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What celebrity where?!!

*giggles* Hello everyone! As some of you might have already known, I've recently been appointed (important voice) as LocalBrand's AMBASSADOR! Wah! Zhun boh? So what's this LocalBrand thingy? LocalBrand is a local brand for t-shirts with some, eh, daringly different messages. =) I like! Its handsome founder, Turodrique Fuad (his forehead here - doesn't look too handsome though.), was apparently around the shop when I was looking at his tees and declared himself a blog reader. Things got on from there and I am now 3 months pregnant. Ha! Kidding. KIDDING! So anyway, we decided that I'd be the perfect endorsement board, as, according to him, I'm controversial and pretty like his tees. =) I asked Turodrique (pronounced To-raw-drick) what happens if LocalBrand goes overseas and he said something like it will maintain its name. *shrugs, mumbles, no longer local what ...* Anyway that's not the point! Lookie at the pink wholesome sluts tee on top! That's

Just so you know ...

I just stepped into my room, which has no aircon, from my mum's room, which has aircon. Immediately, the heat greeted me like a giant punch enveloping every part of my body, its intensity a shocking high. I tolerated it enough to drag myself into the sweltering room, where I turned on the computer and typed out this much. I cannot stand it any longer. I am sure I am getting a heat stroke. Dizzyness, visions of leafy mirages, melting necks - aren't all these signs of my condition? The love for blogging, though reaching a pretty amazing peak these few days due to the rarity of the activity, is not sufficient for me to risk deathhhhh......... *melts* I am gonna scurry back to the airconditioned room; it is too hot to blog.

How V Day came and went

Blogging at 6.33am. Amazing. Apparently I went to my brother's room to sleep because of the aircon he on in view of the ridiculously hot weather, and I slept on the mattress below his bed. At 6am, when the loud alarm signalling school rang, I felt a dark ominous foreboding, completely with hungry vultures flying overhead. Expectedly, he jumped off the bed in absurd violence and vigor - one foot landed on my foot, and the other on the same leg's calf bone. I tell you, it almost broke. My mind kept flashing certain rude vulgarities I'd have loved to shout in his face, so I couldn't sleep again. And therefore, I am blogging. !@*#&$#*$ Some of you asked me how the V day application went. One word to sum it all: Utter failure. Two words, my bad. Actually, amidst the series of penis shots and horrors of horrors: a boy playing counterstrike or something (he must be 14!) there was a pretty pleasant guy who looked quite promising. Fact that he has a nice car helped of co

Thou shalt not...

Read any blogs until Friday because EVERYONE IS BLOODY WRITING ABOUT VALENTINE'S DAY! *seethes* See no evil, see no evil. Urgh! Very suay to open a site and accidentally see couples smooching all over. Jian gui le!

Cock-favouring females

Wanyi and Shuyin were just talking online (with me added into the conversation) about this mutual ugly friend of theirs who is very disgusting. According to them, the girl is the typical kind who acts all cutesy and demure towards males, but ignores the females totally. You know the kind who is totally different when around males and around females? *breathes in deeply* Right. I must calm down. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I FUCKING HATE SUCH GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot. I cannot. I cannot stand THEM! Having the misfortune to experience one such girl recently, my hatred for such appalling behaviour has deepened into to a bottomless abyss. I was at a party (been to many parties recently, so friends reading this can stop guessing) and there was this girl around. Apparently, because she is relatively cute-looking, she was popular with the men. Why, speaking of men. Men are disgusting, desperate, cheap creatures. As long as the girl is slightly cute, they would be total sluts arou

Happy Cock Chinese New Year!

Once upon a time there was a Donkey and a Bull talking cock together at a nice green pasture. With a cock of his head, the Donkey, an old and kindly fellow, gently nudged the Bull. "Hey," said the Donkey tentatively, for the Bull was known to be a cocky one and might take offence at the slightest hint of an insult. "What do you think of the Chinese New Year? Its coming, year of the Cock, I heard." "YIKES!" screamed the Donkey, before the startled Bull can even breathe in and begin to answer. Of course, this is very rude, and the Bull frowned (or attempted to since Bulls cannot really frown), failed, and decided to flare his nostrils in a vicious Bull-like manner instead. "COCKANATHAN!" Bull exclaimed, angry at being interrupted although he hasn't really begin to speak. "If you wanna ask me a question at least listen to my answer!" "No, old friend," said the Donkey. "I am just really shocked! That humong

Would you rather ...

I blog rubbish for the sake of blogging, or blog nothing at all? I'm in a bit of a dilemma myself. I think I shall anyhow blog some rubbish out. Let's talk about one mad friend of mine. He likes Margaret Lee and he wants to fuck her real bad! I think that's quite crazy because she is really an auntie , isn't she? And my friend is like 24 or something. Madness. Why would any young man wanna screw an auntie leh??? Can be his mother. And then I thought to myself ... When I become an auntie myself I'd definitely not be as hot as Ms Lee, then how?!?! No one will ever find me desirable ever again! Oh no!!!! I will be very sad. Anyway I think the boob cream she endorses (lifepharm is it?) is very stupid. Excuse me, but isn't your ambassador supposed to somehow prove that your stupid product works? BUT HELLO??! Margaret Lee's neh nehs are already FUCKING big before she used the damn product what! Just look at them spilling over her bikini top. I

Chinese New Year spring-cleaning

Means clearing the house of newspapers... Means clearing the laundry basket...

Beans beans the magical fruit

The more you eat, the more you toot!