Oh no!

Read March 23rd entry first!


Xiaxue said…
Before you obsessed dog lovers go like, "Poor cloudy!!! Xiaxue you are so mean" etc, keep in mind that Cloudy does not read my blog.
luN said…
i jus love cloudy.always ready to sacrifice for her master.hahah.but an attractive master eh?haha.keep bloggin!
Jingwei said…
Very comical!
nice one.
Seriously Sarah said…
Bwuahaha!!! I'm amused by this.
Tingshan said…
nice one there, babe. =D

aniwaes, i'm waiting fer yurr IQ questions' answers. --; when are you gonna post it? .. XP

oh, and blog [rwark, lol!] on! whatever, both meanings apply. heh hehs.
faithieee said…
hahahhaa so freaking funny. cloudy is really cute :D
Blah! said…
Yah, when are u gonna post answers to the IQ questions?
Miss Nonentity said…
hahaha.. this is amusing.
ey.. i saw you at the east coast lagoon yesterday.. hur
Claris said…
haha. i almost laughed off my chair. so dogs really dont get herpes. yay, my estimation is right.
Jonathan said…
some how or rather...those so called pic of herpes gave me goose bumps for its...yuckness
krisandro said…
Cloudy needs a fur-cut. Period.
Lili said…
is it my imagination or is there really a black mini umbrella and leaf at the 5th picture.

Max said…
I have one of those cute sunshine buddy's! Mine's blue! There sooooo cute! And there even cuter when they bob there head. I made a movie about mine... Anyway, my point is, my guys cute!
lambchop said…
Hahahahahaha wtf... Damn freaking funny!
Ivan said…
Haha that's a hilarious one. Any blog post with a photostory of Cloudy is sure to create lots of laughter. Ha ha ha!
chris said…
haha! very funny! how long did that all take?! :/
SooHK said…
It looks exactly like a dog I used to have......
Marion ♥ said…
Does Jeremy love me, Herpes? (I have decided to call it Herpes)

*nod nod*

Are my boobs big, Herpes?

*nod nod*

Are u telling the absolute truth, Herpes?

*nod nod*

Good girl!

The post is sooo funny!LOL!Cloudy is soo cute!!=P
Mop and Suzie said…
you are hilarious mate!! love your work! check out our blog http://mopandsuz.blogspot.com
FeO said…
i was having a bad day but i couldnt stop smiling after reading this entry. so goddamn amusing & hilarious! :)
butterflying said…
my sis saw you for some law thing... she said you were a witness! haha and she says you're petite... hurhur.

cloudy has ugly lesions!
Dunno whether to laugh or puke.. LoL!!! Cheers gal! :)
The picture story with Cloudy was really funny....

And all my cat ever gets is fleas.
WonderWoman said…
congrats on your win at bloggies 2005.
dw said…
OMG ur blog rox!! I just linked it to mine and uber pimped/advocated it! haha one like me can only hope to attain the status of a bloggod like you!! *swoons + removes sandals before lightly treading on your consecrated grounds*
vvoi said…
yes i agree with the dawg it is really
problematic to have to deal with so many
admirers and then of course
pose to the camera at the same time
the dawg is good the dawg is good
(though seems to whistle the "t"'s
which is a shame in a dawg)
in any case i consider this pretty
funny fresh art (and i would know coming from new-art.blogspot.com
Claudine said…
Now I know, the next time that my dog says he's met Herpes...I'll take him seriously. Great blog, girl. And I'm a chick who knows her blogs - http://claudblog.blogspot.com
icon said…
hooray for VD's! i love herpies yes i do, i love herpies how 'bout you?

Fabulous post! Do you dress up Cloudy in fashionable designer things? He should do runway!
LoanOfficerSix said…
I know this is off the topic but, is your friend's boyfriend really a 3 plus 2? And is this an average for Singaporean men? Just wondering. :-)
Hey nice post! Finally able to post in ur blog haha. Very thought-provocating!
Jin said…
Funny yes, but not that great a compensation considering that you promised us readers "loads of pictures", and is there something wrong with my eyes, or did I read: "a lot to blog about for tomorrow"?
EJ said…
XX amusing post but where're the IQ ANS AND THE PORNO STICKMEN!?!? eMpTy ProMiSeS!!! grrr.

yujr said…
Do you know that you are unbelievably egoistical? Oops, you probably don't know that because the stick is too far up your ass.

I find that I'm really amazed that someone would actually proudly say that they think that they are pretty and have amazing photoshop skills. Not to mention, trying to indirectly inform the general public that they are smart by putting their PSLE score there. But I also wonder, why then, do you not put your 'O' level results?

Your head is inflated with an excessive amount of hot air. Did you know that too much hot air will blow your head to smithereens? Hmm but I guess a highly intellectual person like you wouldn't know that.

