Why should entries have titles anyway? They are not articles, they are journal entries!




A mei nu like me should not be staying at home rotting and waiting for Wanyi's com to finish hanging before she can play Solitaire Showdown with me! IT IS A WASTE OF MY MEI-ness!


You know what mei nus (like me or slightly less than my ridiculously high standards) should be doing?

They should be sipping champagne in pretty little yachts just because! Because! They are mei!

They should be having a backrub by long-dicked nymphs (nymphs can be male not?) who gaze upon their ravishing beauty and kiss them occasionally upon their smooth slender necks to remind them gently of how mei they are!

To remind me a little more fiercely, I should be getting men all opening their wallets to splash me with diamonds, dollar notes and precious stones because they all wanna shag me and have my genes given to their little kids!


What am I doing at home????

I am sitting in front of the computer, disheveled, slightly smelly, beautiful curly hair still in their buns and curled for nothing, AND IN A BIG TWEETY PYJAMAS while my youth goes to waste! In fact, why am I sitting here like that when I should be giving birth to pretty babies?! A lady of my magnificence and tender age should not be at Teban Gardens rotting!

*FLASH -AFRICA!* A nubile young woman of 20, she balances her 5 month old baby on her hip while she washs her hair in the nearby river. Not an easy ordeal as the water is yellow with jaundice and she doesn't want her baby looking like a Chinese if it touches the water. Just as she is getting into the act, a young man comes by with a spear in hand, his limps scratched and bleeding from the fight with the resident lion just now. He runs towards her while she looks on, slightly bored and irritated. CAN'T ANYONE WASH THEIR HAIR IN PEACE NOWADAYS? He pushes her on the ground and has 10 minutes of raw sex with her; she didn't even bother to pretend like she enjoyed it. He leaves. She washes hair, pheramones active. The sperms swim fast towards her egg and fertilised it. Meanwhile, the forgotten 5 month old baby had drowned in the river. Oops.



Good news (and bad for you)! I am informed that Weili is free to watch show with me! I am now superior to you who is stuck at home! Ha ha ha ha! I am gonna get rid of my smelliness and tweety bird pjs (from pasar malam no less) and oil my curls to their usual brilliance and GO OUT and flaunt my beauty! WAHAHHAHA!

Meanwhile, I shall end this ridiculous blog entry here!

But hor, you know what? I feel very comfortable writing this (more than I have felt in a long time) because I know that there wouldn't be any comments!


I have decided not to have comments on my blog anymore because I am tired of rebuking. Say if someone accuses me here, I have to defend myself because I don't want everyone else to believe what the fucker said. Now, if I get hatemail, I don't have to explain myself to anyone who doesn't have a sense of humour, and I can just CLICK and delete it away from my kickass Gmail account!

No one else will read the fucker's words! Yay!

Am I a beautiful selfish bitch or what?

MORE HAPPY BLOGGING TONIGHT when I get back! Not happy issit? Email me. LALALA

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