What have been keeping me busy

Recently, after Spring cleaning that is, I've been obsessed with making my room neat.

I decided to clean out my wardrobe! For those of you who don't know me, or rather, don't know me well enough to have ever seen my wardrobe, it is a gigantic 3 closet affair (around 1.5 of the usual wardrobe's size that is) and overspilling with clothes.

Around half a year ago I had a wardrobe clean-out, and I gave away two FULL trashbags of clothes (a lot of which once belonged to Eileen).

Recently the fucking cupboard got so messy, it took a full-scale SWAT mission to find a particular piece of clothing. Even Super Sunday's Ah Liang cannot help me, I tell you.

The final straw broke when Eileen asked me to return her her cap, which I knew was in the cupboard, and could not find. No matter now much I flipped the clothes here and there, I couldn't see the deeply buried headgear. Imagine that!


This is only half - bottoms and PJs

And ... Presenting the clothes I decided I do not want anymore:

Shuyin, Wanyi and Eileen, who came treasure hunt through the pile, had a field day I tell you.

Had a count:

49 sleeveless tops
20 tubes
32 sleeved tops
11 long sleeved tops
9 shirts
20 jackets and pullovers

= 141 tops (can wear for 5 months without repeating)

29 skirts
15 pants and jeans
6 beach shorts

= 50 bottoms

25 dresses (Anyone wanna try to beat that? I already gave away 5)
27 PJs

And ... 143 unwanted clothes

Grand total = 386 clothes!

If every piece costed an average of $15, which it definitely wouldn't be (should be more coz of the Levis and dresses), it would be a WHOOPING $5,790 CAN!

How gross is that?!! And you know what? The number is not even correct, because quite some of the clothes are in the wash.

I don't remember having so much money, even though quite a bit of the clothes were given by kindred spirits.

Anyway, found some funny clothes!!

RETRO SIA! The old RV PE tee! Now no longer available in the market because RV changed its PE gear to cheap fugly polo tees during the millenium. When I was still a chao lian I used to tuck it all the way into the waistband very tight so that people can see my bra is black. WTH! *Very ashamed of self*


It is a fucking SHU NU SKIRT!

Tsk! I don't know when I bought it, but hell is it shu nu! Shu nu stamped all over it man!

I kept it. Shall suddenly wear it when my friends are least expecting it, just to scare them. Ha!

Horror of horrors coming up:

"It is not that bad what," you say. YOU ARE WRONG!!


WOAH!!! FIRE SIA! That Chinese word is my name (Yan from Cheng Yan Yan), AND I DESIGNED THE TEE!!

The t-shirt dates back to 1999 when I was with someone called Patrick, and I designed and made LOVER TEES FOR US! Surrounded with FIRE! The ultimate beng of beng I tell you. His tee wrote "Zhong" (loyalty - and also his Chinese name). *looks ashamed once again* But hey, that stupid tee costs $30 ok!

The end result!

Wah, so neat! And I went mad and labelled the compartments too!

Let's zoom in:

Ok, boys reading this, move away, far far away.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Alright. I don't know if any of you girls have experienced this, but don't you find you always forget your menstruation date? Especially since it would be something pretty close to last month's date and you will get all confused.

I deviced a way to solve that problem. Using a cardboard, I wrote 1-30 on it, and stuck the thing to the place where I store my pads. The top part is not scorchtaped, so I put in a plastic tag which can move, and pasted a small heart on it. This part is where the white arrow is pointing.

So, every month when the annoying thing comes, I'd definitely remember to shift the heart tag to the appropriate date coz that's where I need to take the pads! Quite brilliant eh?! Ok it is not brilliant. Just pretty handy for lazy people like me. =)

Boys can continue reading now.

Sobs. So neat. I am so proud of myself. I even put Jerry into a cleaner place. He is now my bogeyman. Sobs. My mama saw what I was doing, came over to give me a hug and a kiss, and told me I am so guai and she is touched. *BAWLS*


I didn't really want to blog tonight, because I was doing something else ...

