Saturday, December 18, 2004


Can you believe it? I'm sick AGAIN! This time with a horrible rasping cough and phlegm looking like little pieces of custard (custard will never be the same again, ha!) but looking ten times as concentrated yellow.

*cough* There goes another piece (solid as hell)! FUCK.

Isn't it funny how people would never eat their mucus but actually mucus comes out from the mouth as phlegm anyway?

Come to think of it if phlegm is spelt the way it sounds then surely it should be flamp?

I know I know! I shall go out now and spread my illness! Since my viruses are bent on staying in me till they are assured of their survival in somebody else, I shall help them! Yay, shall go cough in AndroAaron's or June's face!

Am going to meet my poly coursemates for a gathering at some Italian restaurant now.

I'm about to die and in case I do mati (die) before Christmas ...

Merry Christmas. =)

How morbid.