The versatile star cushion and BOM!

Hi everybody! My name is Chlamydia! I am the guest blogger for today and I am a green star* cushion!

*Well not exactly star, you'll see.

Look! I can become many shapes! Here's my default!

I am a moon now! Yaay! Five more of my brothers and we can be the Singapore flag!

What am I? That's correct! I'm an unripe banana!

Voila! Kan wo qi shi er bian! See! I'm now the pichonkun droplet in Daikin's ads!

I am now a pacman monster!!!!!!!!


Look! Xiaxue was at the Esplanade for the Singapore Fireworks Festival for the first concert with Birdy, Weili, Meiyan and Alvin (Meiyan and Alvin both Shuyin's and Weili's friends)!

Her friends look pretty happy ...

Birdy wants you to praise her sailormoon boots!

Zhang Zheng Yue preparing for the concert later.

Why is Xiaxue's camera constantly capturing orbs? Orbs are supposed to be spirits. If that's the case, then surely ghosts love to watch fireworks too?

Look what's in the sky!










A result of Xiaxue's itchy hand at Cafe Cartel later.

Just a form of advertisement for Birdy's new blog at!

la la la BOM!!!

Xiaxue wants me to tell you all that she is a great artist! That's her horrid hairy arm!!!!!!!

Birdy seems disgusted to take the photo with Xiaxue ...

After a smack on her head, she decided to cheer up a little!

Happy belated National Day!

The versatile star cushion!


Jessica said…
Xiaxue, pictures can't be seen... Okay. Your one of your readers is getting demanding...
victoria said…
i love your oh so true blog!
i totally admire ppl who are themselves.
keep it up coz i think u go girl.
glad u're not fake.
coz there's just too many posers out there.
i came across ur blog after reading the papers.
its cool.
but i think what u did to dr tony tan is funnily nasty!
& i'm singaporean! haha....
Ivan said…
I think the Blogger picture hosting is down for some reason. And tagboard also... :(

Ivan said…
Seems like it was just a temporary problem... now I can see the fireworks in all their glory.

And oh, Chlamydia is cute. Is he going to join Syphilis and Herpes?
Anonymous said…
Er... I can see leh :).

BTW, Chlamydia is not the name of some weird STD right :P?
Ivan said…
Chlamydia IS an STD. ;D

Me and my girlfriend wanted to catch a glimpse of the fireworks actually, but there was literally too many people. Yeap! People-Packed. So how was it by the way?
Clare said…
hi, where did you buy that cushion? looks really cute and comfy.
hey there babe! don't get affected by those dissers in the forum. in this world, there's someone who hates you, and someone you hate. so don't worry. (: we all love youuuuu! haha btw clever girl, whats the meaning of KANTANG?
shueuxian said…
yay glad to see u r still blogging, i dun tink i can live w/o reading it @ least once a day!!

ps kantang is potato rite?
Anonymous said…
hahaha... enjoyed reading this entry.. :P

and for those who requires a lexiconal entry for kantang..

kantang /k'an-t'ang/
1. n. Malay for potato.
2. adj. Singlish for people who are Asian in their blood but act, talk, walk, sleep, *haolian* etc. like Westerners. Derived from the widely-known fact that Westerners have a potato-rich diet.

Feel free to overthrow my definition at my tag board.

Gum said…

The whoever boss that got you on the job must be a wealthy man!

(If this is not true, whoever next boss that saw this post and inspire them, please give me some credits next time.. Thanks.)

Xiaxue must be writing a book about herself! With the fame that she got, I WOULD DEFINATELY GO GET ANY BOOK WRITTEN BY HER!

Now, that's good business huh.

Minimum Circulation = 2000. All reserved by the Blogders! Lol.
Zong Han said…
hey, u spend so much time putting down the "stupid ppl", attention seekers, i bet u the love it lo... juz ignore them.
tubao said…
heys~ i have a yellow version of ur Chlamydia. lol
Anonymous said…
Well, if Xx is really publishing her own book, can I please make an advance order here :)? Ahh... appearances at Kinokuniya for book signing sessions... I can picture the beauty of it all already :)
Kelvin said…
Hi Wendy,
My student actually directed me to your blog. Glad u won that Blog award. Thanks for showing the world a slice of 'in-yer-face' $ingaporean life. Appreciate your sense of humour too. As for the negative comments u have received, well, there are many anal people in $ingapore.

cheers, and keep that pen flowing!

- Kelvin
Xiaxue said…
bubble: working on a book PROJECT doesnt mean my own book la!!! I'm working on someone else's book project. =)
Anonymous said…
Aiyah, I was really hoping to see a book about you published :)... will sure give support one!!

Must autograph my copy when it really happens ok :)?
nadnut said…
eh. june models @ astin studios ah?

where do u work freelance for makeup and photoshoot?

wats ur rates ah?
O.oh. I luv yer blog man. Read it from Sunday Times. At first, I thought you were a bitch when I read through yer blog. But theres da identity of a Singaporean - of course I'm one. Yea nice pictures of Fireworks. Hah, you use Photoshop eh? Hmm. Waiting for more 'explicit' entries from you!
Mr_BuRns said…
oh man~!
im gonna buy u a shaver to shave ur hairy arms...
jeRrRKKKK said…
say hi to meiyan for me!!! tell her gabriel says hi :)
doubleUei said…
la.. la.. la.. BOM~~~~~
ChillyBeer said…
ur Chlamydia has a stain :X
To be popular is to be prepared to be criticised. Blog on, fellow blogger!
Indian Stallion said…
Love your top. Especially in the esplanade pic.
xiew said…
OMG! i love your cushion...
Weihaur said…
plssss tell me where u get tt cushion. i wanna put one in my car...
fatkoala said…
hi,i've been reading your blog for awhile now and i'm proud to say i'm one of your avid blogder!

keep on blogging,you really cheer me up everytime.
i put your link at my blog,you're right,EVERYBODY is reading it!
Ah Beng Wannabe said…
Mmmmm. I like what you did about the WE HATE XIAXUE blog. Interesting. =]
Xiaxue said…
The cushion does not belong to me! We took all the pictures at a shop. Anyway the cushion can be found at a lot of places - try the level 2 cine stuff toy shop or somehting ...
jo said…
theres a stain on the cushion! >.<
Weihaur said…
aahh... thx ;)
gaidin samurai said…
Oh Oh Oh! I got the same cushion! :P I got mine at Tampines Mall...
Yo~MAMA said…
Ur pose in e last 2 photo is very ugly.. u squeezed out the layer of fat under ur neck.

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