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On Hiatus

Relax relax ! For 3 days only! Will be gone by 8.05am for flight to Hong Kong (and Shen Zhen)! Yay! Happy happy day! Be back by 31th a very shopped person! =) Pictures, and updates, soon. Adieus, Gleeful Xiaxue Pssh: Bored? Go read the archives or something. :D


I like it. =) Love those boots. (Borrowed from Eileen a million years ago and never returned.) Updated: OMG I learnt CSS in one freaking day! I spent, like, the entire day tweaking this stupid site. Around 2 hours were spend trying to get rid of a 2px space between the round top borders and the actual rectangular tables. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY the freaking margin refuses to go away. In the end I cheated by having a repetitive Grey-with-white-sides strip as background of the whole table. Sigh... Can you Mozilla users see this properly? Besides the marquee of course, which I like too much to dispense with. P/s: I am so pleased with the site's new look! =)


I am typing this really slowly because Eileen is napping on the couch in my room and my louya keyboard is very noisy and I cannot wake her up because I sneakily took a photo of her and I intend to post it up so GAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! She moves! Ok ok change position only .... As I was slowing saying before she rudely interrupted me, I intend to post her photo and when she wakes up I will tell her I blogged and she'd open my site and wahhahaha see herself sleeping on my couch! MERRY CHRISTMAS EILEEN I LOVE YOU!!! This woman's thighs are slimmer than my neck. How does she walk? Without her top toppling over? But then again my delicate neck is balancing such an enormous brain too.** Hmmm. I am so boh liao. Ok ok, don't tell Eileen ah. I go hide the Bailey's.** **Refer to previous entry.

I Not Stupid! I "Intellegent"!

Click to Enlarge Erm ... I Am Very Hurt. . . . . . . . But... But ... Did someone just say I am stupid? No, really ... Am I really dumb? I beg to differ. To all those people who said I will never get into Mensa ... Well, screw you (Especially the very fugly NUS law kid who so determindedly predicted so. Who's the smartass now, huh ?). Uh uh! Unless you have taken the test and passed it, you cannot say "Big deal!", simply because it is quite a big deal to be have intellect at the top 2% of the general populace; if you have taken the test and "passed" it, well, I'm on par with you. Jolly good Xmas present Mensa! Thanks! =) Well well well. Top 2%? IQ 148 and above? This must be the biggest achievement in my life! The second biggest is that my PSLE is 269, and that's only top 3%! My gosh! More hao lianing later, Eileen is coming over to my place. She said to stay over and watch DVDs but I know her. She d

Happy happy holidays!

Today is a great day to be unemployed! It's the eve of the eve of Christmas ! Wanyi is leaving for Hong Kong later, and I armed her with all my sizes (36DD, small, shoe US 5) so that she has no excuse but to get Hongkie gifts for me whahahhaa! Meanwhile, June just came back from Japan (Japanese June?), and all she got for me was "A nice Qoo can to add to your collection" because "everything else is ridiculously priced". Unfortunately, while she was gone my "Qoo Collection" of 3 miniature Qoo cans discoloured and I have dumped them away. I think I will drink up the Japanese Qoo, or risk it being very lonesome. YIKES! Was blogging happily when Smelly (brother) suddenly knocked on the house door with absurd vigour. Yikes!! He just brought home an army of smelly friends to invade my house! One more at the computer. Horrible to have smelly young brother. Oh dear, I think they just finished soccer too. =( Shall escape the smel


