Then, and then Now.


Avid readers will recall how last Christmas I was heavily flamed in the dumbass forums Hardwarezone and Sammyboy or something.

My reaction? I cried. I did not understand why here I am, blogging my best and not harming anyone, and yet, some people are there saying I am a whore and laughing at my pictures.

In fact, I even decided to close down my site.

Today, with the Straits Times reporting about my website, there are more stupid/narrow-minded people than ever who read me, although the increase in traffic also includes many people who appreciate my site. (Note for self-assuming people: I did not say everyone who hates me is stupid, I said (some) stupid people hate me - it's different.)

The forum-idiots are flaming me worse than ever! Here's one example, though this one is really quite mild. Think they were being courteous. (Got more examples? Post the links up!)

But anyway, I just realised how different my reactions are 8 months from then.

I look at the mean words there, and I shrug and tell myself it's ok, for these guys are semi-retards who do not get fucked at all. They are also ugly, sad and remarkable people - with unremarkable intellect and leading an unremarkable life and have unremarkable kids who will grow up to be other unremarkable beings participating in forums no one gives a shit about except for unremarkable beings like themselves whom a task requiring slightly more than one brain cell would traumatize.

Therefore, they have lots of pent up angst in them and they have to release it.

The best way to release it will of course be to masturbate, but the results only last for 4 minutes (some of them come faster, say 1 min, because of the short length of the passage-way for the semen to travel to open space).

The alternate best way, would be to scold someone and hopefully make the person as miserable as you are, preferably in the internet world where you can be an anonymous coward.

The best person to scold would be precisely be all the people who will look down on stupid people like them.

Oops! That's me! I can understand why they dislike me: I'm confident (which means that I will NEVER go out with stupid people like them) and spirited and loud (they like quiet meek girls who agree with them).


One thing makes me feel quite pissed though. Who are these people to criticize me? It's ok for people like doctors to say I am stupid, but these worthless bengs? Isn't it funny how, after I managed to make it big with the blog they predicted will fail, that they are still harping on the same points?

To all the bengs:

I cannot write for nuts? HA! That's really funny. I work freelance for a national daily. I am working on a book project now. How about YOU who are criticizing me? Did you even pass your recent composition test?

I am a stupid bitch? I went into a good school which you will never manage get in (I'm talking about RV). I'm now having a job you will never get with YOUR intellect. I am definitely not stupid.

My blog is the worst blog ever? I have 4,000 readers now - and let's say a modest 2,000 of them love my blog and the others dislike it, but read it anyway. How many ardent readers does your blog have, if you even managed to set one up? Will you ever get the amount of readers I have?

I am fat and ugly like a pig? Ok, I know aesthetics has no standard rules and it's a matter of opinions, but saying I look like a pig IS stretching it a little too far. I know I am not ugly to the least. Eh ... but you? Sure, you say that even if I were given free to you you wouldn't want me ... YOU CLAIM. But are you sure you can even get a girl? How about also considering that someone like me will never like you too?

I've got no class? Certainly got more than the people who write such bullshit in stupid forums. =)

My blog is a disgrace to Singapore? Woohoo. So far, I've only received compliments from foreigners reading this blog, and no hate mail at all - so yeah ...

Copy this chunk to your forum if you want, and generate the same answers - "Never seen such an arrogant bitch hope she gets knock down by car" or "roll-eyes smiley X 2" and tell me why stupid people always all say the same things, will you?

p/s: No la, I'm not angry (you look disappointed at that)

p/p/s: No, readers of these forums may not be stupid people if they sieve the useful information outta the forums. But if you write like these retards ... ah well.

- Trying to win an argument with an irrational (stupid) person is like trying to teach a cat to snorkel by providing written instructions. No matter how clear your instructions, it wouldn't work. ~ Scott Adams -


Ricky Chua said…
i STILL think we have a lot in common. Especially after reading today's entry. We should go out sometime.

