Sunday, December 26, 2004


I am typing this really slowly because Eileen is napping on the couch in my room and my louya keyboard is very noisy and I cannot wake her up because I sneakily took a photo of her and I intend to post it up so GAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! She moves!

Ok ok change position only ....

As I was slowing saying before she rudely interrupted me, I intend to post her photo and when she wakes up I will tell her I blogged and she'd open my site and wahhahaha see herself sleeping on my couch!


This woman's thighs are slimmer than my neck.
How does she walk?
Without her top toppling over?
But then again my delicate neck is balancing such an enormous brain too.** Hmmm.

I am so boh liao. Ok ok, don't tell Eileen ah. I go hide the Bailey's.**

**Refer to previous entry.