Tuesday, March 1, 2005

My newest obsession

Wonder why everyone's looking at me?

"Mmmm bhmmm" (May be my cheeks?)

Her parents just trimmed her eyelashes to enhance its future growth, so it's a pity you didn't see her eyes in full glory. She has double eyelids!

Oh no the thighs! Haha!


Hmmm? (Shuyin's uncle behind)

Look at the small hand!

Heehee! She smiles!

oooh!! She holds my finger~!

Sooooooooooo cute! It's a pity the photos are so grainy and dim, coz baby pics cannot be taken with flash (supposed to be bad for the eyes I think?), and I had to jack up the contrast. Really, the photos don't do her justice -- it is not reflecting her downy curls, her flushed rosy cheeks and most of all a lack of the 3rd dimension which make all that cuteness more realistic. Ha ha... Lousy camera. I have a mind to smash it.

Oops I forgot to introduce her! Her name is Abigail, Shuyin's cousin's baby (which means it is SY's niece). Very adorable right? Around 4 months old. Shuyin kept haolianing her pictures around until I buay tahan and keep pestering her to let me see Abbie. In the end she had to give in (think it was when I was pulling her hair)! Ha!

p/s: I am really apprehensive about allowing comments. Because no matter what, there would be mean people around.

I don't mind mean comments about me, but I hate it when people are rude to my friends. They are innocent parties, and you don't know them, so please think of their feelings ok? Please don't say mean things about Abbie - she is only a baby and never harmed anyone (except being so cute everyone's addicted to her) - nor Shuyin, nor the baby's parents who were kind enough to let me see her (realise it is pretty awkward to just pop by their place like that). It is not nice if they open this page and see mean stuff about their bundle of joy. You wouldn't like anyone saying anything bad about your baby if you had one, would you?

People tell me I shouldn't delete comments, but I will. I will delete anything that hurts my friends' feelings.

Thank you for your time, sorry for the sermons, and do moan about how cute she is now! Wahahhaha.