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The end of the world

Oh no oh no... I swear the world is about to end. I don't know man, the tsunami, hurricanes, etc, AND IT IS 31/12/2005 AND IT IS RAINING LIKE I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Except I did. IN THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! We are all gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeee. If we all die, I wanna tell you Momo, Daddy and didi, that I love you, and to all my friends, I love you too, and to my readers, you all are the best! It's armageddon too soon. ***************************** Update: Alright, it seems Shuyin just told me the rain has stopped at her side and I am too dramamama. Remember when we were young(er), trees used to fall all the time during rain? I loved seeing trees fall. I would never admit it, because on the surface I always pretended to be a kind-hearted girl and feel for the birdies and squirrels who might live there, and to a certain extent I DO FEEL BAD FOR THE TREE, but as far as natural disasters go, trees falling are as bad as it can get in Singapore. This is the massive influenc

Not letting life shortchange you

Today I woke up with a msg from Howard joking about how my last entry was "quite racist". Actually I have no idea whether Howard was joking, or he might be just trying to protect me, but this is only one of the many comments I've got. FUCK MAN, YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS . Why is it racist? Firstly, it is not even racism. If anything, it is nationalism. Or whatever it is called to discriminate a country. And I don't even discriminate their country. I discriminate the men of their country who comes to work in Singapore. Fine, since you people are so sensitive, I'm gonna change the "racist" word I used to "foreign workers". Now, it is not racist anymore, is it? Or is it more prejudiced than saying "I won't want to dance with ah bengs"? So yes, I don't like our foreign workers, whatever race they are - but you know the kind we all dislike the most. You tell me you will like them IF THEY KEEP MOLESTING YOU? Now on

Happy Boxing Day!

Hey people! How's your C h r i s t m a s ? Mine was super great man, I kept winning money during mahjong. MUAHAHAHA! KELVIN, SHUYIN, RUSSELL, BENNY YOU LOSERS!! So anyway, SY and I went to MoS with Alan (my designer) for a countdown, and then off to Kelvin's place (had to choose from 3 houses for a final party venue, yet none of the houses had a state-of-the-art fridge. -_-) for another party, in which we played mahjong till 11am! YES, SOME PEOPLE CONSIDER 12AM LATE FOR SLEEPING, and we slept at 12 noon! Outrageous. After that we had to wake up at 3pm, to help Weili with his bbq. So today, I stayed at home to recuperate! There are so many photos that I have been lazy to put up, so before I start on editing the Xmas photos (all 120 of them), let's clear these first... MINISTRY OF SOUND!! I got an invite last Friday for its opening. :D I know I'm rather late in blogging this, but here goes. Shuyin told me, Isn't it great, that at this age, we get to witne

Merry Merry Christmas!

Wah, it's raining cats and dogs on Christmas eve! I just woke up, called Shuyin, and she was like, "WAH LAU, DID YOU SEE THE RAIN!?". Due to my staying in the armpit of Singapore, I haven't, as armpits are usually later in receiving news. As I was checking out the clear skies, Shuyin exclaimed in a high-pitched voice that she cannot see the block opposite hers. Now I cannot see behind the reservior line too!!!!!!111 So annoying, the damn rain! Any other day I would have been happy to continue sleeping, but today is Christmas eve, and I need to go out!!! Or I will be loserish! Speaking of loserish, yesteryear I was telling you guys about Molly going to a party and Clinton going to church and me having nothing to do right? Well, I didn't even remember the date to know that today is Christmas eve this year. Yesterday Kelvin, Russ and SY hopped over to my place, where we played very awkward mahjong in my mom's room coz it's the only place in my house

Are you a rich guy?

That day I asked a rich guy friend of mine: With all the olden talk about matching statuses, is it actually better to date rich or poor girls? By "rich", I mean girls with perhaps 2 state-of-the-art refrigerators at home. I've come to realise that when it comes to wealth, the best gauge of all will possibly be fridges . If yours is silver and dispenses a choice of crushed or cubed ice, your (insert wealthy kin) possibly draws more than $10,000 a month. If you have TWO state-of-the-art refrigerators, then you go ahead and double that amount. Ding ding ding! Bonus of another $5k if your fridges BLEND INTO SURROUNDING FURNITURE. I know you are smiling, because you know I'm correct. Big houses almost always have at least 3 fridges, and the biggest house I've ever been in has a walk-in cold storage room for all their various expensive meats. Damn! Now that's state-of-the-art. A bigass fridge you can walk into! I'm kidding - I don't know anyone like tha


I'm down with a fever. Hug, anyone? Sidenote: I was reading my December 2004 archives, and I realised almost exactly one year ago , I blogged about scenery not being edible and that it is just like seeing a postcard. I didn't remember this at all when I wrote yesterday's entry. Freaky ain't it? Hmmm, also realised how it has been exactly 1 year since I am endorsed by Localbrand.

Too many photos!

UPDATE: I KNOW! Very nice right? Thanks so much to the very super talented ALAN LEONG of SHEARNATION.COM who did my new flash design for me! Now so Christmasy! He is very very clever right? If your company needs a designer, you know who to go to. Alan= sibeh good. I am so angry ok? Somehow, my sleeping pattern has reverted to normal times and I am feeling quite tired now, which is 1.31am. I know I promised "tonight", but actually, I finished writing a blog entry at 1pm today afternoon, and yes, once again, before saving, Mozilla hung on me. I actually have ctrl-c-ed the damn entry, but somehow, I ctrl V ctrl V and NOTHING CAME OUT! *punch keyboard* So anyway, here's the entry - rewritten. Grrr A Teban Sunset! I don't like Teban Gardens. In fact, whenever Kelvin, or whoever with a nice car, sends me home, I feel empathy for the car. The damn car must be thinking, "Shit man, I'm a damn Mercs, and I am parked beside some 3 room flats and a rubbish dump.