By the way... some Taiwanese guy's (The guy who sang Rong Shu Xia) 25 yr old daughter looks a complete mirror image of you... or your pictures at least. Complete with curls. When i do find her picture i'll put up the link for ya.
Watch the World said…
haha girl chill u cant expect everyone to like wat you do. well at least i like wat you did. so i wish those faggots a sincere fuck you
Flo said…
Naturally when you are famous by being a bad girl or a good girl, there will be a portion of the people that hates you, dislikes your character and the way you speak or perhaps attention seeker.

See the case of Fann Wong, there are huge no. of Fann's fans, but guess what, there are many Fann-haters just like me. You gotta pay the price for the popularity and fame.

Mouth is yours, nobody can do anything abt it. Only people who has nothing better to do by setting up anti-xiaxue blogsites to help you earn some free marketing campaigns. That's pretty nice of them.
weeliano said…
You know what, for a girl, you do have balls!! and I'm not talking about your ovaries! You have the guts to say what you want and mean what you want. Frankly I don't think you shouldn't be concerned about what others think about your opinions. Remember, how you respond to them is entirely up to you! I like your new attitude towards others who don't agree with you. BAH! That's a good one. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your Permission"

I may not agree with everything you write about, but I'm sure as hell respect you for writing about it! You have just earned a faithful blogder�!

Don't you stop writing now! You have a great future ahead woman! Health and Happiness to you!
Anonymous said…
I foresee a wave of negative comments coming, so I'll just like to say a loud BAH to them first :)

I just have a simple request for all the detractors out there: if you do must rant, go ahead, but please spare a thought for all of us and try to write in coherently.... I'm not anal-retentive about grammar, but I seriously have problems making out what some of them are saying :D!
Unknown said…
Happened to stumble upon your blog by chance. Don't need to bother about assholes. Yeah your blog's interesting and screw them.(not literally) Cheers.
liberal said…
Xiaxue just do your blog and forget about what other people says about you. If they do not like what you post in here then they can get the hell out and never come back. This is YOUR blog so why bother. Bah!! To the Xiaxue haters, if you people really hates her then why come back and read what you dislike? Remove the bookmark and forget about the url
yishyene said…
Bob the Builder said…
never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

haha k sorry abit no relevance but i just like the quote...

cheers! love your blog (notice how all the blogders say the same things too...) and have fun at the graduation ceremony today if u're going!
kingkangkong said…
Your blog is interesting to say the least. hah.

anyway, wonder why people who like to fuck around with their mouth(literally) always never ever do it infront of the person. People who leave comments have nothing but good things to say.

only conclusion is that those fuckers have no balls.

well, but then, it could just be downright stupidty. they cant get a blogger account since you need a acc to comment.

any way, cheers and continue with what you have been doing!

I aspire to be a journalist too. well, lets see what happens. hah.
The said…
That's right, Xiaxue, if the general public reads your blog with ardor, you're quite CLEARLY(qaerly) a good writer! Wielding swearwords and your bitchiness like a giant shield from modesty, you've attracted 4000 readers! QUANTITY > QWUALITY LOLOLOLOLO!!!!!11111oneone

Actually, um, um, female, although that giant number- 4000- is a big guarantee that your writing is fantastic and great I would recommend that while doin' your, uh, "book project", you do bother to do spelling and grammar checks. Not knowing how to spell "purposely" or using malapropisms like "pelted-up" for "pent up" is really quite pathetic for a woman of your age!

I really do commend you on your lack of caring for, um, um "semi-retards who do not get fucked at all.". It takes a lot of courage to not care about stupid things that are said about you and you do not care no sir no one cares about them and their shitty forums definitely not you who just put up a blog post about them! NO SIR YOU DON'T CARE YOU CAN'T HEAR THEM YOU'RE PUTTING YOUR HANDS OVER YOUR EARS

As fantastic and amusing as your writing is, it is rather interesting to note that you claim that fan mail from a bunch of silly foreigners can justify the fact that your blog isn't a disgrace to our dear Lion City. After all, can't Singaporeans judge you, or do you not care about them so much like you don't care about 'em silly forum-users and your detractors, posting so many posts about them which of course shows your lack of concern for them and your nonchalance! Like that charming image that you had to sign in pink font!

