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I see you, my heart will POM POM TIAO!

Alrighty! This is just a notice yeah? Some of you blogders might already know that my very close friend, Shuyin (aka Birdy) had a website at She stopped blogging for some personal reasons, and now that she wants to resume blogging, that particular address is already taken by someone else. That someone else, I think, read about Shuyin via my site, and therefore chose that nick. Let's face it, how many people will think of an address like "lalalabom"?! The very traumatized Shuyin is therefore forced to use a very awful variation of her nick, which is Everytime I see that address I have convulsions. (Let's not go into lalalasom, lalalafom, lalalazom, lalalalom, lalalagom, lalalanom, lalalakom, lalalaoom, lalalarom, lalaladom, lalalahom, lalalavom, lalalacom, lalalatom, lalalawom, and finally, lalalamom jokes. WHAHAHAHAHA!) I believe Shuyin, during her short-lived stay in the blogosphere, have had quite a fixed identit

Oh no!

Read March 23rd entry first! . . . .


If you drop your shoe, for some ludicrous reason, into the MRT track, you DO NOT jump into the track to pick it up. Understand, children? IT IS BUT A SHOE. Even if the train doesn't go bam on you, it is likely walking barefoot on the high voltage tracks will give you a sizzled pancreas, and, if you like that sort of thing, perhaps an afro to go with it. A friend just lectured me on not seeking to make fun of (nothing funny here though) of the dead, but hey ... leaving behind 4 children and a fiancee who encouraged him to fetch the shoe (!), but is nonetheless pretty grievous, I think he should be pretty much given a good shout by a army general with good lungs for sacrificing his life for a FUCKING shoe. (not to mention the people who were late for work/appointments because of the train delay) It is not a freak accident, ST. It is not even an accident. It is suicide. (BTW, did the title "Man trying to retrieve shoe hit by train" mean he was trying to retrieve a s

Thank you!

I've started work people, so I'm really drop dead tired as I woke up at 545am yesterday. (NO, I'm not working as a fishmonger) I'd continue blogging tomorrow, I promise! If I don't, may Cloudy get herpes!! Meanwhile, this cannot wait. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAVE BEEN SO SUPPORTIVE! Thank you xie xie thank you! Firstly, a giant hug to who have mentioned me. This is big, I swear. My site meter before they mentioned me and after the vabbit incident, was hovering around 6,500 unique visitors a day. QUITE CRAZY! After Buzz, the visitors shot up to an average of 8,300 a freaking day can?! How cool is that?! Help me, I am hyperventilating! MY USUAL VIEWERSHIP IS 3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BLOGGER GUYS READ MY BLOG! If not regularly, at least once! Very honoured indeed. This is international! =) Of course, at this point of time I should accredit Blogger for providing unlimited bandwidth for my site. YOU GUYS ROCK ! Ok everyone go sign


Very very very tired .... Answers tomorrow k? Sorry for the lag!

IQ tests

Recently I've been asked some nice IQ questions, courtesy of Ivan and Colin, so thought maybe I'd share them! And then there is the fact that I solved ALL of them and I am feeling quite smart at the moment, which makes me happy, and since I'm happy I shall attempt to be generous with IQ tests. Here goes! 1) Lightbulbs There are two rooms side by side. From one room you cannot see what is going on in the other. In room 1, where you are standing right now, are 3 switches. These 3 switches would on 3 lightbulbs in the other room. The connections between switch and bulb are completely random. You are only allowed one trip to the other room to try to find out which switch turns on which bulb. The bulbs are all off at the moment. How? 2) Across the bridge There are two islands, and a bridge between the islands. On one island stands four people. They all take a different time to cross the bridge - 10 min, 5 min, 2 min and 1 min. However, there is only ONE torch among
I am sick and tired of everyone trying to give me advice like they know better.

"oooh... I swear I didn't see her!"

Note: Read previous post first! One thing I hate doing is to argue with retards. Really. It is disgusting, but quite amusing actually. Shuyin is laughing at some of the stupidity some forumites actually came up with. But let's not pick on Jovanna's finer points of her retorts because it is a waste of everyone's time, being the self -contradictory handful of brain cells she is. That's right, let's not pick on them. Let's laugh at them instead! OMG! *wild laughter* SHE, WHO MANAGED TO SNATCH THE CAB AND GO OFF WITH IT, IS ACTUALLY ANGRY WITH ME!! And therefore, that was her reason for STARTING to verbal abuse and accuse me. She also said, omg omg this is classic, she is scared that her boyfriend DROPPED OUT OF THE CAB and therefore she was so mad! Drop out of the cab! Like an ... inflated boyfriend blown into a light ball would gently roll out! Excuse me miss, but I opened that door an inch, and you are scared he bounces out? Eh?!! The cab was moving at a sna

