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I personally was sick of the manly Maddox and thought he needed a little fluffy love. You think? LOL! I am so proud of myself, my artwork appeared on the FUCKING BEST PAGE IN THE UNIVERSE! =) Did yours? *trembles* I feel like my idol just spoke to me. MADDOX READ MY MAIL! *shudders in pleasure* Hey come to think of it lickmyjesus said thanks to me too! *skips around in joy* Alright, it's 7-fucking-am, and I just got back from clubbing. I am exhausted. More blogging tomorrow, and Happy Halloween, you pumpkins reading my blog!

Anyone has an 8910 to sell?

My phone is spoilt, and I wanna buy it. Still miss the 8910 that was stolen from me. =( EMAIL ME!!!!!

Blogging TV critic!

Today is an eventful day. Being a *wealthy unemployed individual, I typically spend my late nights at extremely vogue places such as ... erm, I don't know ... Lawry's? and erm, Attica and Thumpers and what's not. I don't usually stay at home and watch MediaCorp shows, thank you. No sire, I am no loser! However, today I have decided to stay at home and show some appreciation to our local artistes. My my, I am a pleasant girl, I am. =) Being the *deep-thinking intellectual I am, I sat in front of my telly, contemplating certain important issues before setting out to watch the 9 o'clock show - The Champion , starring the voluptuous Fiona Xie, no-breasted Jeanette Aw, and cute Toro Tan (I don't know Toro's surname so I anyhow buang ). Notice I did not mention the MPV qing ren guy, because he is not cute and undeserving of my attention. I thought to myself ... Zoe Tay is getting old, isn't she? Ah. Indeed. DELUDED!
Two small announcements to make! 1st: I've finally gotten my ass off the couch and uploaded all the photos for the archives from August 2003 onwards. You can now view the archives without seeing little white boxes with red crosses in them! =) The pictures before August 2003 are lost forever. Imagestation deleted them almost immediately after my com got formatted, the HORRIBLE BASTARDS, TO THINK I TRUSTED THEM! 2nd: I forgot to tell you guys, but remember some time ago I applied for a job as Mediacorp Channel 5 website's journalist? I remember after reading some of the comments (right before I went for the writing test, no less) I felt extremely dejected and inconfident. (Fuck you all, you evil people) I spoke to a close friend on MSN after that, and this was how our conversation went: Me: I'm very sad after reading the comments. Friend: Aiyah ... Just do your best lor. Me: Never mind what they say. I need some encouragement. Tell me you

Can vegetarians eat pussies?

Or suck cocks for that matter? *frowns* What do you mean by " crude "? Hello, get your mind out of the gutter, I mean, like, cats and roosters ok! Hi! You there! And you! Welcome to , I am your guest blogger for today! Pleased to meet you all. My name is Smoochum , and I am an act jap Pokemon, and coincidentally Xiaxue's favourite one too! Here's how I look like! I am MALE, ok! As you can see from the picture, I get very angry when people ask me whether I am female. I am also vegetarian, and thus the title of this blog entry. Boggles me, eh? *Confused* Xiaxue said she is a little busy today (you will see why later) and therefore entrusted the task of blogging to me! Kawaii ne ! Oh fuck, did I just say kawaii ne! Slap me whenever I act jap ok? Puuuuhleeze. Acting jap is soooooo PASSE , wee ? I suggest we all act Hungarian coz Hungarians get the most orgasms and that is way cool! Japanese, on the other ha

I have a throbbing headache.

Hey you there! I found a photo of your boyfriend ! How come you like somebody like that? As the title suggests, I have a throbbing headache, so I shall not blog. Instead ... Funny boh? I apologize if the photos are not clear enough as I have to somewhat shrink them. Introducing...! I've not laughed so hard in such a long time! You enjoy. I rest. =) (To the guys at lickmyjesus if you are reading this: Hi!! New fan here! *waves madly*)

Feng yong er lai!!

Why is it that when you have a guy in your life, you have many many guys in your life? (Sentence is not grammatically correct but please ignore it) Since the guys in question might read this, I shall not elaborate further. That's pretty sad. I shall blog in my private blog. Ha! IT'S THE PHERAMONES! I SMELL SEXY ! YAY BABY I AM SO SHAGADELIC! Let's talk about my past few days! 1) I got sued! Wong asked me to be her mock witness (defendant, unfortunately) for a cross examination that she had to do, as you possibly already have read. Ha! So fun! Wong and I have decided that from now on we shall converse cross-examination style. Let me explain ... This is the conversation we had before Wong told me to convert it to cross-examination format: Normal Wong: YOU ARE DAMN DISGUSTING TO FLIRT WITH GREYBALLS! Normal Xiaxue: You said GreyBalls is quite good looking what! Then now I flirt with him you say I gross? THAT IS WRONG! This is correct: