Zooooooouk ... OUT!

Beware beware! Photowhore coming up! I know it's the Weblog Awards 2004 now, and I should blog something a little more ... substantial ... but hell! I have like tonnes of photos I want to show, so yeah... (Trails off in patronising tone)

And thanks, you cuties who have voted! I'm really touched! It's possible to vote every 24 hours, so if you haven't voted today, please do so again? THANK YOU!!

Alright, here are photos of ZoukOut as promised!

Eileen Wee and I at Mandarin Hotel before ZoukOut

Pretty hor? Anyway, Eileen is coaching me to do hosting lah, which is why she asked me to attend her gig. *Sigh*. Once in a while we do meet some really sincerely nice people, don't we?

I am reminded of this story I just retold today ... I had this friend in RV, called Lin Liang, and she is about as nice as a button. Ok, I know it is supposed to be "as cute as a button", but what is nice supposed to be compared with? Pie? Never mind.

I heard some rumour about some people in Lin Liang's school saying she wore some skimpy clothes or something (and therefore, is a slut), and I was GODDAMN PISSED. So pissed, I almost turned monstrously green and hulky. I mean, Lin Liang is as genuinely good a person as one can ever find, and yet, there are people who don't know her, haven't even spoke to her, and yet can spout such nonsense about such a lovely girl.

You see, I am indebted to Lin Liang's kindness. For those of you who don't already know, Lin Liang was once the top student in RV (my year that is) and is pretty (hence the spiteful jealousy of certain people) as well as exceptionally brilliant.

There was this once (I think Lin Liang might be angry that I tell this to the world but I shall pretend I was drunk when I wrote this) I realised that I don't know shit about differiation the day before I took a Maths test, so, in a flurry of pure panic, I asked Lin Liang if she could help me by teaching me.

Lin Liang had the same test, conducted by the same Maths teacher (she was in a different class) one period after recess. I have my test one period after hers. When I approached her that morning, she agreed to sacrificing her whole recess to coach me (FOR FREE!! Not even a kitkat treat in return!).

During the 30 min recess, she taught me the best she could, but with no avail. Apparently *ahem* I was not cut out for differiation (nothing to do with stupidity whatsoever).

I knew I was going to fail majestically as, 10 mins from the end of recess, Lin Liang's voice was going slightly hysterical as I still failed to grasp the concept of differiation.

The bell rang. I had no idea how to do differiation. BAD, BAD, BAD! Nothing to do with her teaching skills; it is tough to teach 1 month worth of homework in 30 minutes.

I packed my stuff while Lin Liang's voice urgently repeated again and again the simple steps I should abide by to complete the simplest sum.

I told her not to worry, as I am quite used to failing A maths.

She looked horribly guilty.

The period after recess was a free period for me, whilst Lin Liang was at the next classroom doing her Maths paper.

In a remarkable twist, she popped by my class, threw a panicked look around her, and passed me a piece of paper.

I stared at her in surprise.

She said in a hush-hush voice, "Yan yan, here are the answers to the test later. I told Miss XX that I was going to the toilet, so take this, quick. I feel really bad lah, that I was not able to teach you properly just now ... Why not you just pass this test first k, then we will continue the coaching after. Don't tell anyone!"

With that she scooted off, trying to pretend like she needed the toilet urgently.

I stared at her receding back.

After gaping for 30 whole seconds at what she said, I opened the piece of paper.

Please imagine that the little piece of foolscap had a bright golden glow as I opened it. IT IS THE KEY TO MY PASSING THAT TEST!

Inside, scibbled neatly, was the full workings for each sum.

I was amazed; not only by her generosity in sharing her gift of intellect, but the fact that it was only half-time for the paper, and she had time to finish each question AND copy out the answers for me.

Now, how many of you, if you had to study so hard for a test, would so willingly let some slacking lazy bitch benefit from it? I know I might have second thoughts. And what if she was found out?

Presently came my test, and, being the nice "pay it forward" person I am, Lin Liang's answers were passed to some of my poorly performing classmates - with the criteria that they cannot copy more than what was necessary to make them pass (ditto myself).

My Maths teacher came back one week later saying 3J did an excellent job this time, and she is really proud of us.

Isn't Lin Liang nice? I mean, this is not the only occasion of course. She's the kind of person, whom when you casually mention you like purple markers, actually will get you a purple marker 10 month later during your birthday, when you yourself forgot you once liked purple markers. Such a selfless person, and why are people abusing her???! PUI!

So anyway! Huge digression. My point is that Eileen Wee is very nice lah. I mean, why is she coaching me for free??! Just because I said I want to learn and try hosting.

Where was I? Zoukout pictures yes. Please don't stare at my boobs, I will get shy.

Wanyi rudely conversing with boyfriend whilst I take bored photos at Harbourfront's hawker centre. She has the nerve to smile prettily. Pui!

Since Wanyi was so darn insolent to talk to her boyfriend while I slowly approached menopause in the long wait, I took a piece of Chin Chow from the local black drink and did this:


WAH!!! Ugly hor? Wanyi jumped out of her skin in fright! HAHAHAHA! Really la... Sometimes I wonder why some smartass detractor would use his amateur photoshop skills to disfigure my photos. Why do it when I conveniently do it for you in photos like the one above? tsk tsk.

I like this photo! And oh oh if you have noticed, yes my tee has changed from the blue "lifeguard" one that Eekean bought for me from Thailand to the present white tank top because I passed by This Fashion and bought it for $6 (!).

We met up with Eileen (left) and her friends. Other girl is Ginny! Her boobs are mighty fine la la la (though not obvious in this pic)!

Eileen and Ginny

Wanyi and I are ah peks in hawker centres

Eileen's friends. From left, Holdie, Wanyi, Yew Seng, Ginny, Me, Eugene, Russell (Eileen's ex who gave her the humongous diamond ring and retrieved it back recently after the break-up - would you do that?), Ex-humongous-diamond-ring-owner, Natalie, and ... erm ... I cannot remember the guy's name! Sorry!

So, after all that alcohol on the table, we proceeded to ZOUKOUT! (was a freaking 1am by then)

At this point of time I must apologize. Once again, my adorable cybershot took photos of the clubbing scene impeccably, but with one major flaw. Orbs, of different intensity and sizes, keep popping up EVERYWHERE. For those of you who don't know, orbs are *believed* to be spirits.

Is Sentosa that haunted? Blah. Some argue it is light diffusion. I just think orbs are fucking annoying. I mean, if they were spirits, then can't they NOT show up on my pictures and remain transparent? Totally ruining the shots! Pui!

I apologize for the orb-filled pictures.

And also, the next fucker who asks me to clean my lens will be proded in the ass with a suede Gucci stiletto. You think, after all my orb-infested pictures, that I did not already try doing that? *rolls eyes*

I was told, before reaching, that there were four tentages. These four tents are the Velvet tent, the Mambo tent, the Phuture tent (vs present tense and past tense. Ok, lame!), and the normal Zouk tent.

Upon arrival, however, I realised that there was no indication whatsoever as to which tent is which. How then, did people group these different tents to their names?

Wanyi sagely told me people do it by the music. I.e. Zouk plays House (I think.), Phuture R&B (is it? I anyhow say), Velvet snobbish music, and Mambo the usual Retro and what's not. I don't care.

If you don't care about the music then why go, you ask in an indignant tone, being the uppity music connoisseur you are.

Well ... My answer is that I have never been to a beach party before, and I'd love to see the big fuss about it. And besides, who am I to not go? I've got free tickets to attend. Big present from who? Admirer. =)

So anyway ...

The VIP tentage is surrounded by a remarkable amount of orbs, all the ghosts no doubt wanting to get to party with the rich and famous! Boo!

After loitering around the main arena (Zouk tent) for a short while, Wanyi and I decided to move to the Mambo tent right at the other side.

The walk took us twenty minutes!

In between we saw ...

A gay looking massager!

Flamboyant paraders! (orbs again)

What's so special about this red man and his light-blub-covered friend, you ask.


They are actually so goddamn tall!

After Mambo-ing, Wanyi and I went back to the main arena ...

to look for Eileen Wee!

And found Eileen Tan too!

(Realise how similar this is to the Eileen and Ginny picture)

Eileen's friend Eugene was playing poi with lightsticks. Alas! The effect is lost as I had my flash on.

Eileen Wee got lost in the midst of Wanyi's and my attempt to dance on the lady's podium, and we went to look for her in the agonisingly packed crowd.

Right in front of the men's podium, we tried to wade through the thick waves of half-naked men to look for Eileen.