Unfortunately I am not one of the, um, "bengs" (you kids and your silly lingo!) you attack in this wonderfully crafted post of yours so I cannot take offense properly! Ergo my reply's snark is INSUBSTANTIAL and I will perhaps cry for quite a long period of time, but I doubt it because I have just remembered you used River Valley school as a boasting plateau *laugh*

Don't get me wrong- repeating that your detractors are mostly stupid, mindless people who will never get laid (best insult EVER, original as hell) does have its good points- repeating something to yourself a lot commonly makes it true.

Oh, oh, um, please don't delete my comment like you did to everyone else who didn't gush over you! We can still be friends, right?
whinyyyyeeee said…
just ask them to stfu lah hah, shutting down this site cos' of them is like cutting of a dick cos' its missing one ball, still got one more ball left wat, dunnoe lah hah, never go study, dunnoe if can still work not.

Btw, I went to the forum and read the threads, seem like they got an issue with every person on this whole fucking planet (except for themselves maybe...), so jus relax lah, I don't even think they have a damn life, I've seen forums which talk about more constructive thing than them then spam their ass off.

Anyway, dun think about shutting down ur blog k? cos' the people like us who love it, really do....
whinyyyyeeee said…
btw, those people who flame u (e.g. that guy on top) is a classic example of those who like to make their brain look bigger than it really seems.
The said…
Oh misogynistic feminist, you card! I am confused now because is my brain really big or not I am confused, yes I am sir because am I trying to make my brain bigger than it "really" seems? So my brain is really big or or oh I don't know! It seems like you've spun yourself a contradiction! You crazy kids!
`nic.ethan said…
xiaxue, just ignore those people.

people talk back about others to raise their egos. but we are know, they`re just insecured retards. so, let them raise their paper egos for all we care.

they may counter back by saying you talk bad about people on your blog. BUT- you often do this objectively and done with stlye.

it`s more humor rather then insulting, compared to those retards who open up "online coffeeshops".

it sounds like an online community for losers.

keep writing xiaxue!
RENEying said…
don't care about them, xiaxue. i think you rule..! =) they are nothing. =)
Xiaxue said…
YEAH ah. it's pent up. My bad, sorry.
hey.. i think those people who are flaming u took ur comments tt u have too seriously already.. pple criticise each other whenever they are jealous.. anyway.. they can't be as humourous as u so just continue writing ur blog!! i will support u! ever since i stumbled on ur blog 1 year ago.. i have found nothing to criticise about u.. ur entries nv fail to make me laugh!
Diana said…
Xiaxue, don't bother abt these lamers la... God put three type of human beings on earth: Those with light beautiful souls who bring laughter and happiness, those who have dark souls who bring only pain and unhappiness and are constantly jealous of others and those lost souls neither here nor there (like me lor..). YOu are one of those who bring inspiration and happiness to others and you shouldn;t let these kinda lamers bother you AT ALL. Did they ever appear in NST? no. ARe they famous? No. Can they write like you? No. I bet they just sit there in the corner of their room catching insects and eating their insides and burning with jealousy cos the homeless chap outside happen to have a better brain than them.
michelle said…
I got new here and I like what I am reading. It's under the list of my favourite websites now. It is great to read 'the crap' you write. (I don't mean it is a bad way honestly) I mean, after a long day, who wants to read a long blog on politics and peace.

