New Blogs

Yes I shall finally admit it. Although I maintain that my blog was not set up initially to attract an audience, I have say now that I do feel the pressure of writing to please.

I try hard not to let that affect me. Really. >_<

However, I've decided to set up two new blogs - one for my bimbo self (including pictures of all my clothes and complaints of my newest zits! Yaay!) and one more of the more serious me, when I am trying to straighten out thoughts.

I have been procrasinating for too darn long! Finally, I had the urge to spill out some book review which no one will be interested in of course. But hey, why am I getting defensive man! I can write what I want, can't I?

Here's the address of my geeky blog.

Just thought I would share it with you guys. If you don't like it, it's alright with me. It is, and will be, only written for my self-reading. (Then why share the address? Because I love to hear comments - and this does not alter the fact that I am writing it for my own reading.)

Love ya guys.

p/s: I will settle this whole 3 blog thingy after a while. SLAP ME, I'm a procrasinator!

(Anyone who attempts to say the "procrasination is like masturbation" thing will have their corpse screwed by a violent necrophillic in a dirty ditch.)

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