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I am up for a Bloggie !!! Please do vote for me k? Got prize one leh! I wanna win! More blogging tonight. Luv, XX

Happy Bdae AH CHEW and XIAOYU!!

I was still dreamily leading my life as usual and then it suddenly hit me that I am gonna be freaking 21 this year! MY GOD AM I OLD OR WHAT?! No offence to older people reading this, but ... As I was saying, this is a damned milestone in my life! I am now officially an ADULT! Nobody will graciously forgive me anymore, sprouting, "She is just a child/still young." No one. I am R21 now. I cannot slander people carelessly on my blog anymore, stating my tender age as an excuse for my ignorance. If I commit a crime now, I'd go to jail instead of the Girls' Home! If someone rapes me it is no longer statuary rape (since a long time ago actually)! I was able to drive since 3 years ago! I can now operate complicated machinery, and apply for telephone lines! ERS! Some people my age already have grandchildren. *sniffs* The news that I'd turn 21 this year hit me like a tsunami a few days ago because I was caught with a tirade of 21st birthday parties to attend


Shuyin and I were walking pass Calvin Klein's boutique in Takashimaya. Ok ... Nice shop and all ... Mannequins on display on a faux fur thingy... Saleman rushing around with fushsia dress. . . . . . . . . . . . . WAHAHAHHAHAHA! Shuyin is laughing at her! And look! The male mannequin has a bulging crotch! Gotta be the sexy pose that allured him, despite the headlessness. Oh wait. He is headless too. p/s: Sent the picture to Shuyin and was chatting with her via Hello since MSN was down last night. She was v irritated by the picture because she said the mannequin was in a very kang kor (awkward) position. Looks like she is suffering a neck cramp, ay? WHAT WAS THE DISPLAY PERSON THINKING??!

The list is out!

Some time ago Eileen (Tan) told me about this imaginary list that men might have for women they have shagged. The list would consist of different types of women with different criteria - ie: Shagged twins (Both). CHECK! Shagged a virgin. CHECK! Shagged SG girl. CHECK! In da plane! CHECK! Shagged a pixie. CHECK! This list in its totality after they have reached impotency would be THE list of their life. It doesn't matter how many degrees they have, or how big their fortunes are. God meant for men to spread their seed when they came (pun unintended) to Earth, and the list would show how accomplished they are! And then yesterday she bombarded me again with a sexual fantasy of hers. I'd have to ask her permission before revealing it to the world. Ahem. I want also!! Me me me! Here's my list of date-able/shaggable men! Since it sounds very slutty to say I wanna screw so many people, I shall write that I wanna only date them. Dating is defined as meeting up alone with hi


Hello hello! *Waves in a mad friendly manner* Yes indeed, I'm here again! As some of you have smartly predicted, I would not be gone. Oh no ... Yes, too much effort has been put into this blog. And hey, the blog earns me money! The threat to close down was simply a sarcastic mock on Fiona Xie's childish one. -_- I'm sorry if I scared some of you. Not happy? Erm sorry, but please go away and don't come back, will ya? *smiles indulgently* Now yesterday night I fell asleep thinking a little about the comments, and this morning I woke up STILL thinking about the stupid comments. This literally means that I have thought about the comments for a whole damn night! I woke up with a jolt (don't ask how I can wake up with a jolt since I was thinking before I woke up. Ok fine, I just wanted to use a cliche, can or not? Can't someone use a cliche nowadays, huh?!) and a ridiculous urge to scold the world in general - so that's what my blog is for isn't it?

Oh dear, oh dear ...

Oh my gosh Fiona ... Please don't close down your blog! Big bad meanie me? Did I accuse you? I'm so sorry; you must be as chaste as an angel and I was accusing you with the baseless information I had to withhold! I hereby apologize to all your angry fans who might have nothing to read from now on, and *contemplates for a short while* also for my obscenely fat limbs! Indeed, there can be no other reason for my insolence. I admit it. I am jealous of your tits and your remarkable success. I'd love to be a celebrity, because I do not appear in 8 days like you do. I am using your blog to, erm, gain publicity for myself. There, there. I'd delete that horrible blog entry ok? In fact, I think I shall slap myself with a fake accent right now, and also, as an added bonus, boycott all Joanne Peh's future shows. Hmmm. This reminds me of this incident. I had two friends I used to play with when I was younger - like 7 or 8. These two girl friends of mine were sisters, one of

Pedigree, materialism, and maybe a delirious dream or two

Alrighty ... I have a huge jumble of thoughts going on right now in my head, and I think I shall try to get them all out. Let's start off with a little prelude: How's the media scene like in Singapore? The most of us would possibly never get to knowing it, watching the glamourous side of it all from the sidelines. But the media scene here is the same as everywhere else - dirty. Who's fucking who for precisely what? X person got a role? It may not be as simple as great acting talents and a set of nice tits; maybe utilising the latter, yes. And yet, what bothers me is that the adults who are at least partially in the scene knows the media's dirty secrets, but yet no one talks about it. No one admits it. Everyone is pretending to be all chaste for the sake of the deluded public and the mesmerised fans. People do not want to taint the pristine image of the artistes they see on TV. But well, the truth is there! I mean, even if these people do not screw around,

Erupting with happiness!!

OH MY GOD!!! La lalalalalalallaalala never been happier lalallalala

Aren't you just sick of seeing my face? I'm sorry, but hey! Here's more!

Ok, here's official proof I am in love with myself. No wonder no guys love me; they are all jealous of me - as in the me that I love, not the me who loves me. While waiting for Eileen Wee to get ready, I was bored at home and started to snap shots of myself (the one on top included). And then I was internet-less the night before, and I spent a few hours editing them. I love the results! Look somewhat retro. Have a look! They are logged in my Multiply page's album, here . Also, do add me as a contact! Don't think there is a cap for it right? My main Multiply site is here , check it out! And I think you guys have not seen the "celebrity" photos too. The relationship, if you add me, ought to be "Online buddy" ok? Can leave comments here or there, up to you. =) Enjoy!

It all started with a tempura

One day, I was out with Eileen (Tan) and eating Japanese food. To be more specific, tempuras! Oh my gosh is it called tempurae in plural? So anyway, I was waggling the tempura around a bit and I asked Eileen, "Eileen, do you think my (former) main picture looks damn fucking cock-eyed? Coz everyone else says so." I suddenly realised I have always had double-vision and wondered why. Eileen took a look at me, and sniggered. To my disgust, she actually begun to drink her soup while still sniggering. Now of course, Eileen is a very good friend of mine and I really value her opinion on whether my main pic looks "damn fucking cock-eyed". But instead of answering immediately, she tantalized me by, after sipping her soup, looking serenely out of the window. In fact, she looked so transquil that one might have thought the scene outside was that of the inside of a snowglobe with little white flakes floating gently down a sweet little cottage. With