Hello hello! *Waves in a mad friendly manner* Yes indeed, I'm here again! As some of you have smartly predicted, I would not be gone. Oh no ... Yes, too much effort has been put into this blog. And hey, the blog earns me money! The threat to close down was simply a sarcastic mock on Fiona Xie's childish one. -_-

I'm sorry if I scared some of you. Not happy? Erm sorry, but please go away and don't come back, will ya? *smiles indulgently*

Now yesterday night I fell asleep thinking a little about the comments, and this morning I woke up STILL thinking about the stupid comments. This literally means that I have thought about the comments for a whole damn night!

I woke up with a jolt (don't ask how I can wake up with a jolt since I was thinking before I woke up. Ok fine, I just wanted to use a cliche, can or not? Can't someone use a cliche nowadays, huh?!) and a ridiculous urge to scold the world in general - so that's what my blog is for isn't it?

And here I am!

It REALLY pisses me off to see how stupid some people are. Really. Sometimes, the point is there, solidly there, complete with embossing, shadowing and all, in font size 72 no less - but people still miss it.

Is my writing that bad?

Ok first off:

1) Why do you write about Fiona? She never did anything to you.

Let's go beyond the petty issue of her having bigger tits and a wispier voice then me. The issue here is not "Why?", but "Why not?".

Why do writers write? To express an opinion. "Oh," but you exclaim. "When your opinion might hurt others, you should think twice Xiaxue!"

Bullshit. Let me repeat that in a larger font: BULLSHIT. First off, as I mentioned, writing anything can hurt anyone. For example when I said "I wouldn't hurt a flea!", a flea mutant who has evolved to know how to read might think to himself, "Damn, these humans think they are so much better than we fleas!" and decide to commit suicide after that.

My fault?

I don't think so. With this logic of "not harming" others in writing, no one can be objective in their writings anymore.

Have you ever trashed a movie? Ever thought of the director's feelings if he hears you? What if .. oh no! ... he decides to close down his blog after what you said about his movie and never direct again?

Can I roll my eyes now in a completely rude manner? I think I shall. *roll eyes*

It is not about Fiona Xie never doing anything to me. It's about her doing something I disagree with. So I comment. If she didn't want anyone to comment, then don't write anything in the blogosphere! You have a right to love her literary works; and I have a right not to. Simple as that.

Some of you also blamed me for my readers spamming her tagboard. Is it my fault? Could I have stopped them? And as you people have said, how would I know my information about her is correct? I don't for sure - nobody can know for sure 100% - but I believe in it. If I didn't remember wrongly, I said I am withholding information which I cannot authenticate, and it is up to readers' own discretion to believe me or not.

It is not a sin for celebrities to BLOG. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE FIONA/STUPID PEOPLE STOP HAVING YOU HEAD IN YOUR ASS SINCE WHEN DID I SAY IT IS A SIN TO BLOG, NOR DO ANYTHING ELSE?! I don't even believe in sinning. I said I am fine with fucking around, didn't I? Just don't pretend not to. Duh. Fiona: "But I don't! I neber!" Me: *whistles*

Since when did I become an ambassador for truth? I never did. But I just had an opinion to share. =)

Why only Fiona? Because only she blogs.

2) Xiaxue I used to love your blogs. Now it is just sadly (just) like a tabloid, because of two mere articles you wrote which was 'anti-christ' and 'celebrity gossip'.

Now this one pisses me off so much, that I am strangling my dog right now. Oh! WHAT AM I DOING?! Sorry Cloudo. As I was saying, I am very pissed off.

To the people who said that, screw you. Since when was that article "ANTI-CHRIST"? I wrote really loudly that I am talking about the behaviour of only certain types of Christians who taint Christianity, and my personal qualms about having a family member turn into a different religion from the rest of my family. Not my fault if you didn't hear correctly.

Excuse me, but since when did Atheists get banned from expressing their opinions, or face accusations of being Anti-Christ? I am, and never was, "ANTI" Christ for Christ's sake. If pesky Christians (only the pesky ones) don't bother me, I'd be politely indifferent to the religion. Since they do, I am Anti-peskyChristians. Not Anti the whole damn religion.

And meanwhile, Dimwit, tabloids do not even write ANTI-CHRIST articles.

Second point: THE FUCKING FIONA XIE ARTICLE IS NOT ABOUT CELEBRITY GOSSIP. It is about hypocrisy. If it were any other normal girl writing that same blog I'd diss it all the same if I knew of elements of hypocrisy in it. OK maybe I wouldn't. The mere fact that propelled me to write it is that stupid fans are DUPED, and I don't like it when people are DUPED by some obvious two-facedness.

Fiona Xie has a right to act like whatever she wants to be and it is not my business? Not your business what I am writing about it then, huh?

"Just a tabloid"? Ooooooh. Never mind the little articles about my life that I wrote recently. Never mind those. Let's just focus on this article and the belated Christmas one and say her whole blog is a tabloid.

Xiaxue go back to you old writing style of Jeremy/Eddy sagas! I love reading them and not all these supposedly controversial issues because ... it scares me that you have such horrid thoughts! *chews fingernails in wide-eyed terror*

Any smarter being would have realised by now that I cannot write about who I like anymore, else he would be totally freaked out because he would read it. Isn't it OBVIOUS? I still write about my friends though. But if one day, the guy I like knows I like him, and tells me, "Hey Wendy, if you write about me on your blog I would not ever be scared that you put a picture of me with the caption 'Small penis man' at the bottom with sheer vindictiveness!", I'd be sure to inform you, don't worry.

I also remember very clearly that I do write supposedly controversial stuff in the past, but did you read it? If you happened to miss out that very early and very "anti-christ" (note for the slow: It is not really anti-christ) entry, then I suggest you go read it before hollering around that I am all demure and cutesy in my previous entries.

Coz Xiaxue.blogspot.com is like that, and it is not about to change.

Now bugger off. Also, shall put back previous entry coz some people have not read it and also, if Fiona Xie is so damn weak, then she should just drop dead and stop trying to show how ke lian (piteous) she is to the world. The last I heard, she is not like that.

I spit uncivilisedly. Pui!

I'm also going to Velvet tonight. If I see drunken stars, I'd be sure to take photos and show you yeah? If you hate me, I suggest you pay a couple of tens to go inside and slap me. Careful though, I might burn your hair with a flaming lamborghini!


p/s: Now that I've blogged all that out I am not angry anymore! More demure and cutesy entries, in full edited photo glory, later.

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