Come meet me!!

Hello hello ladies, gentlemen and violentmen!

It is my pleasure to announce that the very deep NUS Political Science Society (website at is setting up a stall at a bazaar held at the Forum (which is near the central library co-op and the, erm, Grinning Gecko). Apparently they have approached Turodrique Fuad, who is founder and ahem, designer of LocalBrand, (for which I am ambassador of by the way), to sell his tees there!

HA! Good news doesn't end here ladies and gentlemen! The tees, usually sold at a ridiculously luxurious price of $25 (!), have been drastically reduced to a miniscule amount of $20 - which I heard, is not even enough to feed a duck-billed platypus for 16 days.

Hear hear! Mr Turodrique Fuad, eccentric-designer-cum-moral-vegetarian, has decided to extend this already absurb generosity by - gasp - lowering the price of his tees by another $5 to daring students who muster up enough courage to show proof of a C+ or BELOW on a recent test paper. The end result is of course very disappointed but pleased students with tee shirts so affordable, they wouldn't even know what hit them.

According to Mr Fuad, 32 (coincidentally my bust size), he thinks it is easy enough to reward the hardworking, but hey, let's give the kids a break. No doubt, yours truly thinks Mr Fuad might have gone through some personal trauma as a University student who scored below C+ all the time.

"WHAT HAS ALL THESE GOT TO DO WITH ME?!" you Xiaxue blogders exclaim with a frantic sort of malice. Well, the thing is that I WOULD BE THERE from 12pm to 2pm to, erm, meet whoever wants to see me without any form of photoshop! Ha!

I'd also sign the tees for you if you want me to. *blushes* (A bit paiseh to self-promote.)

Do come ok? Can buy me some food also I reckon, the timing so awkward. I don't eat parsley and Vietnamese.

Date: Tuesday, March 08, 2004
Time: 12pm to 2pm
Venue: Forum, NUS

See ya all! =)


MTsix said…
Yay second hairy nipple.

I wish i could go and see you in actual person, but too bad. I'm about 5000 miles east of you.
Finally, someone who also hates parsley.

I can't understand why people eat that thing.
calm one said…
yesh! where can i buy rotten eggs? muahahahahah!!! =)
Of course this happens, when I am not visiting Singapore... Not fair, I probably need to schedule more business trips to SE Asia....

I hope there are some un-photoshopped photos swarming around after this.. MUHAHAHHAHA
MunKit said…
i'm 500km north.. and it's a tuesday!! damn..
Jolene said…
awwww.....:) I'm also some hundreds of kilometres north from where you are.

but good for you!:) a blogger becoming an ambassador AND having a meet the fans session. wow. you're a first. *Salutes xiaxue!*
SQ14 said…
wow.. is the C+ test paper thing true? can use last sem's? haha..
Hey...provis, you wanna go?

Right smack in the middle of Lunch time....other from seeing XiaXue with heavy make up....and I can't fit in the t-shirts...

I wonder just how many would turn up...I wonder if its a BIG crowd...Take pictures Cherie...and share with ALL
cake said…

I have school!!!!
junwei said…
aiyo, i very much wanted to go and 捧场 but den -__- im a national slave leh, kaoz. ANYWAY! since there is going to be a DISCOUNT, i will get my fren to go grab 1 or 2 tees for me la, ha. oh yea, parsley... is.. erm... smelly IMHO ~__~'''
ah_mah said…
erm, there's one person 5000 miles east of you, one person 5000 miles north of you. Well, i'm the one person 4000 miles south of you, in australia. Would really love to see you in person really, and see how friendly (or haughty) you are..

But anyway, think I saw ur frens clara n june in my university leh. They're in Curtin Uni in Perth right?
Xiaxue said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lalalabom said…
Ah mah!! COME BACK FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! I'll give you her unphotoshopped pics as an exchange.
I'm selling eggs tomorrow with Weili!! COME BACK!
R2D2 said…
Damn. 10 km away from my school.
Ivan said…
Yay! I'll probably finally meet you in the flesh tomorrow then, since I'll be helping my friend out in selling books at the same bazaar.

See you at the Central Forum tomorrow! =D
Sunny said…
Sure do need some eggs.. leave some for me... ;)

I'm glad that some promotions are finally for me... I'm not called the F kid for nothing... (Got more Fs than any other grades)....

Another thing about the age or rather bust size.... is it gonna grow any bigger next yr?? :P
Ivan said…
Haha... I'm at the Central Forum sitting right behind you right now.

Finally, I meet the great Xiaxue in the flesh! =D
Ivan said…
Muahahahaha... Finally got to shake hands with you and say hi!

Hope you enjoyed yourself today!

It's interesting how you have become a celebrity just through your blog alone... few people except mr brown can claim to have risen to fame (or is it notoriety?) through their blogs... I saw plenty of people approach you to take photos and say hi while you were there... haha... maybe one day there will be a Xiaxue fan club numbering in the thousands, who will send you off at the airport when you go on shopping trips in HK and stuff. =P

Anyway, take care, hope to see you around soon, and hope you'll drop by soon again!

(Funny how I actually recognised your friends as well... EK, Weili & Shuyin were there as well, right?)
Soli Loquy said…
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa............... why can't u do an event in malaysia too???????????? not fair!!!!

come here la!! i'll treat u uummm... cendol! nasi lemak! char koay teow! prawn mee!! ABC!!
grace said…
wow wow wow. A blog celeb!
Ok, so since there were a lot of pictures taken, we need to see someone post a link to some un-edited shots... hmmmm and also some feedback of meeting Wendy in person would be neat.

She is a Singapore Celeb :)
zekai said…
Maybe Mr Turodrique Fuad should start planning a world tour for you with his T-Shirts...
Anonymous said…
I envy the NUS people :(.... Per chance we'll catch you in the other varsities :)?
Cherub said…
hey hey!

the xiaxue in person is so much dearer.
shit, forgot to ask xiaxue to autograph my new shirt......-.-
Lynnylchan said…
Hi, I was the girl in a pink sleeveless top... you said you had the same top.
Anyway, thanks for being so obliging!
It was really fantastic seeing you in person, even though I have seen so many pictures of you. It's always very funny seeing such famous people in person.
I am so frustrated with firefox and posting comments... hmmm but it finally came up.

So Wendy is pretty famous now.... impressive... Are we going to see a blog of the event?? Any pictures with fans??? Let some of us Americans in on all the fun... :)
Unknown said…
wad's up with the fhm special? hahas.

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