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To hell with ugly people!

WAHAHAHHAHA! My blog title is so rude I almost cried reading it!! Don't you just want to slap me with a piece of freshly painted char siew?! My dear blog readers, especially those pioneering ones who has been here since Eddy era, I wanna say something: I AM SORRY!! No lah, really lah. You know why? Coz I just realised what a horrible person I am. You guys, most of you anyway, have always been very nice and supportive of what I do. Instead of being appreciative and kind-hearted to you all, I chose to focus on the cynical, rude people and somehow managed to convince myself *gasp* that my READERS ARE ALL EVIL ! When in actual fact I should not be giving any attention to these people who are delibrately stabbing me! They deserve ignoring. My attention should be given, in the form of gratitude, to those who wrote me such wondrous encouragements and those who were by my side all the while! You know what my blogders? I am such a horrible person. I am also a little schizophr


Please wait for the ridiculously big pictures to finish loading first! While you wait, you may wish to visit to look at ugly pictures. If you are a dinosaur using a 56k modem, I suggest you go take a shit first and then read this a little later. After you read it, please come look for me as I am thinking of making dinosaurs my blog's target audience, so I need your opinion. So anyway. It's Sunday again! As usual, all my female friends are having fun with boyfriends or with Jesus (except Eekean who is mugging). In any case, it's yet another stay-at-home day and I've decided to do some photoshop for fun. For fun?? Who am I kidding. I'm really just a lonely, single loser. Here's how the normal, unedited picture looks like: And then ... After some subtle photoshop to take away the yellow colour? I think I will try to make it look more ... magazine cover material? Yes, I know the eyes are a little &


Siao boh! Did you see that? 1,000,000 hits leh! If hits were $1 each, it means I am a millionaire (almost)! hits 1,000,000 views, and whose credit is it?" YOURS I love you guys. More blogging soon, I'm really busy with work.

Have you ever lost a friend through blogging?

Warning: 4,359 words. Super long blog entry, make some coffee and sandwiches first. Once upon a time, there was an average girl studying in a average institution. At her tender age, she has yet to define what she wants in life, and without a drive to propel her to move distances, she was just another girl on the streets. A nobody. Just like how the average person without goals functions, she lived her life by the day. A day is but a day to pass - and as usual she was entertaining herself by participating in mIRC chats with strangers. That day, normal as it was, had a little treat for her. She was delighted with what, or rather, who, she found on IRC that day. It was Ian*. They took off very well. Ian intrigued her with his vast bank of knowledge, and his excellent use of words. By society's definition, Ian was - as she immediately recognized - an intellect. She loved talking to him, and him she. They discussed ideas, joked, and laughed. All in all, she treated Ian as a mentor

I've screwed up my life

Sometimes I look back at the decisions I have made, and I really wonder if I would have been a totally different, and better, person. When I was in Secondary School, I got very sick of being constantly compared with the elite - the fellow River Valley High School students. Many people may not know this, but RV was fifth in the nation at the point when I joined it. In any case I joined RV instead of RGS because of two very ridiclously stupid reasons. 1st) I liked BOYS and 2nd) I thought a white tight-waist dress for a uniform would look splendid on me. Being a frivolous little teen, all I wanted was attention, and fun (and having attention is fun). I did all sorts of nonsense, and I was a chao ah lian. I even joined some stupid secret society which closed down 1 month after I joined, called Ba Hai Tong or something. As a result, my studies suffered ... With my amazingly high PSLE score of 269, which I'm sure you already know of, I got into the best class in RV. My

New Blogs

Yes I shall finally admit it. Although I maintain that my blog was not set up initially to attract an audience, I have say now that I do feel the pressure of writing to please. I try hard not to let that affect me. Really. >_< However, I've decided to set up two new blogs - one for my bimbo self (including pictures of all my clothes and complaints of my newest zits! Yaay!) and one more of the more serious me, when I am trying to straighten out thoughts. I have been procrasinating for too darn long! Finally, I had the urge to spill out some book review which no one will be interested in of course. But hey, why am I getting defensive man! I can write what I want, can't I? Here's the address of my geeky blog. Just thought I would share it with you guys. If you don't like it, it's alright with me. It is, and will be, only written for my self-reading. (Then why share the address? Because I love to hear comments - and this does not alter the fact tha