As we squeezed through creamy, well-toned pectoral muscles and abs, I looked up to realise a sight that totally delighted me: MEN, MEN, MEN, AND MORE MEN! (good looking ones)

I tell you, it was exactly like I entered a gigolo house and the men were all surrounding me, their golden brown bodies all pulsating to the music and thrusting their hips in a lusty manner reminiscent of delightful fornication.

I was absorbing in the glorious sight before me, and thinking how I am the only female (with Wanyi following behind) when I realised it is too good to be true. Why are there no women?

I looked closely, and I realised a pair of nymphs (I swear they were good looking enough to eat with just wasabi spread lightly) standing one behind the other, the one at the back with his sculpted arms entwined around the frontal dude's eight-packed waist lovingly. He kissed his nape.

I bleahed.

I turned around to silently communicate my sudden realisation to Wanyi, who was looking pretty troubled as well.

Suddenly, heaven smelt like ass.

I have never imagined the gay population of Singapore to be so vast; around 30 million of them carassing each other, bold as brass! No respect for females! Imagine all the sodomy! We speed-walked out of gay arena, with me feeling slightly insulted that no one bothered to pretend to brush against my body. Tsk tsk. I even, for 2 seconds, thought that my boobs were not attractive.

(Disclaimer: Nothing against gays! I have friends who are. Just stating my unpleasant surprise at how Penis-Heaven suddenly turned into Gayland.)

Wanyi tried this bungee thing, which was for FREE!

Up she goes!

I swear that instructor has, like, the hottest body ever. When Wanyi bounced up with him in tow, she should have just groped his penis and asked him to marry her or something.

But she didn't.

It was 4am ... Paul Van Dyk is coming!

Look at those people worshipping him!

Ok, end of blog entry.


"WAIT!!" you scream. "DIDN'T YOU TAKE PHOTOS OF SCANTILY-CLAD WOMEN, XIAXUE?!! I am so disappointed!"

Of course I did.

I took a photo of the girl I thought has the best body I've seen that night.

This is she:

You salivate ...

You desire ...

The award belongs to:

The transvestite in the middle.

I know lah, doesn't look too sexy, what... But this is because I caught 'her' in mid-thrust. I swear she has the nicest body EVER!! Her tummy is trim, her legs long (for obvious reasons), her boobs big, and her butt nice and round.

Really. As an authentic woman, I admit defeat. We women cannot beat the ah guas. We have cellulite, they don't. We have no tits, or saggy tits. Theirs are bouncy and pert. Their legs are going on forever.

HOW TO FIGHT?? Only they have ku ku jiao and we don't lah. And facial hair and adam's apple. And neighing voice.

Ok maybe being a girl is not that bad after all.

Some of you might be frowning. How do you know, Xiaxue, that they are transvestites? What if they aren't?

Well, I may be wrong of course. If you are said maligned transvestite, please send me an email with an attachment of your severed penis tucked into an artificial pussy and I will correct my notion. Thank you.

I'm tired! What a ridiculously long blog entry. Hope you enjoyed it. Tata!!!


leapfrog said…
That is definitely a trans. Those are MAN LEGS no doubt.
Vad3r said…
aww, remove dat ugly tranny pic :P

such an eye-sore compared to ur freakin sexy ones pwahahahaa.

fabulous site n XiaXue, u ROCK !!!

whinyyyyeeee said…
Its differentiation, xiaxue, not differiation !
becca said…
hi xiaxue,

isnt it differentiation? not differiation?
Ivan said…
Seems like you guys had a lot of fun.

Boohoohoo... wonderful time to be flat broke and to have no one else to go with me. =(

And I agree. Those 'girls' sure look like trannies to me. *shrugs*

wc said…
those 'orbs' are not ghosts but actually water/bubble droplets that landed on your camera. wiping them would not have helped.
PMS said…
Oy.. the photo of me on the phone gives the FALSE impression that I have sagging boobs lor. So misleading. Tsk.. but the one at the entrance was darn nice. Wahaha.. *squeals* Xiaxue!! YOU ROCK!!! *squeals*
Xiaxue said…
I already said i know nothing about differiation/differentiation. Even the term tortures me so.
AwfulViolet said…
wow you guys sure do pile on the makeup. =P
clubger22 said…
ello weNDY~~

hope tis doesnt come across as boot licking but i reali like ur blog..haha...since reading ur blog, i find other blog tat i read pale in comparison!~ i signed up as a blogger juz to past a comment for ya!~ hey hey!~ & i voted for ya!~ hmmm..been reading all ur past entries n reali enjoyed them!~~

juz wanna say: keep it up yo!~~~ & i will keep supporting ya!~~ :)
penelope* said…
i voted for you twice (:
i love your blog. : D
continue to write hilarious entries okay ?
take care. (:

nadnut said…
hey hey. hope ur feeling betta. alamak, missed out taking pics with u and wanyi! *sulks*
Anonymous said…
You're so fortunately to have met such a nice person as Lin Liang :)

