch the Gen Y concert (as you avid readers know).

On both occasions, I got abused.

And since I do not have time to write much, I shall just complain about the stupid obnoxious girls who watch concerts instead of full reviews.

Gen Y concert

I brought Birdy with me.

I got very excited when I saw the media pass that went with the pair of tickets (stapled with a new press release, mind you, saying UsUsUaL cordially invites Elisa Chia (who gave the tics to me)).

In my naive head, I thought this means that I can go backstage to interview the stars you see. But actually, it means that I would be able to just stand in front of the stage, where all the photographers are, to watch the concert standing up, but in a magnificently close view.

Since Birdy/Shuyin did not have a pass, I decided to forgo that, and sit with her. Afterall, our seats are the SEVENTH row from the front, which is not bad at all. It is also dead centre.

Too soon, the concert started, and Van Fan came to sing. Being the nice blogger I am, I decided to go to the front of the railings to take a photo or two (for you guys!), so I squeezed pass some seats, and went to the front.

I was stopped by an usher but he shut his gap when he saw the pass.

Later on, I moved back to my seat, thinking I would not take another photo, since it's a little troublesome.

The edge of my row of girls was this middle-aged lady, who shouted at me when I passed her.

"GO BACK TO YOUR SEAT!" she shouted in a condescending manner as if I am some young juvenile fan. "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WALK TO THE FRONT YOU KNOW! GO BACK NOW."
And she actually used her filthy paws to push me on my waist.

Everyone stared and I boiled. There was a time when people said that Singa OOPS I mean, there was a time when I would have taken her bullshit quietly and went back to my seat, BUT NOW I AM A FEROCIOUS GROWN WOMAN WHO KNOWS I SHOULD TAKE NO BULLSHIT. NONE AT ALL.

I slapped her a bit with my media pass, and I said, "Excuse me, I'm a reporter, and I can go to the front as often as I want, OK?!" (which is not exactly ethical, but she wasn't being nice so I shouldn't be either)

"I don't care what reporter," she shouted, her saggy eyelids begging for some
extreme makeover (so old already still acting like a delinquent watching a
concert. Yay! F4! look at auntie, auntie like you all!). "I am audience, so I
can ask you to go back. AND GO BACK TO YOUR SEAT NOW!"

She pushed me, hard.

I stayed put, and said, "I CAN COME OUT AS OFTEN AS I WANT AND YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Too bad you are sitting in the same row as me. GO AWAY LOR! AND DON'T TOUCH ME WITH YOUR DIRTY HANDS!"

She then pretended to treat me like a thick pillar obstructing her view and folded her arms while looking beyond my waist at the singing Van.

I thus left to go to my seat again, feeling quite murderous, and you KNOW WHAT THAT BITCH DID??



It wasn't a strong kick, so I just left it at that (plus I don't think my build is made for fighting, really) and went back to Shuyin sprouting vulgarities and something along the lines of her getting rectum cancer.

So. I do admit I was slightly at fault, BUT THE BITCH KICKED ME CAN! I should have slapped her across the face with my cheap VNC heels I tell you, those are lethal.


Ok, moving swiftly on to the Cool Play concert.

The people sitting in front of June and I were this mother (or auntie - don't you just HATE aunties who watch teeny concerts??!) and her two girls, one apparently 17 or so and the other around 14.

This was where I was seated.

Click to enlarge

So. See that railing in front of me? Just before the concert started, I was telling June, in my normal talking volume, that if anyone ran to stand at the railing later, I will personally kill the traitors because they would obstruct my view.

The auntie turned to her daughter, who was seated in front of me, and said in a loud voice dripping with sarcasm,


WAH LAU. Vindictive bitch. I wasn't even talking about her lor!

I contemplated for a while, and tapping on her shoulder, said in a gentle voice, "Sorry hor xiao jie (miss), I wasn't speaking about you just now, I was talking about other people lah. It's a misunderstanding, sorry."

She avoided my gaze, and staring determindedly in front, said, "Yeah, but so what. People standing in front wouldn't block you what."

WHAT THE? What she said is relatively true, because the stage is adjacent to me, but so what? inconsiderate people who move to the railings will block others right? I just don't like such people!

See? I don't understand why I even tried to be nice. Some people are just so fucked up! What's wrong with her?

Later on, the singers announced that they were going to shake hands with people at the sides (that's us!), so naturally, everyone RUSHED, including me, although I am not mesmerised with the duo.

I was on the fifth row, so it is quite difficult to get a spot just right behind the railing.