Ppl who criticize your blog are just jealous of your popularity.

soup said…
hey xiaxue..i've started reading ur blog a couple of months ago and i really enjoy reading your quick witted comments..i've read forums which they discuss about you too, just that they arn't that mean..sure, they say you're arrogant, but most do appreciate your guts to say how you feel..

just want to say that i'm somewhat in the same situation as you, screwed by those ignorant assholes who think they are all that good and that i, am the useless and idiotic ones..people see my nick, ignorantsoup in all those forums and the 1st thing they say is that i'm ignorant. such shallow people. tsk. the irony is that i managed to portray them as even more ignorant..haha..

tink there's mani obnoxious idiots out there.. dun be bothered..write what u feel as thats the thing that everyone likes to read about..we've been enjoying your blog!!! haha...

n i enjoy your usage of expletives always write it as if its such a nice beginning to love your usage of vulgarities already..fuck does seem like a nice word..n fuckers seem like a nice word to label those assholes..ah ha.

bah! =P
sevenspell said…
Well, all i can say is that, people like The or Kanteetoo or whatever his name is, have a lot of spite in them. This kind of people usually are unhappy in their lives and they just want to take it out on others, especially when someone is more popular than they are. So, Xiaxue, i think you can pretty much ignore them, especially when they leave carefully-thought-out-grammar-perfect-filled-with-bombastic-words-to-show-how-much-better-their-English-are-so-they-deserve-to-be-more-popular-than-you-but-why-are-you-getting-all-the-fame?? kind of comments. Let these people write what they want, they are generally just unhappy people who get a kick out of insulting others in order to make themselves feel better..
tinKer.=) said…
you've said before that this is your blog isn't it?you're free to write whatever you wish and it's people who should restrain themselves from reading it if they do not like it..if you're gonna get all down and unhappy just cause of what they have said you have fulfilled their ultimate aim. just be yourself, and the rest is for others to judge. whether they would be able to see the humorous side of you or decide that you're all so wrong would be entirely up to them but what does it matter?you would never be able to please the whole wide world and as long as you are happy, just go ahead and be the person you wanna be. =)
there's always a quote that i like, which is "promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb you." i just hope that you'll be able to see them as reviews who haven't appreciated witty humor!=)do take care yes?
jules said…
Honey, your blog is Awesome. As far as I can see, the peabrained fucktards who made half-assed attempts to flame you severely lacked the sarcasm and wit to do it well.
kuali said…
hi, i'm new to ur blog and i must say that it really is fantastic. all my friends (male and female) enjoy it so much. as for all those people who're making those snide remarks about this blog, if you really hate it, just don't read it. blogging is all about letting out your thoughts freely about anything under the sun, and if you really have that much pent-up frustrations, go to your blog and rant all you want. sometimes i just don't understand why people read things they hate and then go on to analyse it to pieces. i mean, if you hate it why read it so thoroughly and suffer? just go back to your favourite storybook and be happy reading it. makes everyone's life better that way.
anyway xiaxue don't stop blogging all right. you're cool cos you've got your own personality, despite how much some people hate it. =)
Jonathan said…
I think this is, after Mr Brown, the second best blog from Singapore.

min said…
I've only just started reading ur blog since the art. in ST. And I'm hooked already. This entry is one great eg.. it's not that you're unlike most S'poreans - I know many who are just as outspoken and frank as you are - but you're the rare one that actually types just as brutally frankly as you speak! And that speaks loud volumes.. becoz blogs (esp urs) have the potential to circulate almost globally. So, jia you~
kUnI said…
Pardon me asking... But aren't you scolding those who hate you now? So much for that comment on scolding someone and hopefully making the person as miserable as you are. Btw, I think you can write well... But this is not the place to do so. Good luck on impressing other people who come across your blog, because to me you're just another blogger who happens to have a pool of friends who also have a pool of friends...
If they dont like yer style, then fuck off and die. Haha. Everybody has his/her own personality. Respect it.
Cancergiggles said…
Hi Wendy
Response to morons should always be:-
If I was in a room with you and two werewolves and I had a gun with two silver bullets, I'd shoot you - twice.

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