For the lack of blog entries these few days... Was very busy!

I'm going to watch Eileen (Wee) host tonight at Mandarin Hotel, and after that .. It's the annual PARTY OF THE YEAR @ ZoukOut!

Anyone else going? If you see me, say hi ok? I'll be in a ridiculously flourescent hot pink bikini that I donned on simply because if I do not shine, at least my bikini will. Tsk tsk. Failing that, at least I wouldn't be knocked down by Sentosa's beach buggys as they cruise around the island while it is pitch dark (and the only thing emitting an evil glow in a ten mile radius is my ridiculously flourescent hot pink bikini).

And oh oh oh! Another blog contest? This time it seems like something larger scale is going on! It's not only limited Asia but worldwide.

It seems like I am the only Singaporean blog nominated! So blogders! Vote for me k, and let's do Singapore proud. That is if you like my blog as well. ;)

Click here:

p/s: Bikini shots? Maybe. Come to think of it, maybe I shall go take pictures of all the hot babes and hunks around (maybe catch some celebrities too *wink* [Eileen Wee is going with me]). That is, if I come back home pleasantly surprised to find my blog leading! Wahahhahaha! Love ya all.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Both the past entries and comments are back!

Bubblemunche voted too ;)
EteRnaLD said…
Me? OF cos i voted for you! Guys..lets comment on the voting site as well shall we?
RoeaL said…
oh my.... you're already leading the charts by a near 30%!! and more than 700 people had voted for you! WOW!!! I think we need not wait for the results we can already know who is the winner huh?
Xiaxue said…
Xie xie ni men!! Really very gan dong. =)
Ivan said…
Voted too.

I wanted to go Zoukout!!! But I had no cash and no one to go with me. *cries*

Blue said…
I voted for u!! Really think ur blog's the best i've came across.. keep it up!! :)
vlim4 said…
Voted. Yan Yan will win again. lol.
Jayaxe said…
Voted too. Now pictures, please!
janicia said…
Voted! ^-^ jia you wor~
snoookems said…
hey..i went to zoukout too.but didn't see you...which arena were you at?
snow said…
definitely voted for you :D
Daniel said…
I voted for you....now the bikini pics please! Eileen Wee's hor!


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