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OK long overdue romantic blog topic: My cousin's ROM.

I've had 3 cousins I am particularly close with all my life - they are Jocelyn & Michelle (sisters; 21 and 18) and Cally (age secret now as is married woman). I don't know if it is my Grandpa's good genes (which unfortunately I didn't inherit), but my cousins all turned out pretty gorgeous, and I had an unfortunate childhood having to play with such damsels and wilt in dark contrast.

So anyway, having said that they are all lookers, it is no doubt that all of them will get hitched one day by the best of the multitude of suitors. Gaah! But I never thought it would be so soon!

When Momo (Mum that is) announced that Cally is getting married, I had this queasy feeling in me. I mean, here is the girl that I've grown up with, the scrawny (when young anyway), big-eyed Cally, MARRIED? Becoming a mother and starting a family??

Pardon me for having a dirty mind and all, but marriage IS associated with sex and I cannot imagine her having sex because I can so remember how she looks like when she is a kid. Yikes!! I'd get pass that barrier; I would.

Cally has been with her boyfriend Jerry for like a million years and naturally it is time for the deed to be done. Wahahhaha! Did I just say it like it is a bad thing? Of course it is not. Will quite see why later:

Woke up at bloody 830am to go the solemnization, with Momo hollering at me. Apparently she tried to wake me up, and I went like, "Ten minutes ten minutes", then flipped over like a dead fish, and she didn't bother about me till half an hour later - which by then we were ridiculously late and I HAD to put on make up.


She woke the neighbourhood screaming that it is all my fault for being a pig, and that we are SO gonna miss Cally's ROM, which is, by the way, once in a lifetime, and do I think the person solemnizing is about to wait for me? You are ungrateful cousin, etc etc.

Yadda yadda she continued on the drive, and then guess what? She stopped to buy char siew pau on the way. -_-

Having reached Fort Canning foul moods cleared (helped by nice char siew paus) as the weather was beautiful and the love in the air simply infectious. Plus, we weren't even late. Pui! Kanna scolded for nothing.

Oh yeah, there was this bride, who is like 50 years old or something and she came in full bridal gear (complete with veil). I mean, if you are ancient and apparently out of place amongst the blooming youthful brides, please don't bring attention to yourself by wearing such clothes. It is not as if you are not experienced enough to know that no one wears wedding gowns to ROMs. -_- Oop! Mean, mean me.

Michelle, Jocelyn, Cally, Me

My bitchy cousin Jocelyn (Jo), immediately, upon spotting ancient bride, ran to my aunties and started gossiping about people. Tsk tsk. Such 3 gu 6 po behaviour.

The solemnization process was a freaking war. The room only allowed 20 people, max, to enter to witness the solemnization, and we had around 30 people; relatives, friends and all.

Naturally some people had to make sacrifices.

Momo started counting and allowing people to go in in accordance to age (aka RANK), and knn stopped short at me. Suay ge lau sai!

I screamed blue murder, and waving my camera around like a mad person, exclaimed that I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER and I AM A BLOGGER which means I am all important and plus she scolded me for nothing just now.

Momo just looked delighted that she herself can go in, and ignored me.

My cousin Jocelyn and I (Jocelyn 1 rank higher) decided that we would rush in NO MATTER WHAT FOR IT IS OUR FREAKING COUSIN'S MARRIAGE AND WE WILL NOT MISS IT.

We strategically placed our asses behind our grandfather's (Rank: 1) and trailed him into the room successfully. Hurrah!

More photos before we move into the room. ;)

Beautiful couple and Ah gong

Please don't be mistaken. Cally is marrying the man on the right, not the one in the middle.

This old man is important. Must place his photo first. The man, for without the essence of we descendants would not exist, is my Ah Gong (grandpa). Is 80+ slightly senile.

Let me digress. Sometimes I think he is faking it. For instance, Jo and I played Mahjong with him. He kept winning.

We were beginning to break down in desperate tears when Jo discovered his secret. According to her, Ah gong's turn was after hers, and he drew a tile, had a quick look at it, decided he didn't want it, and proceeded to put the tile back and chi my cousin's discarded tile.

Jo, whose voice is very loud as it is, announced Ah gong's sneakiness to the rest of the mahjong table and mumbled that no wonder he keeps winning. The rest of us laughed.

Meanwhile, hearing that my auntie and I were laughing, Ah gong looked up from his tiles and smiled indulgently at us (as if the joke is very funny), obviously not hearing a word that Jo has spoken about his cheating.

OMG I think Ah gong is hilarious.

The aunties: Momo, Jo's mom, AUNTIE (now married so is auntie) Cally, and Cally's mum

Ok I should mention Jo's mom, Auntie Lisa, who is very funny also. I cannot stand my family members.

Jo told me that her whole family except her dad had nightmares the night before. Jo dreamt that her boyfriend jumped off a building, died, and his body remained in the jumping place while his soul was at the funeral. -_-

Michelle dreamt of some science fiction thingy.

Jo then urged her mom to tell me about her nightmare, and Aunt Lisa started animatedly.

Apparently, Girl-girl was caught by a dinosaur.