BAH! Had enough. Last straw. Was reading some stupid pretty girl's blog and she is model, has fantastic boyfriend, and has pictures of both on yacht ALA CREDIT CARD ADS. Complete with white bikini and flapping hair in sea breeze. Bah! Cannot stand girls who whimper on their blog how fabulous their boyfriends are. GO EAT SHIT! YES, I (JUST) AM JEALOUS! HAO LIAN! PUI! Tonight is one of those emotional nights I shall go through. I shall do self-examination to find out what is wrong with me. CERTAINLY there is something very wrong. Why on said girl's blog does absolutely-cute boyfriend seem to be meeting her everyday for the past 7 years or so? I mean, her neh nehs are quite big lah, but still? Big neh neh then must everyday meet meh? Buay sian meh, everyday meet her? Meet me lah! In contrast, the last semi-serious/dating relationship I had (last than 2 weeks ago), the guy wanted to meet me around once a freaking week. ONCE A FREAKING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cann
Warning: Super long entry: 2,000+ words. I was just wondering to myself the other day ... Why, when visitors come to my house, they always address Mr. Cloudy (my dog) in English? How would they know that Cloudy is an angmoh dog? Yeah I know he is white and whatever, but why do people speak to dogs in English baby talk? If you ask me, Cloudy is a tu sheng tu zhang de (homegrown) SINGAPORE DOG. Go on, speak to him in Singlish, he understands. For instance, when he stands on his hindlegs to look at us eating and scratching my beautiful leg in the process, my brother and I will shout at him, " Oei, you siao ah ? And he will quietly and politely reside to some distance from dinner table where he will wag his tail benignly while utilising his puppy eyes to great power and hope we throw a piece of chicken bone to him. Being the vindictive siblings my brothers and I are, we usually compete who can make Cloudy angrier - i.e. by eating our food with ridiculous r


Can you believe it? I'm sick AGAIN! This time with a horrible rasping cough and phlegm looking like little pieces of custard (custard will never be the same again, ha!) but looking ten times as concentrated yellow. *cough* There goes another piece (solid as hell)! FUCK. Isn't it funny how people would never eat their mucus but actually mucus comes out from the mouth as phlegm anyway? Come to think of it if phlegm is spelt the way it sounds then surely it should be flamp? I know I know! I shall go out now and spread my illness! Since my viruses are bent on staying in me till they are assured of their survival in somebody else, I shall help them! Yay, shall go cough in AndroAaron's or June's face! Am going to meet my poly coursemates for a gathering at some Italian restaurant now. I'm about to die and in case I do mati (die) before Christmas ... Merry Christmas. =) How morbid.

From this moment ...

Life has began ... From this moment, you are the one ... Right beside you, is where I belong ... OK long overdue romantic blog topic: My cousin's ROM . I've had 3 cousins I am particularly close with all my life - they are Jocelyn & Michelle (sisters; 21 and 18) and Cally (age secret now as is married woman). I don't know if it is my Grandpa's good genes (which unfortunately I didn't inherit), but my cousins all turned out pretty gorgeous, and I had an unfortunate childhood having to play with such damsels and wilt in dark contrast. So anyway, having said that they are all lookers, it is no doubt that all of them will get hitched one day by the best of the multitude of suitors. Gaah! But I never thought it would be so soon! When Momo (Mum that is) announced that Cally is getting married, I had this queasy feeling in me. I mean, here is the girl that I've grown up with, the scrawny (when young anyway), big-eyed Cally, MARRIED? Becoming a mother an


I just bought a one-freaking-litre bottle of Bailey's from DFS at $27, so I just had some of the Irish concoction just now. Less than 1 full mouthful of Bailey's on the rocks, and I confess myself drunk. I am THAT lousy. Help, I'm a redneck now! My blogders, please pardon me if I sound incoherent - I don't think I know what I am doing. Because I've been very busy lately, I didn't have time for deep thoughts, which accounts for the lack of more 'indepth' blog entries. My *hic* apologies. Aye! Excuses. I have just been a lazy bimbo recently. How much more stupid can Xiaxue get? sniffs the critical intellects who look down on tube-donning females, clicking their superior tongues in mock disgust. Aye! Far more! *hic* As this entry would show. Yesterday I was hungry at night, and I decided to cook myself an egg. Conversation with self: "How would I like my eggs? Sunny-side-up sounds good." "Fertilised." "No, ser