Ask me

Go on. Please do. Ask me what are the things that piss me off the most. I'd answer you in the most patient manner I can. Alright, here goes! I get very pissed off when people accuse me. I also get my blood boiling whenever I encounter cab snatchers , especially when I have waited a good old 25 minutes in hot weather for the cab and along comes some fuckers who cruise off happily in it when I am already running late. I also dislike being called fat, having my fringe cut too short... Well I can go off into a long ramble along this line, including chefs who put lots of parsley into my pasta and refuse to change it, but hey, let's not even go near those dangerous waters. Of course, having my cab snatched and being accused (of being fat among other things) would be in the top ten disagreeable things I can think of. I'd rather, for instance, be sneezed on by a llama than have my cab snatched. (As a sidenote, this really happened back when I was in primary school. The llama s

I had a #^&@(^$# day!

I was going to blog about rainbows, chendols, epilators and other and delightful happy things, but today everything bad came along and ruined 1/(365*20) of my life. I stomped out from a business meeting where I was furious with myself for not being as assertive as I vowed to be. There I was, this single insignificant but malicious creature standing along a Singapore road, seething and steaming in anger. Apparently I really suck at business meetings because I tend to keep quiet and let the other party take the lead and go on while I meekly sit in silence, not daring to oppose anything I happen to disagree with. This is definitely not consistent with my usual behaviour. Maybe it has to do with my age, for I feel it is disrespectful to retort businessmen who are much older and more experienced than me, even if they were obvious bullies. That is not the point. The point is, having met whoever I met today for a few times already, I've been advised to speak my mind to this fellow (abo

Come meet me!!

Hello hello ladies, gentlemen and violentmen! It is my pleasure to announce that the very deep NUS Political Science Society (website at ) is setting up a stall at a bazaar held at the Forum (which is near the central library co-op and the, erm, Grinning Gecko). Apparently they have approached Turodrique Fuad, who is founder and ahem, designer of LocalBrand , (for which I am ambassador of by the way), to sell his tees there! HA! Good news doesn't end here ladies and gentlemen! The tees, usually sold at a ridiculously luxurious price of $25 (!), have been drastically reduced to a miniscule amount of $20 - which I heard, is not even enough to feed a duck-billed platypus for 16 days. Hear hear! Mr Turodrique Fuad, eccentric-designer-cum-moral-vegetarian, has decided to extend this already absurb generosity by - gasp - lowering the price of his tees by another $5 to daring students who muster up enough courage to show proof of a C+ or BELOW on a recent test pap

What have been keeping me busy

Recently, after Spring cleaning that is, I've been obsessed with making my room neat. I decided to clean out my wardrobe! For those of you who don't know me, or rather, don't know me well enough to have ever seen my wardrobe, it is a gigantic 3 closet affair (around 1.5 of the usual wardrobe's size that is) and overspilling with clothes. Around half a year ago I had a wardrobe clean-out, and I gave away two FULL trashbags of clothes (a lot of which once belonged to Eileen). Recently the fucking cupboard got so messy, it took a full-scale SWAT mission to find a particular piece of clothing. Even Super Sunday's Ah Liang cannot help me, I tell you. The final straw broke when Eileen asked me to return her her cap, which I knew was in the cupboard, and could not find. No matter now much I flipped the clothes here and there, I couldn't see the deeply buried headgear. Imagine that! IT IS TIME FOR A CLEAN OUT! This is only half - bottoms and PJs And ... Pre


Woot! You'd possibly have noticed the "Classics" box on the right, which I've chosen some of the more prominent blog entries. I'm only judging by the reaction I've gathered from blogders, and maybe some personal preference. What do you guys think ought to be there, and what should not be? Tell me, and I'd change it accordingly. Cheers!! Wendy

My newest obsession

Wonder why everyone's looking at me? "Mmmm bhmmm" (May be my cheeks?) Yes? Her parents just trimmed her eyelashes to enhance its future growth, so it's a pity you didn't see her eyes in full glory. She has double eyelids! Oh no the thighs! Haha! Yawn... Hmmm? (Shuyin's uncle behind) Look at the small hand! Heehee! She smiles! oooh!! She holds my finger~! Sooooooooooo cute! It's a pity the photos are so grainy and dim, coz baby pics cannot be taken with flash (supposed to be bad for the eyes I think?), and I had to jack up the contrast. Really, the photos don't do her justice -- it is not reflecting her downy curls, her flushed rosy cheeks and most of all a lack of the 3rd dimension which make all that cuteness more realistic. Ha ha... Lousy camera. I have a mind to smash it. Oops I forgot to introduce her! Her name is Abigail, Shuyin's cousin's baby (which means it is SY's niece). Very adorable right? Around 4 months old. Sh