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I am 21 now!

Yay so happy! It is my 21st birthday! A big sincere thank you to everyone who have wished me Happy birthday, I really appreciate it! Hao kai xin! I am a big girl now! I'm going over to my chalet soon, and to everyone else coming, here's how you go: By Car If you're coming from the north, take SLE/TPE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). *Go along Loyang Ave (it's quite a long and windy route) and turn left into Cranwell Road. Our chalets are sprouted along Cranwell, Gosport, Andover, Leuchars, Catterick, Netheravon, Halton, Sealand and Biggin Hill Roads. You can check out our map to see where your chalet is located and follow the routes laid out there. If you're coming from the west, you can either take AYE/ECP or PIE to TPE/SLE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). The rest is similar to above directions. --------------------------- By Train & Bus Take the east bound train to Tampines MRT station. From there, you can take Bu

It is my 21st birthday!!!

I am very sian to write this out coz Shuyin is at my place then I feel obligated to entertain her by swallowing that sword in the cupboard and blowing some fire and juggling things, but yeah, I understand that some friends are lost and don't know what to get for me, and my birthday is this coming Thursday (though party on Friday) and if I don't wanna receive shitty gifts (Wong: Pink toilet roll holder with a picture of a cat) I'd better make disclaimers nowwwwww! Ok here goes!~! My wishlist! 1) AIRCON! An aircon! I've been complaining since goodness knows when . Whenever my friends come stay over or when the occasional filming takes place, people burn. My mom has an aircon in her room, why can't I get one? If you are thinking that it is improbable that you bring an aircon to my chalet to give it to me ... You can always ask people to contribute to an aircon fund and pass it to me in an angpow, or you can always pass me some sanyo vouchers. Yes, I want the rem

One of the most fucked up things

to ever happen in life, would be to have the guy you like fall for your best friend, no? It sucks for so many reasons I don't even know where to begin. It sucks because it bruises your ego, it sucks because it causes a tension between you and your friend, and you start to think bad, evil stuff about your friend that you'd never have dreamt you would (i.e: What is so good about her? Her ass is so fat blah blah). It sucks because you can't sleep thinking - what if my friend likes him back? And would I lose her because of this ... etc. The story of F and L comes into account here. It happened so long ago, when we were just 17. F and Wong came to look for me while I was working for Ascend part-time (it's a shampoo brand and I was promoting it), and we had dinner together at KFC. L and his bunch of friends were sitting a few metres away at that fruitful suntec outlet, and they were, well, blatantly staring. If not for the fact that I was the only girl sitting facing the
I shall write as a man from now on. CB, that kuku Arsenal lost. Anyway, why do I have so much stubble? Shave shave shave. Hate shaving. Stupid Gilette. Gosh, I am SO manly. I bet if I sniff my bushy pits, I'd drown in my excess testosterone and all the babes nearby will just flutter towards my pheramones in a hurry. Muahahaha! (manly laughter) Dude, where's my car? Diamonds are for faggots. YOU HEARD THAT BECKHAM?!
Oh yeah ? I believe when I die, I will meet God (I use the term "God" loosely - I mean a superior being), who is a fucking big cockroach, like 12 feet tall. Why? Well, because God (in my view) is almighty, and everyone is scared of cockroaches! Maybe not everyone is scared of cockroaches when they are small, but a 12 foot cockroach??! Aha! And, and SHE (because only female cockroaches fly, and flying cockroaches are fucking scary) ... She can jolly well put me in anywhere she wants, as long as those hairy brown legs don't come near me ...! Now don't you go around insulting my religion and beliefs. Postnote : Why (some of) you Christians like that one ah?? A bit self-centred right? FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME: Nobody is talking about you or your God can?! I am only announcing my own new-found religion, and please respect my choice. Do not insult my God, giant cockroach or fluttering butterfly. My God is stupid and yours is not? Ugly I agree, but it is a matter of taste I

Evangelising has a time, and funerals are not it.