By the way, have you watched Shutter :P?
dearest said…
i find that your friend Wanyi looks very familiar..is she from Temasek Poly?
Elaine said…
xiaxue, what are nymphs?
Claris said…
Woah. That's alot of orbs.
That trans, yucks. He should have do something about his legs too.
Anyway, voted for you. You totally rock!
Keep on making us blogders entranced with your writings!
graceshu said…
Hi xiaxue :)

I think those orbs were actually water droplets (mist, vapour, etc.) that reflected the light off your camera flash.
kinkybluefairy said…
Hey Xiaxue! I was at Zoukout too. I intro-ed one of my friends to your blog before and he happened to be there as well and saw you. He only told me the next day tho, and i was like, "aiyo why didn't you tell me yesterday then i woulda said hi!" -_-
oh well.
Yea i saw the trannies too, from far away, i thought, "walau... that girl is fucking hot.. wait.. is that a girl..."
calm one said…

I want Lin Liang's number!

Xiaxue said…
Calmone: You and the rest of the world. LOL ...

Sole Wanderer: Just a term I use to describe sexually alluring people.
xiaxue sucks said…
wow, you look so SICK!!
and by the way, the trans looks better than you!
you are just a freaking bitch.
and hope ALL the ghost come looking after you for scolding them!
good luck to you lah har.
hello said…
U can say a person is NICE to remember dat you lurve purple markers.

U can say a person is NICE to coach you Maths during her 30min break.

BUT U can’t say a person is NICE to have revealed the answers to her “friend” for a test. By writing this blog, U are merely revealing to the entire world how SELFISH this girl called Lin Liang is. You are’nt at all fulfilling your goal of describing her “KINDNESS” and trying to dispel rumours about her being a slut. Xiaxue, you are making things worse.

You call that kind?

By revealing the answers to another fellow “friend” who hasn’t studied for the test AT ALL, she is doing you more harm than good. What a hypocrite who wants to “help”a fellow friend.. What about the rest of the world who had put in long hours studying for the test? Wouldn’t they be exposed to the greatest unfair treatment in comparison to someone who hasn’t revised and yet gleefully gotten her answers from a “top student” who so called is “remorseful” for not succeeding in coaching her “friend”?

Lin Liang doesn’t deserve to be a TOP STUDENT.

Not that I know this person called Lin Liang personally but I have friends from her school. Do you know her well enough to conclude whether she is a slut? Rumours don’t start from nowhere, Xiaxue. Yup, people might be jealous of this “pretty” and “smart” “top student” and malign her for little things she has done. But how sure are you to think that you know her “true character”?

In my school for instance, the top girl, (lets call her A) always have this “IMAGE” to upkeep. And A, just like Lin Liang, is NICE, HELPFUL and SMART. When someone asks A for assistance in his work, she wouldn’t reject!

Which top student, in the right mind will reject coaching a fellow under-performing pal? Not doing so will only brew rumours about herself. Somemore the under-performing pal turns out to be Xiaxue, a rather “vocal” person who will voice out her displease toward anyone.

But I am A’s close friend once, and I know of things she has done which most of the people in the rest of the school doesn’t. And I must tell you, A isn’t as nice as she seems. Her reason, she told me herself, for helping people in their schoolwork, is so that people wouldn’t have a reason to talk behind their backs of being a SELFISH top student. She wants to be popular and well-liked, and she cant afford that to happen. She needs to get support from her friends and teachers so that at the end of 4 years, she could rightfully be bestowed the “top student” award from the school committee.

How sure are you that Lin Liang isn’t such a person, just like A? You never know.

I am not forming any conclusions about Lin Liang here coz I don’t know what is going on in her brain. Only she herself knows. But from this blog entry, Xiaxue, I can tell you that you have made things worse. You have just told the entire world what a selfish person she is.

