Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

Most of us would not want to watch a boring show like The Notebook; even I have to admit that the poster looked thoroughly unappealing.

No wait, that looks pretty sensual actually. But who the hell wants to watch a strictly romantic flick (not romantic comedy, mind you.)?

Wong the Lawyer had free tickets to watch a strictly no free tickets show, so we had a choice between The Notebook and Fahrenheit 9/11(What's the title anyway?), and we chose the former.

It is the absolute best romance movie I have watched.

Maybe I am biased, because I totally ADORE lead actress Rachel McAdams. I think she is the MOST (yes, most) pretty actress in Hollywood. Let's talk about her.

Her bigger debut came from The Hot Chick, where her character was acted out by Rob Schneider most of the time. Yet, both the actor's and actress' acting was so convincingly good, that we forgot they do NOT actually have each other's spirits inside their bodies!

In other words, Rachel's acting as Rob's character, a dirty old vagabond, was utterly convincing.

Rachel is not the blonde airhead she is in that show, clearly. In fact, she has been acting since she was 13.

I was already wondering to myself what a classic like her is doing acting only as second leads.

And then came Mean Girls, where she had to play second fiddle to stupid Lindsey Lohan, but at least she is still acting ...

Her big break finally came in The Notebook.

I'm not gonna have spoilers, I promise.

The movie starts of extremely boring, with an old man rowing a boat serenely across a river. Bah! They even had seagulls to complete the picture.

The story started to get better as a old man visits an old lady in the hospital, and started to read a story book to her, in an attempt to cheer her up. The story is ... ahh ... very beautiful.

Leads Allie (Rachel) and Noah (Ryan Gosling, quite cute too) meets in 1954, and falls in love in a incredible summer romance. Their adoration for each other is spectacular yet extremely realistic, for they too have their fights and arguments, but it's their strong love (they are crazy about each other) which carries them on. Their chemistry was reverbrating in the audience, and watching them with a placid smile on my face while Allie repeatedly runs to meet Noah, I knew I was about to sob later.

Unlike A Walk to Remember where stupid Mandy Moore dies of, predictably, cancer (orbi good) or Sweet November where that ugly curly haired girl also died (Ha!), the show brings out the romance without making the average single viewer feel irksome. Maybe it's simply coz for once, the lead is not an angmoh shu nu - all perfect and demure. YUCK. KILL MANDY MOORE!!! BLEAH! (I would say I like My Sassy Girl for the same reason. The female lead is not another normal girl.)

Both Noah and Allie are extremely likable.

For one, they do not let their relationship affect their friendships, which is important for me, as I feel that a relationship where the two lovers only have themselves is unrealistic. Their romantic scenes consists of times spent with both their mutual friends, with Noah's father, who is a funny old man, and also when they were alone.

Secondly, they are both good looking, of course.

Their love was so chaste that when they did have a sex scene, I did not want to see Rachel's boobs (a first I assure you), as that will symbolise a common carnal sexual attraction between them. They are not a common couple just wanting to fuck like rabbits! They want to make love, not just copulate!

The problem comes in here. Noah is a poor boy, and Allie comes from a well-to-do family. Predictable you say? Just hold on a little.

Allie's parents stop her, but unlike most movies where the bad guys are made thoroughly bad so that the audience would hate them, Allie parents show a good side to themselves later on in the movie, plus .... Allie loves her parents.

She however, defends her love by telling her mother that she knows about love, although she is merely 17 (Rachel is 28!). Her mother, she said, does not look at her father like the way she looks at Noah, nor laugh like her and Noah. She knows, she insists, that she LOVES Noah.

The two get separated as they quarrelled and World War II intervenes, and everyone (actually just me) started to sob non-stop. It was so saddening.

And because the movie is an adaption of a novel, the script is just remarkably surreal.

The movie moves on with the leads' separate lives, and then with a big twist that is not exactly unexpected, but still heartwrenching all the same.

It's the most I have cried in a cinema, and the first time I was still sobbing when I went OUT of the cinema.

My readers, please do go watch this beautiful movie if you do have that $6.50/$7.50/$8.50 to spare.

