Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Photoshop wonders

Please wait for photos to load!!

Disgusting, to say the least. Fat, gross and obscene.

And yes, that's the before ...

I was unwilling to use my own hideous photos, but well ... I guess I shall come clean. I AM NOT PRETTYYYYYYYY!

But I will be.

Online as least.

Because I am blessed - with talents.


My legs are no longer fat! =) And that perfect tan ... Wow!

Background's ugly.

Let's take it away, shall we?

Here's a close up of the face:

Want a bigger shot?

Hell, I even made it wallpaper-sized.

Click to enlarge!

Who needs models? Anyone can be gorgeous. Including you! I do photoshop freelance and I charge economical prices. And no, your pic wouldn't be up my blog the next day. I promise! Email me! =)

p/s: More blogging tomorrow night, about my cousin's ROM, and *maybe* a continuation of the incredimorons blog.

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