But I predict after this, she will come running to you and saying “Xiaxue don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. I know you didn’t mean to make me look bad on your blog. We are still friends.*Hugz*” That is what a superficial A would do. Don’t know about Lin Liang.
Monkey said…
XX, I love your latest post cuz it is full of pictures of pretty people (no I dun count the bapoks no matter how hot).And yes, Eileen Tan is HOT. But then again so are you and all your friends.

Yes, I'm shallow and I like how you are such a photowhore! More pictures please!!!!!

I have voted for your blog everyday for the Weblog Awards 2004 simply cuz I love your posts and will continue to do everyday until voting is closed!

HOT makes RIGHT!
Xiaxue said…
Hi there "hello",

From your comment, I gather that you are a very cynical person. Jilted by Uncle Gary for bestfriend-cum-cousin Fanny perhaps? Get out from behind your shit-tinted glasses - not everyone is as bad as you think.

As a friend of Lin Liang for 8 years now, and of which 2 years are spent with her as my classmate, and 4 as an NCC buddy (even bathed with her), I would pride myself on the fact that I know her much better than you think, and much better than those flighty nitwits picking on her every move in school do.

The copying incident is merely one of the many nice things that she has done. Did you expect me to gauge her character with just one action?

Let me tell you this: When she offered me her answers, her accompanying reason is that it is important for me to pass that particular test as it would affect my overall grade. She also said, if you have noticed, that the priority lies in passing this test first, and she'd continue coaching me later (and therefore not harming my studies in any way).

And may I also add: She DID follow up, and asked me when I want to get my tuition completed. If she were hypocritical like u said she is, she needn't have put in that extra effort. The initial copying and helping is sufficient.

Regarding your student A and her like, let me ask you something. If A never revealed that she "just wanted to be well-liked" and still went on being kind and so on, could you still say she was hypocritical and fake? No.
If your analysis is correct, then whoever does nice things will be considered doing it for the sake of upkeeping their pristine image? Do you concur, that by your line of thought, Mother Teresa is also "hypocritical" and "selfish"? How would we know she did all she did not merely for the sake of a bloody nobel prize but out of her heart?

My point is - as long as one maintains being "nice", no one can, or should, doubt that she is sincere, unless being proven otherwise (case of A).

As for presenting her as being selfish, I think not. People have mailed me saying that I am lucky to know someone like her, and it seems you are the only one who thinks otherwise. You have a problem, don't you?

I have serious issues with people like you, Hello. It is precisely because of cynical, bitter people like you that accuses everyone of imaginary crimes that no one dares to be nice anymore, or think it's worth it to be when people will judge them for it. You and your like are possibly the same people who bombed bali out of spite. I'd say ... its jealousy rearing it's ugly head. Do something; see a shrink or sing some cheery christmas carols.

And also, whether Lin Liang deserves to be RV's top student or not is entirely dependent on her efforts put into her studies, and not up to you, some small fry, to judge.

RV is proud of our 2004 top student, and people like you should keep your flapping gap shut before you start throwing words like "selfish" and "hypocritical" at her, like you know her well enough to pinpoint to superb precision where her every mole is.

Ivan said…

Whatever happened to being nice to others just for the sake of being nice, and not to fulfil some hidden political agenda?

Hello's rationalisation may hold a grain of truth in some cases, but I'd say it's unfair to extrapolate it to account for the actions of others.

Daniel said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
missy jessy said…
i agree, been nice is not abt doing thing in the right way in the average view.

no selfish people (even if they are trying to hold a nice image) will spend the last 30mins before her test to help others to study.

and who would risk herself to copy the ans knowing the punishment attacted to tis act? from tis small act, i could see she treat xiaxue as a real friend.

itz ready lucky to have such a lovely friend.
calm one said…
You even bathed with her???!?!? =)~~~

"You see, I am indebted to Lin Liang's kindness."

You know how you can adequately repay her? Give me her number!!!

Anonymous said…
Aiyoh, 'Hello' so uptight for what? Relax relax! Have a can of Jia Jia Liang Teh to cool yourself down :)
janicia said…
it seems that ms aina's blog does not exist anymore... *frowns* i've never entered it before so i was going to try my luck since she locks it everytime you post about her... but... Upsaid says that she does not exist. was it just a figment of my imagination?

hee... anyway, nice pictures~ lolx... the one with much of your cleavage is a tad too reavealing though... hahaha~ have fun~

Daniel said…
Aiyoh...since when XX become so uptight? Deleting my comment bcos of a joke I made?

leapfrog said…
I am so glad u gave "hello" a piece of your mind. Such people remind me of a badly decomposed Oscar the Grouch. Stinks twice as much and reeks of (and spews) rubbish.

