IQ tests

Recently I've been asked some nice IQ questions, courtesy of Ivan and Colin, so thought maybe I'd share them!

And then there is the fact that I solved ALL of them and I am feeling quite smart at the moment, which makes me happy, and since I'm happy I shall attempt to be generous with IQ tests.

Here goes!

1) Lightbulbs

There are two rooms side by side. From one room you cannot see what is going on in the other. In room 1, where you are standing right now, are 3 switches. These 3 switches would on 3 lightbulbs in the other room. The connections between switch and bulb are completely random. You are only allowed one trip to the other room to try to find out which switch turns on which bulb. The bulbs are all off at the moment.


2) Across the bridge

There are two islands, and a bridge between the islands. On one island stands four people. They all take a different time to cross the bridge - 10 min, 5 min, 2 min and 1 min.

However, there is only ONE torch amongst these people, and they HAVE to use the torch to get across the dark bridge. The bridge, being rickety and all, can only hold a maximum of 2 people at one time, or it will break.

How long will it take for everyone to get to the other island, and how? (no tossing torch across the waters!)

3) Square pool

I have a swimming pool (alright I don't, but hypothetically speaking) which is in the shape of a square. For fengshui reasons, I have a tree planted at each corner of the pool.

I want to double the surface area of the pool with two criteria: The fengshui trees must remain where they are, and the shape of the final pool must remain a square.

How? (cannot increase depth!)

4) Safe sex

There are 2 guys and 2 girls. The 2 guys want to fuck the 2 girls (ie each guy screws both girls) but there is a problem ... There are only two condoms available. Use the condoms any way you want - reuse, flip it, etc - but you cannot wash it.

No body fluids can be exchanged (even girl-girl or guy-guy exchanges), else the sex would not be considered safe from STDs.

How can the task be done?

Ok! Have fun! I'd reveal the answers tomorrow! In the meantime, those who already heard the questions shut up and don't spoil the fun for others! Questions can be asked in the comments, but guessers might be safer not reading it at all since it is likely someone would have posted his answers there.


Nights people! Muacks!!


pooh said…
Am I now a contender for Best Asian bloggie since I blogged from around 2001? X)
Good luck anyway. I'll still ♥ you.
lbandit said…
1) Label switches as A, B and C. Flip switches A and B. Wait awhile. Flip switch B, now only A is left in the on position. Go to the other room. The bulb that's shining belongs to switch A. Touch the non-shining bulbs, the bulb that's warm belongs to switch B.

2) um.. 19 minutes?

3) I don't know, maybe the fengshui tree is a water lily or something.

4) Guy D wears two condoms. Guy E watches Guy D screw Girl F. Guy E obtains outer condom from Guy D and gets on Girl F while Girl G gets on Guy D. Guy E uses Guy D's inner condom as his outer condom only to discover that these things are not so durable.... the condom that is.
MTsix said…
Aw you had to ruin it lbandid! For the 3'rd one, just make a square thing that's like turned 45 degrees to the current one. Basically, cut out 4 triangles each beside the current side of the pool.

THe last one is really nasty..
Congrats to the winner of bloggies 2005 best asian blog.
~BlabberM0uth~ said…
Gee.....Xiaxue i dun believe u can ans dem all....Unless u are a genius......I dun belive u are.....Ibandit iz one too....perhapz he heard all these questionz b4 but.....he iz still quite a genius as he can remember all the ans!!!
~BlabberM0uth~ said…
Gee.....Xiaxue i dun believe u can ans dem all....Unless u are a genius......I dun belive u are.....Ibandit iz one too....perhapz he heard all these questionz b4 but.....he iz still quite a genius as he can remember all the ans!!!
so-in-love said…
i will answer for question 1) firstly... choose to on one switch except the room 1 u are in...(cox u will be able to know which is the switch for your room )
so turn on another switch for five mins.. now... u could go to the room n check the bulb. if it is stil warm.. the switch u On it earlier is for the room u checked...
if not... the switch is for the other room...
XiaXue.. did u guess it correctly??
so-in-love said…
i will answer for question 1) firstly... choose to on one switch except the room 1 u are in...(cox u will be able to know which is the switch for your room )
so turn on another switch for five mins.. now... u could go to the room n check the bulb. if it is stil warm.. the switch u On it earlier is for the room u checked...
if not... the switch is for the other room...
XiaXue.. did u guess it correctly??
Jordan Goh said…
Cheers to you Wendy.