Started to doodle ...

First it was just pencil drawings ...

And then ...


NICE NOT!!! A MURAL! I started from 1am and finished at 4am. Took out some white paint which was left over from last time we painted the house and PAINTED MY WALL! I know some parts are missing, but hey, I'm pretty satisfied with the results!

Boy am I talented. *smug*

Here's a view of it with more of the room ...

So pretty! I like it. NO ONE SUPPOSED TO INSULT IT! Or I curse you, may all your eyebrows be singed by a mad arsonist tomorrow.

p/s: I realised I've left out some Abbie pics and added them on. Scroll down!! Very cute!


ailgwyn said…
Oh, the design is pretty! Though I shudder to think how hard it must have been to get the edges so even. >_<
Cherry_Panda said…
its really pretty. I wish I can do that!!!!!
Zen|th said…
Wow. That shirt is.. erm.. Hot. =P
Anonymous said…
Holy Macaroni! You did all that in three hours?!? I couldn't do if even if I had fifty!

I'm also impressed that your sense of design improved from the 'Yan' days till now, keke....
kabluey said…
Wow, pretty! Good job!
kabluey said…
Wow, pretty! Good job!
Hey Wendy,

That is very pretty, very original. Oral sex aside, you can start doing your own professional paint-jobs now!

bohemianlisa said…
The painting quite pwetty leh.
MTsix said…
When your mom said

"My mama saw what I was doing, came over to give me a hug and a kiss, and told me I am so guai and she is touched. *BAWLS*"

By quai, did she mean strange/weird? or erm. mature and stuff? haha I already know what it really is.

Oh a side note, I just noticed I have the same last name you do. Zheng.

_\/_ |-_|_ | |
./\ .|
beh I don't have the chinese typer thingie on this comp.
Ok, wow.. first of all, Firefox is not the quickest browser to post comments in... not sure why, but it finally did come up. I am in a hotel tonight (out of town for work).. actually a very nice Embassy Suites in Arizona... but somehow, there was an attack by little bugs... these annoying gnats. I was sitting by the bed and killed 5.. thought that was it.. went in the other room by the light... 3 more... and it continued.. now my count of dead bugs... 28... acckk.. not a fun night...

Whoops.. my comments, I need to clean my closet out, and would, except it is not built yet. I am having an addition done to my house, and my clothes are in a little closet (maybe 10 shirts, 8 pants, some jeans) and the rest are in boxes.. not fun. But once the new closet and bedroom are done... I will have fun going through my stuff...

Good Blog today Wendy, you know you are spoiling us... :)
Ok.. now up to 34 dead bugs.. they keep coming (although slower). What I am happy about is I get to check out tomorrow and go home... I guess with all this rain recently, we are having the attach of the little evil bugs... Sad scene, dead little bugs everywhere.. (well not reall thrown away and flushed!) :)
Perineum Speaks said…
so.... girls do it deliberately, huh. Wearing transparent tops so the bra peeks from beneath. And all those hip-hugging jeans... way down low so your underwear is showing. Oh well.....
Xiaxue said…
Perineum: No, that is not true, u horny bastard. Girls do not do such things delibrately, except maybe the odd nympho. You must be one of those stupid guys who delude themselves into believing some girls' lies of themselves sincerely liking to do BJs and all.

Please get my meaning clear: When I was still a lian (very paiseh), I tucked in tight not to show my BRA, but to show that it is BLACK. Geddit?! I am not proud of this, but at least the action was never meant to be sexual.

*rolls eyes*

Disgusting men. Sigmund Freud your friend is it?

