Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Two small announcements to make!

1st: I've finally gotten my ass off the couch and uploaded all the photos for the archives from August 2003 onwards. You can now view the archives without seeing little white boxes with red crosses in them! =)

The pictures before August 2003 are lost forever. Imagestation deleted them almost immediately after my com got formatted, the HORRIBLE BASTARDS, TO THINK I TRUSTED THEM!

2nd: I forgot to tell you guys, but remember some time ago I applied for a job as Mediacorp Channel 5 website's journalist?

I remember after reading some of the comments (right before I went for the writing test, no less) I felt extremely dejected and inconfident. (Fuck you all, you evil people)

I spoke to a close friend on MSN after that, and this was how our conversation went:

Me: I'm very sad after reading the comments.

Friend: Aiyah ... Just do your best lor.

Me: Never mind what they say. I need some encouragement. Tell me you think I can do it! Your opinion matters more.

*Friend starts typing*

Me: AH!!!!!!! FORGET IT. Don't say it. If you are going to say I most possibly cannot get the job, don't. I don't need THAT right now.

Friend: Sorry. You know I don't patronise people.

Me: Fuck you. I already said don't say it, why must you add on? Fine, I will not get the job, ok?

*Appears offline*

I shed a few angry tears after that, but still went to the writing test nonetheless. Why are people so mean? Since I was still working in TODAY then, I was in the newsroom before I left, and my dear colleagues were extremely supportive. Unlike these people, they told me I can do it and wished me best of luck. =)

But of course, the later comments were extremely encouraging but I have already done my test by the time I read that. Still, I am very very glad I have so many of you guys standing behind me. Thanks so much!! *hugs everyone who left encouraging comments*

And you know what? The writing test was about .... SINGAPORE IDOL.

After reading my ex-colleague's article on said topic, I am pretty sure I churned out a smashing article. ;)

I was notified some time later that I got the job.

Therefore, screw you people who said I cannot do it. I did it. You cannot bring me down.


I rejected it! Coz I was working for my previous full time job then. And when I called them recently to ask if the position is still available, I was told that it was filled.

Alas! What a big fat joke played on me.

I shall try other jobs!