Happy Bdae AH CHEW and XIAOYU!!

I was still dreamily leading my life as usual and then it suddenly hit me that I am gonna be freaking 21 this year!

MY GOD AM I OLD OR WHAT?! No offence to older people reading this, but ...

As I was saying, this is a damned milestone in my life! I am now officially an ADULT! Nobody will graciously forgive me anymore, sprouting, "She is just a child/still young." No one. I am R21 now. I cannot slander people carelessly on my blog anymore, stating my tender age as an excuse for my ignorance. If I commit a crime now, I'd go to jail instead of the Girls' Home!

If someone rapes me it is no longer statuary rape (since a long time ago actually)! I was able to drive since 3 years ago! I can now operate complicated machinery, and apply for telephone lines! ERS!

Some people my age already have grandchildren. *sniffs*

The news that I'd turn 21 this year hit me like a tsunami a few days ago because I was caught with a tirade of 21st birthday parties to attend to.

(Left: PY gets scared by the sheer number of 21st birthdays she'd have to attend and presents she'd have to purchase, despite it being her grand day.)

My word, this will be one sad, sad year. My friends are all gonna turn 21 sooner or later, and damned if I don't buy presents or risk being an outcast by boycotting parties.

The good news: The guy friends are all either finishing NS, or the poly ones would be having Army social nights. What has either got to do with me, you ask. Ahhhhh... Not only will I have my male friends back without Army Talk *arms open for embrace*, I'd also be invited to free dinners with my lonely army mates!

Androaaron and Ben have both asked me. I think it is because I look like the sort of girl who can and will bother to 1) actually apply make up 2) wear a dress without having to purchase one. Goooood. Anymore more army guys wish to ask me? I love free dinners.

The parties that will be going on will definitely cause one more problem. This is what happened on the 24th of Jan, 2 days before Xiao Yu's birthday. Xiao Yu is my secondary school friend.

Wong da Lawyer and I, at Macdonalds:
Me, "I'm bored, lets hop over to Shengrong's place."

Wong, "Ok, call him."

*ring ring*

Me, "Yo Shengrong .. Yadda yadda."

SR, "Cannot lah, I need to sleep early. Are you going to Xiao Yu's party on the 26th?"

Me, "What party?!"

SR, "Oh no... oh no..."

Wong, in background, "Ohhh Shengrong you die."

Me, "WHAT PARTY?! She didn't invite me?! BUT WHY??"

Wong, "Hiyah, maybe she forgot."

Me, "WHAT!? U also got invited?! And she didn't invite me?!"

Wong, "You and her very close meh? Anyway, why you wanna go? Must buy present one leh. Siao."

Me, "CLOSE OK!! We, eh... We were in art class together!"

At this point of time, I was beginning to hyperventilate in shock and Sheng rong was forgotten. How, how could Xiaoyu not invite me? I thought hysterically, randomly grabbing passers-by and strangling them around the neck.

I did not cool down until Wong threatened to pour Iced Lemon Tea down my head.
"Call Xiao Feng." I said in a dangerously calm voice.

"For what? What if she is not invited then she will get sensitive," replied Wong.

"Then how? Why she never invite me?!!!!!!"

I begin to break down in tears.
"Call Xiaoyu for me and ask her why leh ... I just want to know why that's all. Don't tell her I am with you."


*ring ring*

"Hello Xiaoyu, the party the day after ... Did you invite Yan yan?"

I was grabbing the edge of my Macdonalds seat so hard it shattered into smithereens.
Wong continued, "Oh.... You did?"

I had an orgasm.

Wong turned to me.
"You speak to her yourself la!" and disgustedly passed the phone to me. (Now, Wong is acting oh-so-cool about being invited just because she IS invited. If she were left out, I'm sure she'd kick up a bigger fuss and mope around for days.)

"Xiaoyu... You didn't invite me! I am very sad!"

Xiaoyu, "What nonsense! I did! You were one of the first people I sent the message to leh!"

"I never receive!!"

Xiaoyu, "Got got... Don't be silly! You and Xiao Feng and Ek are one of the first few that I sent to lor, confirm got send."

Me, "Ok ..."

Xiaoyu, "So you coming not? Must come ah!"

Me, "Ok ..."

Xiaoyu, "Hey why you say you never received? I sent to your singtel number lor! Must be you delete my message right? Bo xim leh you! You delete my message because you don't wanna come!"

Me, "I didn't!!"

Xiaoyu, "I am very sad lor you delete my message!"

Now, this is what I call an expert. Xiaoyu not only presented a very credible argument even if she did forget to invite me, she also managed to turn the tables, using advanced reverse psychology, such that I WAS THE GUILTY ONE!

How cool is that?

I think I shall take a leaf outta Xiao Yu's book and do the exact same thing should such a scenario happen during my birthday. Hmmm... No idea what to do yet though... Party? Party.


