I see you, my heart will POM POM TIAO!

Alrighty! This is just a notice yeah? Some of you blogders might already know that my very close friend, Shuyin (aka Birdy) had a website at lalalabom.blogspot.com.

She stopped blogging for some personal reasons, and now that she wants to resume blogging, that particular address is already taken by someone else.

That someone else, I think, read about Shuyin via my site, and therefore chose that nick. Let's face it, how many people will think of an address like "lalalabom"?!

The very traumatized Shuyin is therefore forced to use a very awful variation of her nick, which is lalalaPOM.blogspot.com. Everytime I see that address I have convulsions.

(Let's not go into lalalasom, lalalafom, lalalazom, lalalalom, lalalagom, lalalanom, lalalakom, lalalaoom, lalalarom, lalaladom, lalalahom, lalalavom, lalalacom, lalalatom, lalalawom, and finally, lalalamom jokes. WHAHAHAHAHA!)

I believe Shuyin, during her short-lived stay in the blogosphere, have had quite a fixed identity with her own blogders, who, naturally identify with her nickname.

So, my point is, can the person who is at lalalabom.blogspot.com please give it back to Shuyin?

Pretty please?

P/s: Irrelevant people SHUT THE FUCK UP. It is none of your FUCKING BUSINESS. Please don't bombard the two girls. I am not demanding she gives back the URL. I am merely asking nicely if she could.

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