Why I do not play sports

Ah, the joy of being single. How else could I have had a good friend of 8 years to come over to my place on a Saturday night to cook, vs spending Saturday like most lovers do - humping like jackrabbits and staring into each others eyes meaningfully? Wong the Lawyer just had to spoil it, I tell you. She volunteered to cook Mee Sua (oh no!) which she claims is going to be an easy conquest since it takes a mere 6 minutes to complete. All she had to do is to tear open the packet, pour in some 2000ml of water, and add in the ingredients; it is that simple. By the time she came on her bicycle (we live THAT close) with the DVD of Intolerable Cruelty at hand, I had finished making my trademark MASH POTATO. It is darn good I tell you! I am a good chef ok! My grandpa was a chef and my uncle is STILL a chef so I like to think that I have maintained that set of good genes. However, in front of people like Shuyin and Weili who are also (note: I said also) very good at whipping u

I feel like a victim of discrimination

No, I am not whining about my height today. I feel discriminated for my love of the great purple vegetable, the BRINJAL. Yes yes, I can almost feel you people giving me the pitying look because I like eggplants. It's almost like I admitted I actually have the fetish of cutting myself with razor blades and you don't know what to say except eye me sympathetically because I am born weird. At the same time, i can also sense the fellow closet brinjal lovers look at me with something close to worship, because I have courageously admitted that I love brinjals - to open discrimination. It is almost as brave as admitting you are Jewish in Hitler's face. I have not always been in love with the brinjal. Let me tell you our true story. It is in fact so touching, I expect you to cut the following excerpt and mass forward it by the millions in emails. Add that if they do not pass on the message, their lovers will discriminate them for life. I've always disliked brinjal

I feel quite jumpy, don't you?

Countdown to What Matters - 3 hours and 15 mins ... 730pm, Channel i !!!!!!!! =)

Are the females in Singapore all ugly, or what?

*Note: Blogged halfway a long time ago* I am in a bad mood so I shall adopt what all people do when they are in a bad mood - Impose their bad mood on others. I HOPE YOUR DAY SUCKED AND YOUR BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND DUMPED YOU YOU UGLY GIT ! *deep gasp from the shocked audience* So as I was saying ... Yesterday I was whipping around Holland Village like a Tasmanian Devil while waiting for Eekean and the rest of the RV gang to come along. Ghim Hui and XF were late, so Wong and I were looking thru the mag stands. Since I was in such a horrific mood, I looked at all the magazine covers and decided I hate all the Singapore models. It's not the models' faults actually. They have just been over-exposed. Seriously! What do you see when you look at the average magazine cover?! Here's a sum up for you: Rebecca Tan, rebecca tan, rebecca tan, denise Keller, jaymee ong, jaymee ong, fann wong, zoe tay, fiona xie, rebecca tan, jaymee ong, denise keller, denise

I'm sorry, my readers

Sometime happened which made blogging pretty impossible tonight. Tmr, I promise. Love ya all.

Who's that girl on TV?!

That's right! We at Xiaxue Inc. is proud to announce that the star of this blog is about to make her virgin appearance without photoshop!!!!! See her in the flesh at 7pm on Channel I's What matters this Thursday! Just a short 3 mins on an interview with her at Weili's nice place ... (Xie xie Weili!!!) Very unfortunately when this shot was captured she was adjusting her hair so she looks like she is acting in a porn film and taking off a bra. Rest assured the program is nothing of this sort. Also present in the show would be friend Wanyi ... And of course, Singapore's own funny columist cum blogger Mr. Brown ! *beams* I think I will look very fat in the show, but believe me, I am really skinny in real life. *more blogging tmr yeah, about MODELS.

ca�lam�i�ty - Dire distress resulting from loss or tragedy.

There is this Chinese saying called huo bu dan xing , which literally means that disasters do not travel alone. That's right! It has a set of buddies it likes to bring along with it to bug you forever till you die of depression. Recently I've been experiencing this. Within a short while, I quarreled with 3 friends (two of which are fine now), and I feel thoroughly miserable. Someone up there must feel that that is not enough, I was made even more miserable yesterday. I've just got my pay, and since I've been feeling very lonesome recently ... LET ME DIGRESS!!! **************** After watching an episode of Super Sunday, I was informed by the Taiwanese media that girls like guys who are you(1) yu(4) (depressed and melancholy, not cuttlefish). The perfect example would be Vic Zhou in Meteor Garden. Ho ho ho! If you are one cheery guy, you can now wallow in self pity - for the truth is out. Girls only like depressed guys. For some weird reason, girl