Peiying's first! Celebrated at Crystal Jade:

Peiying looks like she is saying, "Eh, every single day I turn 21 and I am so bored but all the standard procedures and common celebrations!"

Ah dong, totally oblivious to Ah Chew's -_- face, sings the world's most sang song happily, complete with enthusiastic clapping.

Chew PY with Junyi, Liping and Yvonne.

Peiying was so grouchy she blew the candles twice wrongly before even singing the accursed birthday song.

A group shot.
Wah rao.... MY FRINGE!
Cut damn fucking short lah. Damn those Kimage people.

And she blows the cake. No wait. Blows the candles on the cake.

"Yes! Finally! We get to eat the damn cake!" says Peiying.
Eekean (not so) secretly agrees.

Hmmm. Love photos of Eekean stuffing her face.
Isn't she so cute??
Meanwhile, Ghimz and Junyi (behind) tucks in with chopsticks kindly provided by Crystal Jade.

Next up! Xiaoyu's birthday party held at Chervons!

So cute! Xiaoyu collect some plastic balls and placed confetti and sweets inside!

I took the confetti out and threw them on Seokhui (RV classmate), much to her displeasure.
*throws confetti in air* Yay!

My gosh, the FOOD!! Got sting ray, butter prawns, curry and much more! Eat until damn fat.

Xiaoyu (middle) instructed us to puff our cheeks as the pic was taken.

Seok smartly disobeyed while I look like a highly unphotogenic chipmunk with herpes. Ok, maybe not herpes, but still! Damn ugly.

Seok, sitting gleefully the wrong way on a random beach bench, spreads her arms to show us just exactly how beautiful Chervons is.

Ripple and I. Love her damn shiny hair lah! *pouts*

Also got some random photos to show:

This photo is quite ugly, but check out THAT BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE!! Damn chio right? It is GOLD ok! I ordered it from an obscure shop in Clementi for $300, inclusive of chain. Notice also that the font is like the one on the main pic! Ooooh! Love it.

The pretty Eileen putting make up!

Was walking along Orchard when I saw some Burger King mascots prancing around. To my astonishment, not only were the Whooper and Fries around but also a ridiculous packet of ONION RINGS! Also notice that his eyes are not exactly aligned ... What is he so happy about anyway?

Me, Clara and Androaaron during a class gathering.

And ... lastly ...

I just love this picture. =)


Daniel said…
I'm sorry to inform you that there's no more ERS.
ken said…
u've got a flat tummy lo...
Jerlyn said…
I love the demin skirt!! Where did u buy it? U look really pretty!
cake said…
Love the chain.
sooper funky!

I want one tooo!!
PePPer said…
aiyoh..for ur info,

1) tat chain with name, last time use to sell at Kalms, except it is only 18 k gold plated..alot of malay gals like to make their name and wear...if u watch Sex and The City, the character, Carrie, has wore tat kind of chain since 4 or 5 yr ago..now in America, no one wear liao lah.

2) all u have to do is to get laces from any craft shop and sew it on ur mini skirt ...tadah!!! no need to buy! tat kind of skirt, i saw it in HK at least 2 yrs ago..Pluuueeeasseee lah! (but u must have nice legs to carry tat off.)

3) if u suck in ur tummy during photo taking, 80 % of the gals shld have flat tummy..this dun even need camera trick..now..suck tat tummy of urs in like Xiaxue

4) Xiaxue is very pretty gal, seriously, but put less makeup..i am sure ur natural look is better..cos ur complexion looks real gd.

5) BTW...Xiaxue, u are turning 21 this yr? OMG...i always tot u look abt 25 or 26..do u smoke or stay up late often?
None said…
birthday coming? Happy Birthday in advance! =)

Ah 9
Hsin said…
I'm all for free speech, but geez, PePPer is a bitchy little one.
Xiaxue said…
Daniel: NOOOOOOoooo... You don't say! Why so suay?

Ken & Pepper: It is not flat nor sucked in. Actually it is sucked in. With photoshop. =)

Jerlyn: Far East downstairs!! $32 if I didn't remember wrongly.

Cake: Go make! Print out the font u want and bring to any old gold shops.

Pepper: Screw the natural look. Ever heard of photoshop? My complexion is not good. Stay up late yes but never smoking! =) I don't think I look that old though.

K nine: no lah, still long. April 28. =)

Hsin: Reminds me of something my mum used to tell me: Got nothing good to say then shut up. LOL .. Don't think I abide much by it though.
lalalabom said…
Eh Pepper,

I don't think she made that necklace because of trendy issues. Didn't people always say not to follow trends blindly? She's just a bimbo who wants to wear gold and tell everyone she's xiasuay cannot ah.

Who don't know to buy lace and SEW? I prefer to fling my money around and conveniently buy the skirt off the racks.

Who needs to suck in when one has such photoshop skills? (Oei yy, wo cheng zan ni, KTV ni qing wo.)