I would say this is a nice way to diffuse the tension and let your readers focus on something else for a change. Too bad the fun is ruined before it even started.

I cant help feeling amused and somewhat bewildered by one or two comments here. Or am I the only one. Hhmmm...
SooHK said…
You sure deserve to win the best asian weblog
J Schnorng said…

1) Turn on all three switches. Wait for 100 years. They will all burn out. Go to the next room, and when the guy asks you, reply 'IT DOESN'T MATTER, YOU STUPID FUCK!!! NONE OF THEM WORK!!' Laugh like a maniac. This will make them think you are crazy, and none of them will fuck with you. It helps if you adopt a fighting stance and also say, 'I know kung fu, bitches.' Trust me.

2) There are a couple possible answers to this question:

a) 1 minute (actual crossing time) - the guy who takes 10 minutes is obviously some sort of fatty, or maybe a cripple, and the guy who takes 1 minute is obviously really impatient. 10 minute guy and 1 minute guy start crossing, because they all figure, what the hell, better make sure 10 minute guy can make it, right? So 1 minute guy gets damn fed up, snatches the torch, and crosses. 10 minute guy is so nervous he falls over, breaking the whole damn bridge. TA DA!!!

b) They never cross the bridge - 1 and 2 minute guy decide to recce first, but since 10 minute guy is super hum ji he says, 'eh, wait for me lah!' the bridge cannot take the weight, all plummet to their deaths. YAY!!!

3) Impossible. Upon start of renovations, neighbours complain of the noise, chop down your fengshui trees when you aren't looking. Even if they survive, the banglas 'accidentally' bulldoze it. If they STILL survive, they will be struck down in a divine act of karmic retribution. The only solution is time travel, and then planning properly before building said square swimming pool. Speaking of which, WHO THE FUCK HAS SQUARE SWIMMING POOLS ANYWAY? SCARLY BANG YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE CORNER THEN HOW???? Stupid.

4) There is no way the 2 girls, unless they are super huge sluts, would allow this to happen, I think. I mean, WTF? Only if they were really wasted or something. If their self esteem was really this low, they would just allow each guy to use one condom and that would be it. The more likely scenario, however, goes as follow:

Guy A does 2 condom trick. Doesn't feel anything. He is still sick from having drunk too much and pukes all over the girl. She is damn grossed out and she leaves, taking her friend with her.

Guy A: Hey, so I still have this extra condom...
Guy B: You fucking drunk asshole. Bend the fuck over.


OK, to be honest I know all the 'correct' answers as well. But come on, people, when would they ever happen? Thus, what's the point (other than to prove how smart you are, which, thanks to my enormous ego, I know already)?

J Schnorng - because I'm such a big fuck.
NaiveGuy said…
I have done question 2 and got 18 mins b4 can't remember the combo now.
NaiveGuy said…
The answer to no. 2 is 17 mins

A = 1min
B = 2min
C = 5min
D = 10min

A n B go over, B comes back 4mins elapsed
C n D goes over, A comes back 15 mins elapsed
A n B goes over again 17 mins elapsed
Sweet_Mocca said…
Ans to Qn 2.

10 minutes.

A= 10 min
B= 5 min
C= 2 min
D= 1 min

First, A carries the torch..walks with D. Since D only takes 1 min to cross, he'll reach the other end sooner. And A still have remaining 9 min to walk across.

Then while A is still walking on the bridge with the torch, C crosses the bridge. C reaches the other end, while A still has 7 min before he reaches.

Then again.. A is still on the bridge with the torch.. B crosses the bridge as well.. he reaches the other end in 5 min. A is still walking.. he still has to walk for another 2 min before he reaches.

So.. in conclusion.. it only takes 10 min.

hahaha... is that right? :p
Sweet_Mocca said…
For Qn 1,

What is it that you want to find out?

a.) how to know which switch will turn on which lightbulb?

b.) how to turn on the lightbulbs?

or ...??

