Updates soon.

I'm sorry for the lack of proper blogs recently, people! (one really long one below though written in a mean tone because I keep having imaginary people slamming me as I write)

I've been busy recently!

And these ...

could only mean one thing. =D

I'm stepping into a new phrase of my life. It was 13 years of studying halted finally.

I shall climb the corporate ladder with my cheap VNC heels, and I know I can do it because I have a supportive family, the best friends in the world, and you, my readers, always there for me. You guys will keep being here, right?

Thank you, my blogders, the appreciation I have for you guys is unexpress-able. =)



Gum said…
Eeh, everything begins with a small step. Jia You for the corporate ladder climbing!
lotise said…
Yi Bu Yi Jiao Yin, in those heels too. All the best!
Wah, bet u look good in those!

New phase of life = new job?
PeiQi said…
song* not shang*
wat happened to ur han4 yu3 pin1 yin1 yan yan?
Give back to Ms Chew Bee Hoon le rite..
Ricky Chua said…
Check out the pair of heels at Christian Dior boutique located at 4th floor of DFS orchard.

I swear its the best looking pair of heels alive... red white and black with a chrome chain on it. Only $700...

No seriously!

If i were rich like fuck i would buy it and give to XiaXue because its so her.
lethologica said…
vitamin-p said...

song* not shang* <-- hello it's SHANG alright..meaning "bestow" ...SONG sounds so simplified mandarin. Don't you get it??

wat happened to ur han4 yu3 pin1 yin1 yan yan?
Give back to Ms Chew Bee Hoon le rite.. <-- what happened to your mandarin? Never learnt "SHANG" for the past 2 decades of ur life??

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