PERHAPS some of you might have already known from my blog, or perhaps with Singapore's mere three degrees of separation it is not difficult to guess - 20-year-old motorcyclist Goh Jingwei, who was killed last Saturday in the shocking bus-bike accident, was a friend of mine. It was a heart-wrenching and shocking ordeal for me, not only because of the cruel way Jingwei went, but also because he was the first of my friends to go. I cannot claim to have attended many funerals (nor would I ever want that), but so far, those that I've been to before Jingwei's were gracefully arranged. In my opinion, the service, no matter what religion the deceased may be, is overtly important. It is the last memory one can have of the deceased, and unpleasant as funerals always are, personalized eulogies by loved ones combined with tastefully prepared rituals or gentle bereavement speeches can seal the deceased in the best memory one can remember him as. In Jingwei's case, it was uncerta
I dunno what to write about leh ... But I've got good news though. I've just quit my full-time job to do more part-time work, and that means I'd have time to write more! I'm so sorry about the lag, been very busy recently, and I've been procrastinating on blogging - mainly coz there is so much to update in the media center, oh well... and any brilliant writing ideas will be given to my weekly Newpaper column first, and then second in waiting is Maxim... Maybe tonight, and yes I realised this entry has no point whatsoever...
Whether you have been a sour victim of one of his practical jokes, part of the audience that laughed with him, or are one of his lucky friends whom he has always been so loyal to, one thing is sure about Jing wei: He was never mediocre or forgettable. Those who knew him best loved him for his honest opinions, his bright ideas, his funny and cynical view of the world, his cute smile that can light up any room and well, his floppy hair, among other things. My classmate of sec 3 and 4 as well as a CCA mate (NCC), I remember Jingwei as being exceptionally streetwise. He was resourceful and quick-witted with a tinge of shrewdness - the exact makings of a good businessman - and one just knew he is the type who would be rich and successful later in life. During NCC, the seniors would always make fun of him because he was, then, still rather chubby and short (which he totally isn't now - became lanky and more shuai), and I'd get paired up with him because well, I'm short too. An

Singapore Fashion Festival!

IT WAS FANTABULOUS! It was well-organised, the seats were enough, and the models were pretty professional looking! First the Versace show. Compared to the Triumph show I thought the Versace one would be more dull and less glitterazi as it wasn't the final show, but I was wrong! I went with my colleague and this is my seat! The second row where the arrow is pointing. Just behind Kim Ng. =) And guess who was supposed to sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?? You wouldn't believe it. Fiona Xie! Ha! But of course, front row not atas enough, so she was seen later loitering upstairs at the gallery. Glad for that. Directly opposite were ... Wong Li Lin (nice dress!), her husband Allan Wu, and Shawn Chen. And then right in front of me were two extremely pretty socialites, totally clad in Versace in honour of the event. Envious, I tell you. Girl behind looks like Shu Qi, so I didn't crop her away! I was in some lucid green thing and terribly underdressed. There were some o

Preview preview!

Because I love you guys, I thick-skinnedly asked Singapore Fashion Week's PR agent in charge (thanks a lot Joyce!) if i could get media passes for the Versace and Triumph fashion show. I've got front row seats and lots of pictures. You might want to come back tomorrow. =)

How to add?!?

Click to enlarge I'm sorry if I didn't add you in friendster, but the sight of that amount of people waiting gave me a small heart attack.
BULLET A man came home one day after work, earlier than usual because he wasn't feeling so well. Upon entering his house, he realised that something seems amiss, as there was an extra pair of men's shoes there, put neatly at the doorstep. The ominous foreboding started to rise as he tried to rush up the stairs as quietly as he can, his heart beating loudly beneath his ribs. And it was as bad as he expected. His wife was on the bed with another man, thoroughly naked. He, that horrible horrible man, had the nerve to nuzzle her neck! Flashbacks of their relationship came to him; their courtship, how it stabled into marriage, how she promised she'd never do anything to hurt their love... The pain suddenly hit him with a pang as he realised how much he loves her, and how this fragile trust is going to be forever broken, just like the marriage he worked so hard on. He lost control of his emotions. He must kill the this man - this man who must have seduced his wife! Without