Joanne said…
Congrats on winning the Bloggies for best asian blog! Keep up the great work!
Jiexun said…
Since left Q3 no answer I shall attempt to answer.... Just leave the fengshui tree where they are, dig around them such that the "surface area" of the pool doubles. You'll have a square pool with 4 fenshui tress in the middle.

| |
| x x | x = fengshui tree
| |
| |
| |
| x x |
| |
Jiexun said…
ascii art doesn't work X_x
stylecat said…
i think out of that lot question 3 is the easiest.. coz that's the only question that i can answer! arghh..
Daniel said…
Sweet Mocha: fundamental error in your reasoning.

no one can cross the bridge without the aid of a torch.
So even if a fast guy and a slow guy cross together, the fast guy can't get to the end first.
kewpie said…
last question: Guy A screws Girl A in her cunt and Girl B in her butt hole. vice versa for dude B.Technically no bodily fluids are exchanged. Not the same kind anyways :P
Daniel said…
Haha! J Schnorng is damn entertaining!
ari3t3 said…
Answer qns 1 should be:

Switch on switch A and B. Leave it on for maybe 10~15 mins, sufficient time for the lightbulbs to be heated up. Off switch A. Go into the next room; switch A, which you have just off, would be the heated bulb which is off, switch B is the lighted bulb while switch C will be the cool bulb.

Daniel said…
Why bother answering a question that has already been answered correctly many times before??
hey xiaxue, congrats on winning the bloggies
ari3t3 said…
Sorrie Daniel. I might have missed out some instructions saying that I am not supposed to answer a question that had been answered many times over. Really sorrie. I apologise.
J Schnorng said…
I don't understand why everyone is still trying to solve these questions when I already solved them.

Perhaps it is still unclear to you all that the key to solving iq puzzles is time travel. For example, let me give you another IQ question:

Guy A has 10 peanuts. You want some peanuts, but 10 is not enough. There is a peanut store nearby, but it is closed. If you wait till tomorrow morning, you will starve to death due to lack of peanuts. Guy A hates you and therefore will not give you peanuts. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Travel back in time, kill peanut store owner, and also guy A, because he has a damn guai lan face and you hate him.

Question 2:
Someone asks you IQ question. You cannot answer, because your IQ is too low. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Admit defeat. Person tells you answer, then laughs at you for being an idiot. After this, travel back in time, answer the question correctly, and smack the fucker's face for daring to challenge your intelligence. QED.

Question 3:
Person asks you IQ question. Smart aleck replies to it first. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Go back in time, lah, stupid! Then steal the guy's answer so you look smart, and smack everyone else because they are so damn stupid.

Try to give the same answer (or even worse, THE WRONG ANSWER) after someone already answered it correct. What you think you're going to get? A prize is it? Maybe some kisses? NO! YOU ARE WRONG, I tell you. Haiz.

So, moral of the story: everyone quickly go buy time machine, leh! I hear now there's a sale at Taka, you can get them at discount prices; only while stocks last though; I think they're going to run out last year, so if you hurry you might still make it.


J Schnorng
R2D2 said…
To J:
Well, I don't know where you can get a time machine, but I know where you can build a teleportation machine. It's somewhere in here. And I see that your traffic has exceeded mine(my site was up for 1 month while yours was only up for two days). Damn.
Daniel said…
suspiciousbastard: is this alex chiu guy for real??? he seems to take himself so seriously!
R2D2 said…
To Daniel: Sadly, yes. He's taking himself seriously. Proves that there's loonier guys that me.

Hey, the venerable Mr Miyagi mentioned me in his most recent post. I guess I should feel honored.......

but then he called me loony.
reb said…
my answers ;)

Question 1:
1) switch on first two switches
2) close middle switch
3) go to next room
4) the bulb that is turned on is the one you didnt switch off. the one that is still warm is the one you turned on and turned off. the one thats cold and not on, is the one you didnt switch on at all.

Question 2:
5 minutes
1) the one minute man carries everybody on his shoulders with the person holding the torch so they wont get lost. ASSUMING that it is essential that the torch is being used by two people so they can see the holes in the bridge and not trip, fall and die.

Question 3:
add to the pool by constructing equilateral triangles on each side of the square. one triangle would be equal to 1/4 of the pool, hence doubling its size. ;)

Question 4:
this is such a great practical question for irritating pricks and nymphettes who scrimp on their condoms. well, if theyre smart but cheapskate then good for them.

Double layers! abit no sensation already, but what to do?

