Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The versatile star cushion and BOM!

Hi everybody! My name is Chlamydia! I am the guest blogger for today and I am a green star* cushion!

*Well not exactly star, you'll see.

Look! I can become many shapes! Here's my default!

I am a moon now! Yaay! Five more of my brothers and we can be the Singapore flag!

What am I? That's correct! I'm an unripe banana!

Voila! Kan wo qi shi er bian! See! I'm now the pichonkun droplet in Daikin's ads!

I am now a pacman monster!!!!!!!!


Look! Xiaxue was at the Esplanade for the Singapore Fireworks Festival for the first concert with Birdy, Weili, Meiyan and Alvin (Meiyan and Alvin both Shuyin's and Weili's friends)!

Her friends look pretty happy ...

Birdy wants you to praise her sailormoon boots!

Zhang Zheng Yue preparing for the concert later.

Why is Xiaxue's camera constantly capturing orbs? Orbs are supposed to be spirits. If that's the case, then surely ghosts love to watch fireworks too?

Look what's in the sky!










A result of Xiaxue's itchy hand at Cafe Cartel later.

Just a form of advertisement for Birdy's new blog at!

la la la BOM!!!

Xiaxue wants me to tell you all that she is a great artist! That's her horrid hairy arm!!!!!!!

Birdy seems disgusted to take the photo with Xiaxue ...

After a smack on her head, she decided to cheer up a little!

Happy belated National Day!

The versatile star cushion!