To the rest: Thank you so much!! I like it too. =)
rain said…
you've an alarming amount of clothes.. *envious* And the design on your wall!! Gorgeous!! Even if I can doodle something like that, I'd never be able to translate onto the wall.. So pretty~ :D
alicia zheng said…
Hey, that mural's nice! Give me the very "Beach" feeling. Haha. Paint more Paint more! ^^
ocha said…
the design's reaaaalllllyy pretty! how did you managed to magnify your doodle?!

how much do you charge for painting a room? grins...nah KIDDING!
locogenio said…
Ooooh. The amount of clothes you have...*drools* 29 SKIRTS! o_o

and it's a beautiful mural :D good job. very creative la you.
R2D2 said…
In defense of all men: Men are disgusting? Call us horny, perverted or whatnot, but men are not disgusting. After all, we don't leak blood from our nether regions once per month. Hmmm...I wonder who does. Oh, and I read that the sex drive of a woman shoots up when she's beyond the age of 45. Well, after that you'll view guys differently. Or become a ***b**n.
quarzimodo said…
dun insult women with the thing abt periods lah. it's not like they have a choice to go thru that. i just dun understand why some of you guys enjoying slamming what she has to say. dun like it just stay away... jeesh. give it a break man.
Claris said…
gosh. u are indeed one talent.

and they look so even to me.

i doubt i can do that. my hands shake a little. aint it tiring to paint on the upper part of the wall, when you know, you have to stand on the stool and crane your neck..
Xiaxue said…
I didn't say ALL men are disgusting, but hey, since u wanna argue that ...

Women cannot help bleeding. We try to make it as neat as possible by changing pads often and what's nots. At least we are doing something about it.

How about men? Sodomy, fucking little girls, boys, and animals, farting competitions, etc. No doubt these are much more often done by men than women.

In conclusion, MEN ARE MORE DISGUSTING. And there is nothing disgusting about a higher sex drive. Afterall, men have it ALL THE TIME VS only after 45 for ladies.

ningx said…
you got so many clothes that i wouldn't have even in 10 years man.............

:( :( :( :(

nice design.
love twirlies. :D:D
i draw 'em all the time.
R2D2 said…
I'm not good at arguing the point, but I'll try here. Many guys don't indulge in this sort of stuff(by which I mean sodomy, farting and so on.) It's just the few who besmear the image of the many. I'm sure that there's at least a few women who go around doing the sme things as men, but their actions don't get publicised because of the general perception that women are the gentler sex. Thus, the general consensus remains that men are more disgusting(simply because they are EXPECTED to be disgusting), even if men have changed with the times. Note that I said IF. And I'm not flaming Miss Wendy here, I'm just stating an opinion(for which everyone has the right to have). Errrr.....does anyone understand what I'm trying to say? (Also, I believe that Michael Jackson is innocent. Laugh at me if you want.)
nadnut said…
nice! the mural especially! hey, why not sell ur clothes on ebay or yahoo auctions... at least can get back some cash...
Waa.. Xiaxue. Not bad la, quite nice man.. The wall I mean.
Anonymous said…
i recently cleared my wardrobe too but can never beat ur record of unwanted clothes... made me feel so much better :p anyway~ dun think u will get sick of compliments -> NICE MURAL!!!
sanny said…
Too bad I can't paint my walls, it's wallpapered...I used to draw on my room's wallpaper & tore it to draw on the wall when I run out of wallpaper space, during my childhood days...got a earful from mom and since then my artistic aspirations to draw on cupboards, wallpapers, walls, bedsheets etc ended...

Xiaxue, kudos for actually taking initiative to clean your room! I think I must get off my butt too...Love the period indicator thingy =)
Soli Loquy said…
wei xiaxue ah.. how much u charge for interior designing ah?? XD

Daniel said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daniel said…
Aiyah....men and women ARE horny bastards and bitches, and BOTH have their secret fantasies.