1) Guy A puts on one condom after the other, so his dick has on a double layer. he fucks Girl A.
2) after finishing, he leaves the outer condom inside Girl A, and fucks Girl B with the inner condom (the outer part still clean what right?).
3) Guy A leaves the double used condom inside Girl B.
4) Guy B fucks Girl A with the condom inside her cunt (the interior still clean right??).
5) finishing, he removes the condom from Girl A, but its still on his dick. then he inserts his dick into the condom still hanging in Girl B.

did i get them correct?
reb said…
oops sorry, its ISOSCELES triangles
nitekid said…
Well since so many people had answered the questions correctly already, no point in publishing mine and I'm lazy to explain everything in words. Btw, I noticed that there are many answers to question 2. My ans would be 17mins, IF the criteria which Yan Yan has not stated is:

If 2 were to be on the bridge at the same time, they must walk TOGETHER following the speed of the slowest person.

Then it would be,

(numbers in mins)

1,2,5,10 ----- (1,2) -----> 2mins elapsed

which leaves

5,10 ---------- 1,2


5,10 <----- (1) ----- 2 1min elapsed

resulting in

5,10,1 ---------- 2


1 ----- (5,10) -----> 2 10mins elapsed


1 ---------- 2,5,10


1 <----- (2) ----- 5,10 2mins elapsed


1,2 ---------- 5,10


----- (1,2) -----> 5,10 2mins elapsed


----------> 1,2,5,10 Total 17 MINS!!!

*Note: Sorry I'm damn bo liao now, pardon me for being lengthy. =)


Since Yan Yan so clever, 1 more bonus IQ question for u if u happen to see this:

There are altogether 10 bags of gold coins.
9 of them contains REAL gold coins.
ONLY 1 contains FAKE gold coins.
The only fact you know is that ONE REAL gold coin weighs 1g
whereas ONE FAKE gold coin weighs 0.9g

You have a weighing machine. AND YOU CAN ONLY WEIGH ONE TIME!

How you determine which bag is the FAKE one?

Disclaimer: There is no way you can put a coin on your hand and tell the difference between a REAL and a FAKE one.
AnGeLHeArT said…
Since i so free, i might as well attempt this qn.

1) u can send the 10 bags of gold to the prawnbroker to test the authenticity. (which i will be most likely to do. don want to find out in the end all the bags of gold are FAKE)

2) either that, melt all the gold down and since the FAKE gold weigh less, it should have a lower density and thus be in the bottom layer. The top layer will be the real gold and you have to cast them back into gold coins again. (i won do that, too tedious)

3) if you really want to test my intelligent, then i will numbered each bag from 1-10. From bag 1, i will take out 9 gold coins. From bag 2, i will take out 8 gold coins (fast forward)... from bag 9, i will take out 1 gold coin and from bag 10, i will take out none.
Put the gold coins onto the weighing machine and the weighing machine will tell you which bag has the FAKE gold coins.

Weighing machine:" Tada! Bag X has FAKE gold coins."
Colin said…
Juz for fun sake, i think the solution for the gold coin is like this..

Assuming the bag of gold coins have the same amount of gold coins inside.

Weigh all the bags on the weighing machine at the same time. And take note of the total weight. Take one bag out of the weighing machine one at a time and see the difference in weight. By seeing the difference, is able to tell the which one is real or not.

Assuming the bag of gold coins have different amount of gold coins inside.

Weigh all the bags on the weighing machine at the same time. And take note of the total weight. Take one bag out of the weighing machine one at a time and see the difference in weight. Count the coins inside the bag that's taken out to verify the correct weight of the coin bag(This will determine whether the coin is real or fake).
genevieve//* said…
I solved that dumb question when I was like 10? and that question was on tv before.

Label the bags, 1 to 10. And take out the same no. of golds as labeled. Then weigh all the bags of gold now. And it will be 8gs lesser. thus the "8" bag is the bag wi fake gold...
ahblabla said…
Just out of curiosity, XX, did you ever read the blog

Sure sounds like a very attention-seeking girl just like you =)
scorched said…
heh heh angelheart's chemistry cannot make it lar...

fake gold with lower density of cos floats and remains in the top layer... where got sink? haha... u can have the top layer...
Jeremy L said…
dudes!!!! the answer is simple

if you can "FUCK A SPIDER" , then anything else is doable.


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