Sunday, August 22, 2004

Veggie Fun!

Hi! Let's guess what these pictures stand for!

Really to guess?

It's a Bitchy Brinjal!


What's this? Which veggie has holes in its stems?

It's a Kinky Kangkong!

Those are eyes on it ... And it's slightly more worried than it should rightly be ...

Pessimistic? Nope.

It's a Paranoid Potato!

NEXT! Bet you didn't get any correct you dum dum!

Ok this is kinda tougher. It's a kind of bean, I can tell you that.

It's a Frustrated French Bean!!

p/s: The context of the words are not really important.

It's a Mumbling Mushroom!

Yes it's spinach.

It's a Severed Spinach!

You cannot stand it already is it? Ok, last one:

This is a Lesbianic Lady's Finger.

(Credits to nicks of Veggies: Weili, Wanyi, Meiyan and for the lady's finger, No. 1 Blogder Eternald)

Am I getting Blogger's Block? No, why do you ask?