Just that men are more overt about it, while women are expected to fulfil the demure and chaste stereotype and keep quiet.
R2D2 said…
Hey, Daniel. Haven't seen you for about three days. How's everything?(urghhh...I hate to admit it, but I must say that Miss Wendy is good at art.)
Anonymous said…
Wow...are those stencils on the wall real or Photoshopped onto the walls? HAha..with ur skills in photoshop,I doubt that is a difficuLt task to do~ ;) *Thumbs up* Anyway it's pretty!!!
Walsingham said…
My dear, who gives a crap about the contents of your closet? We all want to know who you are shagging, who you've shagged, whether you'll shag us sometime in the future and whether our smegma was akin to Cambozola or English stilton. Actually I don't have smegma because one really ought to shower at least twice a day and that includes rubbing soap under the foreskin. So there is NO excuse for smegma whatsoever chaps. Please post some nude photos. You can photoshop your head onto a slimmer body if you like, it makes no difference. The main thing is that you are about as intelligent as a Singapore gal is ever going to get, which is not saying a whole lot actually, but you are cute in a Japanesey sort of outspoken bodycon sort of way. But you do need a good fuck my dear and SOON. Because the tension is driving us crazy. Stop it with all the talk of your period and such. Please post some photos of your snatch. I am happy to come lick it for your anytime (and I don't mean any disrespect by that at all, I just think you seem like a girl who'd have a very well maintained pair of beef curtains). If you're going to Blog about your period, I suppose you can expect the occasional comment like this. But please let's have a peak at your gash (and preferably a sniff too).
joanna said…
What's up with females having periods???
It's by nature okay.
You guys think that we like it?
Please use your tiny little pea brain to for once, THINK of something LOGICAL instead of just pure SEX.
and to walsingham,
I think you came to the wrong blog.
Periods and nudity are 2 totally OFF things.
I suppose some guys are just so sex deprived that they look for sources to cure it.
Too bad.
No such luck.
Fenix said…
WoW~~~ So nice.... I liked the wall.. haha...
MunKit said…
white's the colour for shu nu.. no wonder you want your wall to be pink *g*
Anonymous said…
I love ur blog :) it's hilarious. anyway, i love ur painting on the wall. And horrific w the large amount of clothes u have : x Go and sell it la on yahoo auction.. :)

Anyway, about ur view on guys and their liking of girls who r simple, i do agree tt the guy's ego is at work..... tt they jus cant stand girls being smarter than them or watever.... Sometimes i dun even understand the guy's taste and judgement of girl's look.
Anonymous said…
man.. u hav unwanted levis jeans? i hope to hav one lo.. zzz.. guess i hav oni 1/4 amount of ur clothes.. haha..
BeginToEnd said…
Jus thots and crappy stuff : You think guy's ego at work when ... 1)they jus cant stand girls being smarter than them or watever 2)i dun even understand the guy's taste and judgement of girl's look.

Some others say we use our "prick to think" ham-sap or we're thick(hmm...) or MCP or watever...
Normally we guys think of girls that dun understand us as simply one word: STUPID.;p If understanding is so easy than why the quote Men from Mars and Women from Venus.

Anyway, Since XX has so many clothes to spare, think of it to go set up some flea market stall. You can reap back a bit and it could be fun. Than with the money, buy more clothes again.
starkops said…
shihui: i love the painting. looks kinda like "Ripcurl" to mi =) I think u're quite artistic babe.

haha. i love the shu nu skirt somehow. really shu nu. Think u can pull it off for sure. =)

and aww....u sure haf a lot of clothes. Try selling off those u dunwan for some money lah. Clears space + extra cash. And boy.....25 jackets. Really..oh my goodness.. That's like a different jacket everyday for a month. lol..
Snowdrop said…
pls lah, i bet hor, that design wuz already on her wall and she merely took a piece of paper and copied it FROM THE WALL lor.. aiyah.. so many clothes oso no need show off mah, why dun u give some to the poor people in africa or something? -.- shu nu indeed.
UltraVinz said…
BeginToEnd & ^star^ were right! Why don't you setup a stall @ the new China Square Sunday flea mart!?

Take this opportunity to meet your fans too. An autographed pix with every purchase! Bwah!!!Or you can propose to localbrand that you will wear their t-shirt while gettin' rid of other brands. Make'em pay you more! $ka'ching$If you are interested, you can either register @ China Square Central #02-09, or call Michael Poh @ 98568683.