Don't always assume LAH.
Claris said…
I love your hair. Sexy curls.
Lx_d4rk said…
=)... i bet the neckles is photoshop made =X for one thing its black in colour when i blow it up =D
None said…
*pretend never see date*


Kean said…
I personally verify that the obiang gold thing round her neck cost at least 150 Euros.

Unknown said…
I noticed an odd bulge on your forehead of the last pic. After much inspection, I'm sure it ain't part of the lighting. Did you happen to overdodge (i assumed you have used that tool to lighten the specific region of your forehead)?
starkops said…
lolz. i love ur hair in the last pic. but yah, wad's with the stroke of lighter shade on ur forehead? did u photoshop n miss out tt part? ~_^?

oh..and ur abs are really flat. omg..but hey, i like tt skirt too. Kinda give mi new ideas how to DIY mini skirts i dunwant. lolz.

ur necklace's cute too. Aww... Will it become some form of family heirdom for ur future descendents? (dun mind my spelling) lolz.
Lexandria said…
actually xiaxue, i think u look nice without make up oso... with make up make u prettier. i think that a girl is pretty when she has the confidence dont u think? sorry for the bad english if there is any for mine can never be compared to yours.
xxdumb said…
yes she looks as good as a window pane
Noticed how her upper segment of her body is longer than her legs? that's the same thing which happens in people with achrondroplasia, ellis vancreveld syndrome etc.
my opinion. u're entitled to urs
Daniel said…
My opinion is that jealous people start attacking physical appearances when they have nothing else to say.

Anonymous said…
Welcome to the wonderful 20s! It's not as bad as what you might imagine it to be lah....

And oh, I enjoy reading your blog because I like the way you write. I thus can't understand those who get a kick out of posting disparaging remarks about your looks, which is like totally irrelevant.
seeddd said…
I adore your writing style. I admire honesty. And you've got some wicked photoshop skills there. I can never do that haha..
Torr said…
Actually you look pretty alright without any slap on (Saw your Aug'03 pic). Personally I hate the gunk because I have to keep it on for long (18 hour) stretches at work and it's killing my complexion. Plus it is UGLY (aka BRIGHT BLUE EYESHADOW, RED LIPSTICK and CHERRY RED fingernails). Congrats on getting nominated, BTW.~
xxdumb said…
awww Daniel...don't get so defensive over your girlfriend...
Since i got nothing else to say, might as well add that if u look closely at her face, it's a bit dysmorphic, and she has a tad bit of a Mongoloid slant to the eyes...
my opinion, since i got nothing else to say and i'm jealous
|xnalx| said…
hey ur boobs are kinda big too (im not a perv btw).. just being honest. did u photoshop them too? or are they natural?

btw there's a white streak on the forehead on the last pic there.. & i find u look quite cute in dat chipmunnk pic. wonder why ppl like to pose like dat.

PS. i voted for u in the weblogs thingie
Mr_BuRns said…
ur boobs size double D right?
errr im the guy in the onion ring costume mah
Xiaxue said…
Hello? Stupid or what? The lighter shade is SUNLIGHT. Tsk. Do I look like I am dumb enough to make such a photoshop mistake?
funkaay said…
hey xiaxueee! (: haha chiobu sia! well yes indeed your friend looks like she's utterly bored at her own birthday party lol! haha eillen has overly heavy makeup btws (: hahaha. post soon yeah?

Old Fart said…
Hi my dear. All i wanted to do was to post a simple comment. But you will not have it that way....Went through a spin and now I find myself having my own blog! And I don't even want to start....and yet one leads to the next and I did post a first entry....so if you want to see what I got to say about you ...you better go there and find out......and all this is so new to me...I just cannot make sense of some of these links yet! And I cannot be sure if I'll continue for long!.....
paomaomao said…
i love your (sometimes brutal) honesty.
i do agree with you on all that 'shunu injured-party-acting people) but i thought you were a little harsh on fiona xie.
we all heard things about her thats not very nice and all but that was just a wee bit mean.
and anyway.
i loved your maxim articles.
spitit said…
Eh actually.Seriusly speaking,i saw ure de other blogdrive or sumthin like tt where u had all these pictures ryt.There was sepia n solarize n stuff like tt wer u took the same pics n analyzed them.Well truthfully tt pic was the only one which ure boogs had a big increase in size....u anlayzed those ryt..hehe..anyway ur blogs cute but try to b realistic sumtymes ah..i saw u at century square b4 n it dosent really look lyk u..almost though..hahaz..But overall itz quite nice n unique
Lam's Creation said…
hmmm ... I think your "Ah dong" friend outshines everyone in the picture ... she stands out like a bright pretty flower amongst notice unworthy plants ... from an older man's point of view of course ...
Gursartaj said…
good going for the bloggies
u actually had an orgasm?
visit my blog
love ur writing style

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