Tuesday, October 19, 2004


The weather! It is so nice today!

It's rainy and comfortable and lovely!

I was defendant for Wong's law case today, and as a reward Wong and her classmate Wan Lin treated another witness and I to Swensen's and then FONDUE FROM HAAGEN DAZ! (Very orgasmic)

Nothing interesting happened today except a very startled me meeting a blogder at NUS who offered me a lift on his bike to the law library where I met Wong. Eh! Spread my legs and have a complete stranger between them while we bump away??? No lah, thank you anyway, it was nice of you.

Come to think of it, he identified me as "Wendy Cheng".

Lian ming dai xing! (Name with surname) That is so ... celebrity. I don't know ... Not necessary lah! Please call me (just) Wendy if you see me in public! =)

I just finished editing Wanyi's photo for her ... Can have a look at her blog!

It's the one at the sidebar. If you want to see the "before", I think she posted the original pic up in a previous blog entry, so scroll down a little to see it! (After the Kusu island entry) Wanyi is pretty as it is, but the photo's colour looks very dull, and I hate the red lipstick they did for her. I love my work! Do you? Ha ha ...

Anyway wants photo enhancing done? I charge a very minimal fee, so please email me at xiaxue@gmail.com!

p/s: A pixelated me!

Look like the photo on top or not? =)

Ha ha. You can get yours done here.