Woot! You'd possibly have noticed the "Classics" box on the right, which I've chosen some of the more prominent blog entries.

I'm only judging by the reaction I've gathered from blogders, and maybe some personal preference. What do you guys think ought to be there, and what should not be? Tell me, and I'd change it accordingly. Cheers!!



Jayaxe said…
Tis' not related to your classic posts, but I was wondering how come you never add the 'LOCALBRAND' link to your site? That's the results of your popularity, man!
Anonymous said…
anything controversial and opinionated
Ivan said…
Your fairy tales! Oh, and more about those crazy ppl u bitch about on the train please! Haha!
Satin said…
hey, i feel like i have been reading your "road to success", and it will go on for the years to come.

ya for the years to come, more success stories from u.

and one day, wun be surprised if u come up with an autobiography, which will be an interesting one.

all the best. :)
Anonymous said…
Goodness, I read through all your classics again in one sitting....

My personal fav is "Just a piece of metal". What's yours :)?
BlogCoder said…
Hey I know this might be outta point but I was watchin this taiwanese variety programme and theres this guest by da name of "Shui Mi Tao Jie Jie" which is "Peach Sister".You look kinda like her,whenever I see her,I was reminded of you.Anyway continue the good job of blogging...
V.a.l.e.r.i.e said…
hIhi..i havE beEn reaDing UR blOg fOR the PAst mOnth. I reaLLy thInK u lOok greAt anD HavE the pOtEntiaL oF bEinG a greAt MOdeL or a gReat artiSt..shOUldn't Care Abt oThers whO giVes u bAd coMmeNts.. thEy are PRobabLy juz jEalOUs For ur fAme..i thINk uR bLog iS greAt, oRigInaLIty. i hOpe mIne cAn be lIke hAlf oF urs...coZ mIne coCk uP...alL my entRies caNNot apPeAr..anYway glAd to coMe acroSs uR blOg..And nICe meeting u..stAy coOL and fuNky!
StrawberryMilk said…
Hi Xiaxue, ^_^

This is my first time writing here and it isn't related (not directly anw) to your classics but i just wanna tell you that i think your blog rocks and i really admire your writing a lot. it's just so full of passion & energy & direction & confidence. =D it's CAPTIVATING!

haha. errh. praise aside though, i've got questions for you and i hope you'll answer them:

1) is it difficult to write like that, do you spend hours editing what you've written to get the effect you want, or at least ponder and read over what you've written at times, or does everything just come naturally to you and you don't even have to think twice about what you're saying?

2)what are your feelings after you finish each blog entry? i bet you feel v satisfied rite. XD but do you feel tired after writing so much? and do you ever get sick and tired of writing, period, becoz some people might never get what you say no matter how well you've expressed yourself already? don't you get frustrated then and why do you keep on going anw?

aha. sorry for the gazillion questions but i guess i really wanna know how you write the way you do. good luck for the rest of your blogging and continue to churn out incredible and fascinating entries! XD
FabianL said…
Hi XiaXue,

Just wanna say it's great to have "classics" blogs. I like the one on "Have you ever lost a friend through blogging? "

Screw the guy IAN but I guess you are not the only one. Guess what I know a girl who behaves much like the guy too. She's like a walking talking dictionary of bombastic words.

Anyway, just to suggest some ideas about your Classics sidebar. Perhaps you like to update the different topics from time to time.

For new comers like me, it would like something new every time we visit the page. (^_^)

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