Sunday, September 26, 2004


Please wait for the ridiculously big pictures to finish loading first! While you wait, you may wish to visit to look at ugly pictures.

If you are a dinosaur using a 56k modem, I suggest you go take a shit first and then read this a little later. After you read it, please come look for me as I am thinking of making dinosaurs my blog's target audience, so I need your opinion.

So anyway.

It's Sunday again! As usual, all my female friends are having fun with boyfriends or with Jesus (except Eekean who is mugging). In any case, it's yet another stay-at-home day and I've decided to do some photoshop for fun. For fun?? Who am I kidding. I'm really just a lonely, single loser.

Here's how the normal, unedited picture looks like:

And then ...

After some subtle photoshop to take away the yellow colour?

I think I will try to make it look more ... magazine cover material?

Yes, I know the eyes are a little "scary", but hey! It's the smoky look alright?

A little side-by-side comparison:

Check out my new nose bridge!!! And me with black hair! Wahahahhaha!

With different effects ... I thought this one looks pretty artistic ...


Hmmm, the background is not clean/vibrant enough, but it cannot be helped lah.

Ha ha ha!

What do you think?