Tuesday, March 15, 2005

IQ tests

Recently I've been asked some nice IQ questions, courtesy of Ivan and Colin, so thought maybe I'd share them!

And then there is the fact that I solved ALL of them and I am feeling quite smart at the moment, which makes me happy, and since I'm happy I shall attempt to be generous with IQ tests.

Here goes!

1) Lightbulbs

There are two rooms side by side. From one room you cannot see what is going on in the other. In room 1, where you are standing right now, are 3 switches. These 3 switches would on 3 lightbulbs in the other room. The connections between switch and bulb are completely random. You are only allowed one trip to the other room to try to find out which switch turns on which bulb. The bulbs are all off at the moment.


2) Across the bridge

There are two islands, and a bridge between the islands. On one island stands four people. They all take a different time to cross the bridge - 10 min, 5 min, 2 min and 1 min.

However, there is only ONE torch amongst these people, and they HAVE to use the torch to get across the dark bridge. The bridge, being rickety and all, can only hold a maximum of 2 people at one time, or it will break.

How long will it take for everyone to get to the other island, and how? (no tossing torch across the waters!)

3) Square pool

I have a swimming pool (alright I don't, but hypothetically speaking) which is in the shape of a square. For fengshui reasons, I have a tree planted at each corner of the pool.

I want to double the surface area of the pool with two criteria: The fengshui trees must remain where they are, and the shape of the final pool must remain a square.

How? (cannot increase depth!)

4) Safe sex

There are 2 guys and 2 girls. The 2 guys want to fuck the 2 girls (ie each guy screws both girls) but there is a problem ... There are only two condoms available. Use the condoms any way you want - reuse, flip it, etc - but you cannot wash it.

No body fluids can be exchanged (even girl-girl or guy-guy exchanges), else the sex would not be considered safe from STDs.

How can the task be done?

Ok! Have fun! I'd reveal the answers tomorrow! In the meantime, those who already heard the questions shut up and don't spoil the fun for others! Questions can be asked in the comments, but guessers might be safer not reading it at all since it is likely someone would have posted his answers there.


Nights people! Muacks!!