And because i was penning down notes for this final product, I was holding a pilot v5 in blue, with it's tip menacingly exposed.

Naturally, when I did my super rush to the front, I had to by pass Auntie and her daughters - and I managed to go zoom pass her, no doubt leaving her NOT BEING ABLE TO TOUCH WILBER UNLIKE ME (ha ha! Cheap thrill), and also hating me for life.

As if she didn't hate me enough for taking her rightful spot at the railing in my amazingly high VNC (i love the brand) heels ...

I also accidentally (maybe not so accidentally) poked her with my V5.

Well ok. It wasn't really a poke. It was more a scratch. A long scratch across her sweater. I pretended I didn't notice. (but actually, I have to admit I feel pretty gleeful thinking about it. But do not let my cheerfulness deceive you. I am really feeling very guilty deep down.)

Later on, when we were walking out of the concert hall, I did it again. Verbal vomit. I said to June, "The concert is not bad huh! Except for the stupid people in front, so annoying."

June just laughed.

"Uh huh," I said. "I did it again right. They are right behind us right?"

June turned back, looked, and gave the affirmative.

This ALWAYS happens to me.

The family of unhappy concert viewers shoved pass me and June, with the young girl tossing me AN EVIL EYE while she turned back to look at me. I raised my eyebrows and downturned my lips in what I thought was an innocent expression... But I don't think she took it. She looked so evil, that I have nightmares of her everytime I sleep till this very day.

Looked a little like GimLi here:

Oh gosh.



After the concert, which ended at 1130pm, June and I tried to walk outta the place to Kallang MRT, and couldn't find our way.

Soon, it was 12am, and we were forced to take taxis.

I was only willing to spend $15 on my cab fare home (Aljunied to Teban Gardens), so I told this uncle, "Uncle, for $15 can send me to Jurong East?"

He grumbled a little, and said it is ok, for it will be slightly more than that amount. I asked him if he was sure it is ok with him, for I only had that amount of money with me (an outright lie).

He said ok.

Later on, I was yakking on my cell phone with a friend while on the cab, and of course, I mentioned that I came from the concert.

When we were approaching Jurong, I realised Jurong East is not quite the same as Teban Gardens, so I told the cab driver that I am supposed to be going to Teban - which is a 2 min drive from Jurong East Mrt.

He blew himself into a rage.

"WHAT!" he said in Mandarin. "Jurong East is not the same with Teban ok! At least $3 more ok!"

"Uncle, it is only a few cents more la. Ok, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, you can stop me at Jurong East and I will walk."

With this, he started to shout at me. "Next time bring more money with you! Huh? Go out until so late never bring money?"

"Uncle, I already told you I had $15, and you AGREED to drive me what."

"I agreed to drive till Jurong East ok! No Teban ok! Different hor!"

Clearly another stupid middle-aged old man.


The uncle sniggered. "Can ... Of course I will drop you there."

He started to mumble to himself loudly, "Youngsters nowadays. Just now, you talk on the phone so long, already so expensive, then now try to say no money to pay. I think your phone bill also more expensive than this cab fare ..."

"Excuse me uncle, my phone is starhub so it's free," I retorted.

"YEAH!" he screamed hysterically, "That's what you say now lah, of course. Free ... Ha ha ... I believe you! Where got such thing as free in this world. We taxi drivers not charity ok!"

"It IS free what!" - but of course, it's no use arguing with retards because they will never understand logic.

Realising he lost on the mobile phone topic, the uncle changed his tactics in the speed of light.

"No money no money," he mumbled audibly. "Can go watch concert, concert so expensive, no money ... Take me as a 3-yr-old kid."

"My tickets are free ok!" I said, although he has no rights to question my finance, because he agreed on the $15 ride to JURONG EAST (I said he can drop me there so I did no wrong). What's with people like that! Tell me!! Why do I always meet such people?!


Very luckily, the cab was reaching Jurong East Library, and I told him to stop me there.

The bastard did.

And you know what? He sped off, in the only possible direction: My house. What the fuck. In the end, he is still going to Teban Gardens despite all his bloody ramblings about his petrol (what petrol? Isn't it diesel?) being expensive.

In the quiet of the night, I gave him my $15, and shouted after his cab: "GEI NI QUAN JIA REN QU KAN YI SHENG LAH!" and it felt really good (despite it being quite mean, but forgive me, I was very angry).


Always meet horrid people (and they me).

oh yeah. Took me a good 45 mins to walk home - in my cheap VNC heels. I wish I had Heelys.