Sunday, November 14, 2004


I'm going out in a short while so here's a photolog first!

I had a bloody good hair day but only seafood saw it!

It's like this. Momo managed to earn a commission of a whooping $4,500 for a house she sold, so she treated Smelly (my bro - he is not really smelly btw) and I to a sumptuous dinner at No Signboard restaurant!

That was the lobster we ate. We had crab too. It was grumpy.

We tortured the seafood??!


Went out with Eileen to the already-decorated-for-Christmas orchard.

I think this angel looks very funny with a plastic bag!

We shopped at the new Forver 21, and Eileen bought a pretty suit for $68.

And my turn! (Warning: Camera-whore coming up.)

Bandanna! $9! Earrings! $7

Ming xing big big sunglasses! $11!

Wraparound skirt! $33!


See, so nice ...

Those are dangling crystals outside Tangs.

My friend (not Eileen) jumped up and stole one crystal for me!!!!

So cute right! The less-than-full crystals outside Tangs suggest that many other people are jumping and plucking down crystals too. Ha ha..

Oh yeah I watch The Incredibles and it is sooooooooo fabulous!!! I love it love it love it!!! Go watch!!! It's so cute and so funny!