When I asked her who Girl-girl is, she told me it is their family bunny. Jo further informed me that Girl-girl is actually a boy, but they had assumed he is a girl and thus the name. When they realised their mistake, they still called him Girl-girl. I think Girl-girl is a very miserable bunny, to be staying with such a crazy family.

So anyway, back to scary dream.

In my aunt's dream, Girl-girl, although in essence the same animal, had transformed into an elephant.

Now, the elephant Girl-girl was made captive by a fierce T-rex, who held on to him with sharp teeth. Girl-girl was swinging wildly in mid-air as the dinosaur is tall.

There was a crowd below the dinosaur, and all of the crowd was trying to make the giant lizard drop Girl-girl as they think it is very cruel to bite animals like that.

My aunt, who was standing amongst the panicked people, was very surprised that the people tried to make the dinosaur drop Girl-girl. She was thinking, what if Girl-girl drop on to her (being an elephant) and squash her? So she cried, "Girl-girl don't fall down!", as she is very afraid.

End of story.

Me, Jo, Michelle

Cousin Joanna, me, Jo, Michelle

Uncle Johnny with my cousins and auntie and couple

Uncle Johnny to Jo: What are you doing now?

Jo: Accounts.

Uncle Johnny: Why you don't want to be human being want to be a cow?

Jo: ...

Everyone: ...

Did I already mention my family is crazy?

Cally's mom, bride, groom, and Cally's dad.

Do notice how the women are extremely happy while the men have placid smiles.


About to go in!

Inside the solemnization room:

He puts on the ring for her ...
(Shall mention that my uncle is very happy as he works in
Larry Jewellery and ring was bought from him.)

She for him.

Cally: So relieved!

"I pronounce you, Husband and Wife."

Awwwww. I teared.


At this point of time my cousin's friend rushed up to her and passed her a gift. She urged Cally to open it straightaway.

Inside was a white cloth book with "Our Wedding" inscripted in curly silver embossing. A cover for their wedding certificate (as seen in photo)! HOW THOUGHTFUL!

Seeing the sweetness of the bride's friend, Jo and I discussed and concluded that our friends will never be so thoughtful and nice. Therefore, we made a pact to buy each other the same gift on our wedding ROMs, so that onlookers will see us and exclaim, "Such a sweet and thoughtful cousin!"






Proceeded to Goodwood Park Hotel for buffet lunch!


Kickass pasta.

Crazy Jo.

Grouchy Smelly poking food.
Smelly is always unhappy when we are with
Momo's side of the family because most of the cousins are
females and he gets very bored.

Jo was asking Cally about how Jerry proposed, and Cally said that it was just normal discussing and him saying they should get married. And they set the date.

Jo gasped that that was extremely boring and she, no doubts about it, will definitely expect her man to propose in a grand manner (ie kneeling down in front of whole Singapore with 2 carat diamond).

Cally begged to differ and said that she preferred the proposal to be private. What if she didn't want to marry? How was she to reject him in front of so many people? What if she was pressurized into saying yes?

Come to think of it it really makes sense, hor?

So anyway, we were congratulating her on her amazing catch, for Jerry is extremely sweet, mild-tempered, patient, and loves her like crazy.

While the topic diversified into marrying men for different criteria (ie wealth, looks, etc), she sighed and said that she doesn't need all those. If people were to ask her what she wanted from the marriage, she said, she would reply "Just faithfulness."

Yay! My cousin is a married woman!!

Give your blessings to the new couple? Do leave a comment! =)

p/s: Irrelevant comments (ie how fat I look) will be deleted without reasons provided.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations (and celebrations ;)) to your cousin Cally and Jerry :)! Damn, I'm a sucker for such ROM stories :P....

Yours wouldn't be so soon, right ;)? Keke... and your family does have a sense of humor! A cow?!?! Goodness....
roy said…
I think I see where you got your sense of humour..
WeiJie said…
what kinda nightmare is that? hahaha...
i'm sure it's great fun to have family members like urs...btw, u looked gorgeous...:)
Gum said…
Oh Gosh! Xiaxue is so much better!
CyN said…
Hey! Didnt realise Joyce is your cousin. She's my sec sch frd! =D
Rae said…
mm you look jap. heh. i missed my uncle's ROM! neh. anyway i'm pretty much 'worshipping' the webspace you blog on because it is sooo shit funny!
calm one said…
Congrats to the new couple!

BTW, you forgot to give me Lin Liang's number. It's okay. You can give me Joanna's, Jo's, and Michelle's numbers instead. =)
Chris said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
UltraVinz said…
Sweetness!!! So sweet, diabetic patients will die instantly with the company of you & your couz!!!

*pzzt, is that dude chris doing a proposal or acting senile...?*
Mike said…
Wow. Cally's gorgeous. Michelle is already cute, she'll be a real looker in a couple of years.
Anonymous said…
sweet. =) oh. so.. may i ask, when is it gonna be your turn? -sniggers-
Steven Sim said…
Thanz for the story. Am ur blogder for some time, but didn't post any comments before. Love the "love story". A great cure for my recently broken heart. Keep the entries coming!
or (worse!)
doubleUei said…
zhu ta men zao shen hui zi! =) how many kids do they want?
cw said…
Interesting dinosaur + girl girl story. Ha. Anyways, some of your images cant be seen. Y aR?
Claris said…
wow. congrats to ur cousin & cousin-in-law.

i love weddings. the romantic mood to soak into..


ur family is indeed crazy. but in a good way too.
Evelyn said…
Congratulations to the newlyweds!

