Thursday, March 3, 2005

What have been keeping me busy

Recently, after Spring cleaning that is, I've been obsessed with making my room neat.

I decided to clean out my wardrobe! For those of you who don't know me, or rather, don't know me well enough to have ever seen my wardrobe, it is a gigantic 3 closet affair (around 1.5 of the usual wardrobe's size that is) and overspilling with clothes.

Around half a year ago I had a wardrobe clean-out, and I gave away two FULL trashbags of clothes (a lot of which once belonged to Eileen).

Recently the fucking cupboard got so messy, it took a full-scale SWAT mission to find a particular piece of clothing. Even Super Sunday's Ah Liang cannot help me, I tell you.

The final straw broke when Eileen asked me to return her her cap, which I knew was in the cupboard, and could not find. No matter now much I flipped the clothes here and there, I couldn't see the deeply buried headgear. Imagine that!


This is only half - bottoms and PJs

And ... Presenting the clothes I decided I do not want anymore:

Shuyin, Wanyi and Eileen, who came treasure hunt through the pile, had a field day I tell you.

Had a count:

49 sleeveless tops
20 tubes
32 sleeved tops
11 long sleeved tops
9 shirts
20 jackets and pullovers

= 141 tops (can wear for 5 months without repeating)

29 skirts
15 pants and jeans
6 beach shorts

= 50 bottoms

25 dresses (Anyone wanna try to beat that? I already gave away 5)
27 PJs

And ... 143 unwanted clothes

Grand total = 386 clothes!

If every piece costed an average of $15, which it definitely wouldn't be (should be more coz of the Levis and dresses), it would be a WHOOPING $5,790 CAN!

How gross is that?!! And you know what? The number is not even correct, because quite some of the clothes are in the wash.

I don't remember having so much money, even though quite a bit of the clothes were given by kindred spirits.

Anyway, found some funny clothes!!

RETRO SIA! The old RV PE tee! Now no longer available in the market because RV changed its PE gear to cheap fugly polo tees during the millenium. When I was still a chao lian I used to tuck it all the way into the waistband very tight so that people can see my bra is black. WTH! *Very ashamed of self*


It is a fucking SHU NU SKIRT!

Tsk! I don't know when I bought it, but hell is it shu nu! Shu nu stamped all over it man!

I kept it. Shall suddenly wear it when my friends are least expecting it, just to scare them. Ha!

Horror of horrors coming up:

"It is not that bad what," you say. YOU ARE WRONG!!


WOAH!!! FIRE SIA! That Chinese word is my name (Yan from Cheng Yan Yan), AND I DESIGNED THE TEE!!

The t-shirt dates back to 1999 when I was with someone called Patrick, and I designed and made LOVER TEES FOR US! Surrounded with FIRE! The ultimate beng of beng I tell you. His tee wrote "Zhong" (loyalty - and also his Chinese name). *looks ashamed once again* But hey, that stupid tee costs $30 ok!

The end result!

Wah, so neat! And I went mad and labelled the compartments too!

Let's zoom in:

Ok, boys reading this, move away, far far away.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Alright. I don't know if any of you girls have experienced this, but don't you find you always forget your menstruation date? Especially since it would be something pretty close to last month's date and you will get all confused.

I deviced a way to solve that problem. Using a cardboard, I wrote 1-30 on it, and stuck the thing to the place where I store my pads. The top part is not scorchtaped, so I put in a plastic tag which can move, and pasted a small heart on it. This part is where the white arrow is pointing.

So, every month when the annoying thing comes, I'd definitely remember to shift the heart tag to the appropriate date coz that's where I need to take the pads! Quite brilliant eh?! Ok it is not brilliant. Just pretty handy for lazy people like me. =)

Boys can continue reading now.

Sobs. So neat. I am so proud of myself. I even put Jerry into a cleaner place. He is now my bogeyman. Sobs. My mama saw what I was doing, came over to give me a hug and a kiss, and told me I am so guai and she is touched. *BAWLS*


I didn't really want to blog tonight, because I was doing something else ...

Started to doodle ...

First it was just pencil drawings ...

And then ...


NICE NOT!!! A MURAL! I started from 1am and finished at 4am. Took out some white paint which was left over from last time we painted the house and PAINTED MY WALL! I know some parts are missing, but hey, I'm pretty satisfied with the results!

Boy am I talented. *smug*

Here's a view of it with more of the room ...

So pretty! I like it. NO ONE SUPPOSED TO INSULT IT! Or I curse you, may all your eyebrows be singed by a mad arsonist tomorrow.

p/s: I realised I've left out some Abbie pics and added them on. Scroll down!! Very cute!