I feel extremely sorry to be the one to impart this truth to you but you are sadly, not as slim as you think yourself to be. Perhaps your photos already make you appear slimmer, since you have such amazing photoshop skills. Yet another sad truth, you are not pretty. Although I might not be as intelligent as you say yourself to be, I can't figure out why any normal guy would be interested in you.

I have also thus inferred that you are very free and have nothing better to do. It is very obvious that you are the one who set up the wehatexiaxue blog. Although we commoners may not be as smart as you, anyone can easily figure that out. Besides, before you rebut that you do have a life and this blog shows that, might I add that it doesn't mean that people who don't blog do not have a life.

You say that you absolutely hate girls who are so nice to men but horrible to women. I hate people are so materialistic and shallow. Need I say who is it?

Before you say again, or even think, that why do I even bother reading your blog then? Well that is because I want to show that my assumptions of you are justified, and that they are not merely opinions.

Conclusion: You're neither pretty, nor funny, nor smart, nor nice. But you probably love yourself too much to get that into your head. Good day to you.
icon said…
so yujr... you're pretty awesome. and by awesome, i mean you're lame.

"Your head is inflated with an excessive amount of hot air. Did you know that too much hot air will blow your head to smithereens? Hmm but I guess a highly intellectual person like you wouldn't know that."

oh shit! you got her good! i'm sure that crushed xiaxue's heart. proud of yourself? you should be.

your writing is terrible. "i have also thus inferred.." you can't just throw in the word 'thus' and expect to sound mildly intelligent.

yujr, some advise. next time you post, at least insult her. or, use concrete examples to back your assumptions. use evidence. everything you wrote were merely opinions you dumb shit. (by the way, that was my conclusion)

my name is mike; and yujr, i'm better than you.
I'm waiting for you to post something else. I hope everything works out with your friends blog.
? said…
I studied Psychology and I will say what I have to say here, I'm sure you won't mind or be embarrased as your readers do not take things seriously anyway.

Based on your "I screwed up my life" blog entry, you were experiencing what is called a "life crisis".

You got a superior PSLE score and you felt you had already done it. You knew you could do anything you put your mind into. So you were feeling, what else was there to accomplish?

You went into a secondary school where good academics was always expected. You felt different.

Even as you did not realise it, your sub-conscious was telling you that that was not you, you did not want to do what the other clever students did because you knew you were as good or better than them and you were tired of that life. You realised that.

You wanted to follow yourself, not others. There was a conflict of interests therefore you rebelled against the things you did not want to associate yourself with as a self preservation, to protect your own identity. You knew what you did not want but you did not yet know what you wanted then. Therefore the experimentation. I bet if you were to go back in time, you would have done exactly the same in any top school.

So right now you are still in the experimentation stage, where you are searching for your purpose in life as many other people. But many Singaporeans are living in their own world, they think Singapore is the entire Universe.

There is more to life that what is going on in Singapore. There are so many other interests like philosophy, psychology, social counselling etc that is not offered in Singapore, because Singapore is ego-centric. It only thinks academics is the key to life. But Singapore is myopic, living in its own world trapping its own people's interests. This is why the rigid education system is pathetic.

There are many people who rebelled against such silliness and search for their passion for life other than what this small dot demands of them. If the interests of the majority is not for you I suggest you look for those that coincides with yours from the minority, where attention is needed the most but ignored. I hope you can stop "showing" your rebellion by "fighting" and proving your identity against the group you know you dislike. I'm sure you could even be a MP if you wanted and speak out against the ideas you did not agreee with. They are not you and you are not like them so leave them and they will leave you. I hope you will therefore find your purpose in life soon.

Btw you look like my literature(plus social and morals) teacher from RGS who actually bothered to teach in "neighbourhood sub-standard" schools. She knew there were other equally important students who are also human beings who needed her rather than just the top students from top schools.

The blog that ends my rebellion.
dun tell u said…
u guys trying to give advice or what?

not as if she will listen...
YES. XX put her PSLE score up but never her Os. SO WHAT EVEN IF SHE FLUNKED it? Does it mean that she is NOT STUPID? I think that if she is indeed stupid, she won't be so smart to atract so many readerx aday, even like you critics. Well, this is my conclusion: Don't put academic achievements in your list of judging a person's intelligence.
sorry for double posting.

"Does it mean that she is STUPID?" NOT "Does it mean that she is NOT STUPID?"

in case someone comes and post something to correct me over it.
Jingwei said…
XX once again is being mentioned in today's Sunday times (page 4)
alex sim said…
XX is not just being mentioned in Sunday Times. She's being mentioned in someone's blog! ok I dunno whether whatever he says is makes sense.


I realise this guy has got pretty hilarious entries as well. Do check out his archives. I got a good laugh.

XX where are u? Start blogging soon ... *cross fingers* =D
haha yah when can we get our IQ answers? *innocent look*

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