You faithful movie reviewer,


Joanne said…
Yes, i totally agree with u.. it's really a very beautiful story...
i actually cried when i was reading the book a few years ago.. when i watched the movie, i cried again.. it's just so beautiful..
Jecht said…
Hi! I tot I saw ya along Centrepoint yesterday, u were wif another guy n a gal sometime around 6.50pm-ish heard this gal shrieking pretty loudly and it came from somebody who was a dead ringer for u...juz a comment, yep that photoshop(ed) pic of u and the real u, the diff is enormous haha. Kudos to Adobe!
jH said…
hmm.. i like this story too.. i too, was crying when the show ended.. it's funny yet touching.. it touched my heart and to complete the picture, i'm reading the novel now.. =)
Funerei said…
WOOt .... XIAXUE ...done it again man...These few post about movies... guess u realli a movie lover...Anyway The NOtebook is damn ....romatic and realli touching as well...i cried =( ....Love....what a wonderful movie to portray it.ANyway... u rock my world =) just 1 of ur many Blogders that supports you =) CHill gal.. U ROCKSS...U RULE
Watch the World said…
u watched notebook at cine???
Xiaxue said…
Nope ... At Jurong East.
Watch the World said…
haha tod i saw u at cine yesterday.. somewhere outside the sushi place
Anonymous said…
You wrote such a convincing review, that I'm convinced not to watch the show... haha, I don't want to be caught crying in the cinema :P....

BTW, Fahrenheit 9/11 absolutely rocks. No harm giving it a try ;)
Episode # 1 said…
i luv e show too. hey theres a follow up to it. not sure if u read e book, but e follow up is called, The Wedding. go get it! great review. ;)
Episode # 1 said…
oops. did i post my comment?
Ivan said…
Yes, I agree with you that Rachel McAdams is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood.

And did you know that Ryan Gosling acted in that Young Hercules series that aired on TV a few years back ?This was before the year 2000 I think - gee, makes me sound so old. Haha. :D

rachel mcadams is abso chio.haha.i totally loved the movie too! my eyes were just full of tears the whole 2nd half of the movie n i only cried towards the end. it was so touching, the ending where, um, did they die in the end? my frens n i predicted that they died together. sigh. glad im 16 :D although of course, u dun have to be 16 to watch an nc-16 movie. but im doing it legally! :P
Anonymous said…
Fahrenheit 9/11 is a movie by David Moore (not sure whether correct or not) talking about bush and 9/11 and all that.. read it from newspapers and time magazine..

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Ha. Nice long one.

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Ivan said…
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hey! happened to browse thru a few of ur entries. gd job! i love ur works. stay pretty yea =)
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#1 I applaud you for the courage to continue blogging no matter what others say. You are a true blogger!

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silveryarn said…
and you had to spoil the suspense!
haha i agree it's a good show, even though i haven't watched it yet. am looking forward to it!
chinesetycoon said…
I also one of those who curious after reading the newspaper, so decide to take a took what so special about this "in" thing BLOG (even thou i still dun really understand, look like a online diary to me, no diff to normal website)

I must say i really enjoy the funny joke, especially those fiction stories, like the guy pull out a piece of "char siew" out of no where and start whacking eddy at wedding dinner ...etc
(I can't help but imagine he pull it out of his ass in my mind :� when i read the story)

I like her writing style cos it sort of remind how I think & act when I was young, just after ROD. The diff is Wendy think & behave like a bitch in virtual world only, i must say she is quite well behave in real world. But I not only think like a self centre young man, but i behave that way in real life too. Oh my ~_~.

Say whatever come to my mind when I was young, just told my seniors off when I feel they are wrong, simply no repect. But of cos not like KNN CBB that kind. So only a few senior can appreciate my frankness, that's why now I only think in my mind, but try to filter before I speak, dun want hurt someone again.

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Wah ni nah beh, so long this comment, really start to behave like ah pek, so long-winded, pai seh pai seh!
Reality said…
Ahem.....live and let live.
Ray said…
Hey, indeed.
Got to agree with you wholeheartedly that this movie is really nice... The guy does love the girl alot in the movie.. and the things he did.. admirable~!

Next movie to catch xiaxue, would be bourne supremacy ^_^ I'd bet you a movie ticket tt its good :P

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