...hmmm...you may wanna call cisco for bodyguards as well...
R2D2 said…
Wait a minute...."What *have* been keeping me busy?" Well, to whoever says that we have tiny pea brains, recognise that it takes more than two brain cells to detect that sort of thing.

*It takes three.
**And to notice it only now.
***Crap, I've been coming back to this blog everyday? I have no life.
****For those who don't get what I'm talking about....go read the title.
*****Hey, I'm not blaming the author. I just...errr....I'm going off. Bye!
turtle said…
Nice blog u got there...
i like reading hers.. interesting, humourous..
anyway regarding tat post, omg u got so so many clothes...way more than mine. but hey ur a gal, so of coz u got the privilege...
anyway, gd idea if u can auction them off, or perharps sell them off to flea stall. we blogders out there w be happy to buy from u n u can earn extra cash~
hey gd ideaz!
BluberryCake said…
suspiciousbastard, you said women's period is dirty..disgusting. But do u know that if we don't go through that, you men won't be able to have offsprings? (Check out some biology books for the details)

XiaXue, nice painting. You're really artistic. *clap clap* If there's any clothes which you don't want, you can donate them to some charity or pass them down to your friends/whoever. Coz in a month time your wardrobe will be overflown by new clothes again. :)
So Angeline said…
Ur mural's really pretty :) I think U should sell some of ur designs to Localbrand. (Present ones, similar standard to the flowery one. Not the fiery one!) Remember 2 add ur signature too! :)
junwei said…
w00tz xiaxue! im impressed! didnt realise that u actually had a flair for arts =P yea, its pretty neat i must say. i hope i dun have the sudden urge to just paint watever i doodle onto my wall.. cos it would be pretty massive. anyway, u can like make use of your white shu nu thingy and and make it into a little dress for your dog.. ok nvm, forget abt it, just burn it away. and on first look, i thought that fire thingy shirt was your class t-shirt or sumthing...
Sheena said…
Hey I took a leaf out of your book and made a period indicator thing for myself too! (Ok lah, I give you full credit. I copied it completely because I have absolute no artistic talent or creativity whatsoever and had to copy your step-by-step guide.)

So obviously, my indicator looks shittier than yours. And because I don't have a sweet plastic heart I used an ugly frigging piece of cardboard.

But so what, now I have something to help me keep track of my periods and let me know when I can't have unprotected sex with my boyfriend! LOL~ Anyway thanks for the brilliant idea!
yining said…
oh my! how did u manage to do that in 3 hours? gorgeous! =)
SephoRa KeiKo said…
from the sketch to the mural on the wall...

how did u managed to get it on the wall?

i mean besides using white paint n a brush to do it..
how u did it?

did u create a stencil to draw it on the wall? or u did free hand on the wall?

my gosh so many clothes.....

u keep ur undergarments in baskets? (the last pic)
nice cup size~

Very well done. Keep up the good job. You're a sex goddess =)
Mistirius said…
hey sexy. nice legs. it's what's between them that matters. when're we gonna get lucky? ;)
deedee said…
wow that's a nice design on ya wall! *envy* and i miss that RV tee... i've it somewhere in my room... as rag. =X

and Abbie is sooooooooo adorable!!! *^_^*
roxybeachay said…
i think you dun look pretty at all..its juz make up tts make u more presentable..dun tink u are great ! so wad with so many tops and skirts but your look sucks? ok..enuff of my comments but aniwae the design on the wall is nice..but pls not praise urself..tads not tt great too..my sis can do that do..hahas..
so-in-love said…
haha!! thats nice drawing!! maybe u should charge for this service.. i'll be ur first customer! hehe!!
Jane Doe said…
I absolutely LOVE the wall painting! It's so neat and you didn't use a stencil rite? :)
Unknown said…
hello lovely

so u are my junior (many, many yrs) at rv ah... pls don't throw that t-shirt away. i kicked myself for not keeping mine 'cause i had the loveliest memories of my days in the old rv campus in jalan kuala. we were the last batch to graduate from that old place...

btw, i think u did a great job with ur make up! wanna come teach me some time? :P

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