Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy happy holidays!

Today is a great day to be unemployed! It's the eve of the eve of Christmas!

Wanyi is leaving for Hong Kong later, and I armed her with all my sizes (36DD, small, shoe US 5) so that she has no excuse but to get Hongkie gifts for me whahahhaa!

Meanwhile, June just came back from Japan (Japanese June?), and all she got for me was "A nice Qoo can to add to your collection" because "everything else is ridiculously priced". Unfortunately, while she was gone my "Qoo Collection" of 3 miniature Qoo cans discoloured and I have dumped them away.

I think I will drink up the Japanese Qoo, or risk it being very lonesome.


Was blogging happily when Smelly (brother) suddenly knocked on the house door with absurd vigour.

Yikes!! He just brought home an army of smelly friends to invade my house!

One more at the computer.

Horrible to have smelly young brother. Oh dear, I think they just finished soccer too. =(

Shall escape the smelly kids (actually they are not really smelly) by moving out of the house! Shall meet the last few single people in this world, Wong and Shengrong! For KTV, no less.

Meanwhile, I don't think I have concrete plans for tomorrow, and I hate everyone else who is attached.

Ciao! And Merry Christmas eve's eve!