Sunday, November 21, 2004

Turn up your speakers can click on my annoying Bah! photo:

Anyway, guess what I also discovered!

Those following our favourite local satire site will possibly already know they discovered a minister dementor creature during Halloween, which looks suspiciously like our ... minister mentor.

They also penned an EXCELLENT (it's so good I almost danced in delight reading it) erm, parody on our very own local fairy tale story. Please read it here!

Well, remarkably the person blowing the pipe has a very familiar face on it. Hmmm.

Go read!

*twiddles thumbs*

Ok, welcome back! (Or just welcome, if you have read the story before)

Guess what I found? The Minister Mentor is not one to take it all lying down -he fights back! Listen to him lament here (not, erm, done by me. Really.):

On a side note:

How does it feel like to be a model?

How does it feel like to live a promiscuous, high-flying glittery social life where DA CAMERA (read: your camera - notice the arms!) loves you?

How (and why) do people put 92 photos into friendster when the rest of us live with 6? (I know, the "while friendster lags you upload more" trick - but ninty-freaking-two???)

How does it feel like to grope Rebecca Tan's boobs - which were gloriously (and doubtlessly) swollen to their current magnificence by the boob cream she endorses?

I don't know; I am neither gay nor a model.

Maybe he does.

Credits: Bubblemunche for the link to veepers and Eileen for the erm, friendster modelizer photo slut extraordinaire.