And xiaxue...I adore your blogs!
graciex said…
i cant see all da pix!
Anonymous said…
Michelle looks really good.
xtremefusion said…
your cousin looks like a hong kong actress...pretty coo!
PMS said…
I still think your Ah Gong looks like La Bi Xiao xin's granddaddy.
Psycho Diva said…
Wah your cousin is really pretty, but i think you got a certain kind of sexiness :D
Anonymous said…
Totally irrelevant post, though I'm crossing my fingers it won't get deleted ;)

Xiaxue's nominated for Best S'pore Blog (no, this is different from the recently concluded one)! You can vote for her here:

The lines are now open (damn I feel corny :)
Satin said…
ur cousin's a babe. Love that dress! Would be even nicer if it's longer.

They've got a couple look.
Anonymous said…
Corrections to my previous comment. Xiaxue's nominated under the Best Journal/Diary category instead, the link as follows:
alpha said…
Whoa, Cally has the angel's face and a devillish hot body - Jerry is one lucky man.
Michelle is another hot young thing - so is your cousin. They'll grow to be ravishing beauties...
Why oh why is your family and your relatives all so good looking?
Life's not fair - I feel like killing myself.
ling said…
Jerry works in M1 rite? i kinda saw him before when i was working as a hp promoter..but not sure whether it;s him not =p
yuene said…
Congrats to your cousin and Jerry! Hope they'll always be a en2 ai2 pair!

Your cousin Michelle looks like this girl called Cindy...
roy said…
Hmm.. sarong party girl leading on the best diary. Xiaxue loses out because she never gets any with balding old ang moh men. :/
kao said…
michelle is really beautiful.
CraSH said…
so this is how they do it in singapore!! haha.. glad i learned something today. great pics.. and you look absolutely nice and sweet... i do wish the married couple a great new begining in life..
AJ said…
your cousin michelle is absolutely gorgeous. very sweet pixie/ fairy like face. and i think the ROM was beautiful. congrats to your cousin. and gal, u do not look fat at all. u were equally pretty and sweet..
Ivan said…
Haha... now I know that madness is hereditary.

Wishing your cousin all the best in matrimonial bliss!

zihwye said…
how can u say that u didn't inherit the good looks.. i think from some angles u look even better than some of ur cousins wat... =)
Mark said…
Best wishes to the happy couple!

That was a really heart-warming post. You are fortunate for having such a cool family :-)
jyh said…
damn fuck.
u are gonna win for sure.
Rae said…
hello! i'm a new fan. i've been checking back here at least 5 to 6 times since the last post but i have been disappointed each time!

haha. i enjoy reading your blog a lot. plus i don't think you are fat at all.

i am also one of those low-waistband rgs girls you talk of. is it that bad? ^^

i'll be checking back!

guardian said…
gawd, your cousins look gorgeous, especially Michelle. Very cute.

Congrats to your cousin Cally and her husband. May they bai tou dao lao. ^^
Daniel said…
Your cousin Michelle is damn gorgeous! Funny, the Michelles I know are all pretty...

Tell her to read my blog at
and she will fall in love with me. I WILL grant you first access into our ROM if this works out ok? :p
hey jude said…
you didnt inherit ur family's chio genes? u sure a nt sia..n u fat? obviously I DONT think so. lols. ur cousin is a pretty hot property people like Daniel who commented wanna noe her sia. lols. nice day lady!
Jean said…
Best wishes to your cousin Cally and cousin-in-law Jerry! reminds me of my cousin who just had her wedding too..

anyway i once had a comical dream like that too.. my brother was sonic the hedgehog and i was tails, and dr. robotnic trapped us in this gigantic cake, so we ate our way out.. it was damn funny..
Lyd said…
i looove your dress!! and I looove reading your blog!!!

thanks for updating!! and you should update more!!! :)
eggtOfU said…
xiaxue.. can i sae smth?
too much fotoshop will look v fake leii..
=x nt v nice.. btw, all ur cuzzie r DAMN CHIO.
esp aunty cally n cute michelle.
reading ur blog fer so long i nv knew you were related to michelle...
nv knew you were the cousin of a fren..
Spirit Fingers said…
LOL at the 50 year old bride in full wedding gear. Was it her second marriage you think? Did she *gasp* wear white?
Grace said…
eh cousin joanna looks so familiar to me. haha. i think she's in my school. wow. it's a small world after all. (: btw, u and ur cousins look great.
CheaYee said…

I think Xiaxue looks much prettier than her cousins...whatever it is she claims

"Beauty LIes In The Eyes of the Beholder"
ahblabla said…
Your cousin michelle must look the best of the lot =P~~

Must be sad you didn't get a fair share of the pretty genes huh.

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