Just because you are unlucky enough to have a smart but selfish friend, dear Hello, it does not follow that every smart Top student are of the same like.

You need some Analytical Skills classes, the way you process your thoughts is extremely worrying
leapfrog said…
oh yah another unsound argument that I forgot to mention

Hello has friends from the same school it seems, and because of what Hello has heard from these friends, and because Hello believes all rumours MUST have some truth in it --> XX's judgement of her friend LL would likely be wrong.

I was wondering all knowledgeable Hello, how is it that you did not think about whether your own friends know her well enough to conclude that she IS a slut? given your reasoning that XX should question how well she knows LL to conclude the opposite. A normal thinking individual would consider the latter before making such riduculous arguments. Once again, I highly recommend Analytical Skills classes for you.

And btw, the broken telephone game often plays a vital role in juicy scandalous rumours. BROKEN TELEPHONE GAME. Your truth as you call it may not be the juicy dirty gossip that you expect it to be.
Xiaxue said…
Thanks Adebelle ... Haha! Maybe you can ask Gilbert Chuah if Lin Liang is as nice as I said!! Although I don't think he knows her ...

Anyway, whats a Broken Telephone Game?
Daniel said…
It's a situation when a message is passed down a long chain of people and gets more and more distorted with every conduit that in the end, it no longer resembles the original message.

shazlin said…
i've been reading your blog for quite a while and i'm really impressed with everything ... and i'm only 13! haha .. i look up to you as my blogging older sister .. *bootlicker* joking la .. keep up the blogging ! love all your blogs and i'm gonna vote for you, kay ? hahax .. *wink wink*
IDG` said…
Hi there XX,

Rmb me? The fellow worshipper who got caught at TANGS!!! UUURRRGHHH! I HATE TANGS I HATE TANGS I HATE TANGS I HATE TANGS I HATE TANGS!!!

okz.. besides that, i oso wanna say : YOU ARE SURE GONNA GET THAT AWARD XX!!! we are all rootin` for you!!! When you become rich and famous one day, dun forget us wor.... :D
monster said…
i cant see some of the pics!!!! help!! *angry angry.. lol
iissaacc said…
Gee. Actually you are quite a hot babe huh, from all your photos. Keep up the good work yeah. Luv ya site.

Actually "hello" did make some sense. Though a wee bit too cynical, I agree on the part that the top student shouldnt cheat even if backed by the most valid reason. That just isnt appropriate. She might be a good friend, but definitely doesnt possess the integrity of a role model.

Sorry babe, I am on the other camp for this one.
leapfrog said…
Yup tts exactly wat e broken telephone game is. thnx.

Gil says he didnt know her and can only rem one thing about her. obviously guys are better at remembering such things that are best not mentioned here. not a bad thing la. just a guy thing.

anyways i was surprised you remembered how to spell his surname =) Happy Christmas!
hello said…
Ive tried my hands at Jia Jia Liang Teh, attempted cheery Christmas carols and even seen a shrink, who assured me I was perfectly alright, but I still cant keep "my flapping gap" shut.

I desperately need to give you my two cents worth of thoughts. I will not connive silently with the dishonesty displayed in your acts.

Before that, let me put on my "shit-tinted glasses" first.

To the very indignant Miss Wendy, how can you be sure whether the source(s) I got my stuff from isnt more than your 8 years as Friend, 2 years as Classmate, 4 years as NCC mate, and not forgetting you bathed with her before? Hah. Please, same to you, Miss Wendy, like you know her well enough to pinpoint where her every mole is.

After reading your spurious rebuke, I have certain clarifications to make but I absolutely do not take back any words in the wrathful writings of the first posting.

Conclusion (1): Lin Liang is a good friend, based on your myopic definition.

From your definition of friend, that is "Friends should help you unconditionally, even if it means trespassing lawful boundaries", YES, I agree with you whole-heartedly, that Lin Liang is a good friend, a very good friend indeed!

Conclusion (2): Lin Liang isnt a good friend by helping you cheat blatantly.

According to my own definition (which I am entitled to), "Friends should help you unconditionally, but of coz if that person has integrity, he shouldnt break laws in the meantime. When a person lands himself into trouble eg failing a test, a good friend will pull you up from the throes of darkness and walk with you through the rest of the torrid times."

Lin Liang isnt helping you as a good friend by letting you cheat. Even if you fail the test, (Ask your conscience, if you have any, that is. Did you deserve to pass at all, since you hadnt studied?) she can do her part as a good friend by coaching afterwards.

Of course, all of us shouldnt judge anyone's character based on a sole incident. BUT, since I dont know her personally, you are the one who provided me with the best evidence and the only thing I can be sure about her that she isnt being a good friend with regards to this rather exclusive incident. Who is it to blame that we outsiders have this kinda impression of her?

That brings me to my next point.

Conclusion (3): Stop fooling me. This differentiation class test wouldnt affect your overall grade.

"When she offered me her answers, her accompanying reason is that it is important for me to pass that particular test as it would affect my overall grade. She also said, if you have noticed, that the priority lies in passing this test first, and she'd continue coaching me later (and therefore not harming my studies in any way)."

You can cheat the world but not someone who knows the Sec 3 and 4 RV system. The continual assessment takes up 30% of the overall grade, while the semestral assessment takes up 70%. This differentiation class test is one of the few dozen class tests which is accounted into the 30%. THIRTY PERCENT Wendy! CA is 30% only. And that differentiation test is not even more than 10%. Why did you two have to breach your moral values just to pass. Somemore you said you didnt study, which means you dont deserve to pass at all.

Even if you screw this little class test, you can mug for your final SA (70%) and still not affect your overall grade. Who are you trying to fool here?

Do you like cheating so much? Is subterfuge all you do in your free time?

Conclusion (4): Committing something morally wrong then substantiating it with a valid reason doesn’t make the former correct. WENDY. It is time to grow up.

"When she offered me her answers, her accompanying reason is that it is important for me to pass that particular test as it would affect my overall grade"

If that were the case. I will go rob a bank right now and tell the judge that I need money desperately coz I have to pay my handphone bills. I am rather tight now and if I fail to pay up, the phone company will cut off my line! The priority now lies in not allowing my line to be cut off, but I promise I WILL DEFINITELY return the 30 bucks in due time!

Ask your friends from Law. Would the judge hear of it? Would I be exonerated from the chidings of the law?

Wouldnt there be chaos on this earth? Furthermore the culprit is a role model of a renowned school.

Conclusion (5): Solely by this incident which you have so vividly described, RV shouldnt be proud of such a top student.

"And also, whether Lin Liang deserves to be RV's top student or not is entirely dependent on her efforts put into her studies, and not up to you, some small fry, to judge.

RV is proud of our 2004 top student, and people like you should keep your flapping gap shut before you start throwing words like "selfish" and "hypocritical" at her, like you know her well enough to pinpoint to superb precision where her every mole is."

I am not talking about the other rumours people are spreading behind her back, I am not interested in those, I am more important things to be preoccupied with.

I am talking about this solitary incident you have provided us with.

I do not deny the efforts she has put into her studies. A 10A1 student like her sowed and reaped what she deserved.

But I am rather disturbed that RV, an award winning school elected someone who cheats to deliver the valedictory.

Is the rest of the school population supposed to model after her? Maybe Mr Tham Tuck Meng should have been inspired to set up an educational scheme then. ALL the smart students should help their under-performing friends by helping them pass tests through cheating BUT not forgetting to give tuition afterwards. How ingenious.

Maybe its too late to change their minds. They should at least open their eyes next time while looking for a valedictorian.

Conclusion (6): I am not in the position here to give you a tirade on which are your true friends and which are not, and which I am not interested in. But I feel it is incumbent upon me to point out the twisted values in your mantra.

I am pissed and outraged by your whitewashing of such a shameful incident. Youve managed to paint such a POSITIVE picture of how up righteous a friend is over a cheating incident. You arent endorsing good values to the thousands of youngsters reading your blog out there. To think that you are Asia's most read blog. Totally ignominious.

To make things more complicated, you have so PROUDLY informed us that that good friend turned out to be 2000 RV top student, which further aggravates the situation. In the course of your sensational story-telling, it transpired that not only are you telling the world how warped your integrity is, you are declaring to the world how SUCKY RV is to have nominated a person who cheats to be the valedictorian.

I used to have a positive impression of River Valley High, but no matter how much you hate your alma mater, it isn't right for you to spoil it for me and the rest of the world.

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