A man came home one day after work, earlier than usual because he wasn't feeling so well.

Upon entering his house, he realised that something seems amiss, as there was an extra pair of men's shoes there, put neatly at the doorstep.

The ominous foreboding started to rise as he tried to rush up the stairs as quietly as he can, his heart beating loudly beneath his ribs.

And it was as bad as he expected. His wife was on the bed with another man, thoroughly naked. He, that horrible horrible man, had the nerve to nuzzle her neck!

Flashbacks of their relationship came to him; their courtship, how it stabled into marriage, how she promised she'd never do anything to hurt their love... The pain suddenly hit him with a pang as he realised how much he loves her, and how this fragile trust is going to be forever broken, just like the marriage he worked so hard on.

He lost control of his emotions. He must kill the this man - this man who must have seduced his wife! Without a second thought, he pounced on him, strangling his neck, while his wife tried to explain the situation to him.

No explanation is needed, he thought. The sight of her naked before that man angered him even more, and she had the cheek to defend him? He'd settle her later - killing the man is more important.

The man fought back hard, and managed to fling the estranged husband onto the floor beside the bed. That slut started to help him wipe away the blood from his broken lip! That was more that the husband could bear. He opened his drawer, and whipped out a revolver.

The cheating couple froze, terrified. The wife had never known what was inside that locked drawer - but he knew. He had put the gun in himself for this precise reason, and the innate feeling he had that told him one day this would happen gave him a mild surprise.

How ironic, he thought. Because if he could have predicted this, then he shouldn't be impulsive enough to kill them, would he? And how ironic it is that he had told himself, while putting the gun in, that he wouldn't be using it, but it is "just as a precaution" - but here he is, holding it ready.

At this he laughed a maniacal laugh. His wife and her lover had been talking to him from the other side of the bed - the bed they fucking slept in, fucking hell; did he sleep on that man's semen? - trying to make him put down the gun, but -

"NO! SHUT UP!" he hollered at them, not absorbing a word.

"Calm down, Russell," his wife said, "I can explain, I really can! Please listen to me!"

She blabbered on as usual when she is nervous, her words tumbling over each other. Usually he listens because it is funny, but now it is just an irritating hum against his confusing thoughts.

"Shut up Agnes, or I'd blow your head in." Russell said in soft voice. "You fucking slut," he added as an afterthought.


The man made a move to rush out of the door.

Russell aimed to shoot at him, but fumbled with the cold metal's switches. It was in safety mode. This was the moment the lover needed and he jumped on Russell, trying to get the gun.

Russell, in desperation, fired a shot that went out of the window into their garden.

During the struggle, Russell was shot in the chest, and died.

"Oh Adrian, Adrian, what have you done?!" Agnes cried. "We killed him!"

Adrian stood numbed, his naked body splashed with fresh blood (and also some semen from just now).


Years passed. Adrian and Agnes buried Russell's body and led a new life together, still staying in the same terrace and sleeping on that eventful bed.

They now have two daughters, and that unfortunate event was never mentioned again.

"Adrian," said Agnes one day. "Would you go chop off that tree in the garden? It pains me to look at it; it is so diseased and old."

"Hmmm..." said Adrian who was beginning to find Agnes a pain in the ass. He was patronising her and hoping she'd just shut up.

"Will you go? Now?" Agnes said, with a cliched look of an angry housewife with a powdery apron and a rolling pin in hand.

Where are that woman's beautiful curls gone to? Adrian thought. Stopped growing the head and started growing down below? Adrian laughed to himself.

He dragged himself out of the house and took up the chainsaw.

What dull work, he thought, as he begins to saw down the old tree.

He was halfway into the trunk and still feeling rather dull when suddenly the blade of the fast-spinning chainsaw hit Russell's old misfired bullet and it ricocheted out in an angle, finally hitting Adrian in the face and through his brains, finally killing who it was meant to kill in the first place.



She woke up at 315am that night, nudging her sleeping husband.

"What is it, baby? It's late..." he mumbled.

"I dreamt of it again! It's that beautiful house! We must make our house like that!" she replied in excitement.

"You know we cannot afford it, baby. I'd love to buy it for you, but we can hardly afford such luxuries," he said.

"Hmpf," she said. "I've been dreaming about that house for the past 3 months! I want it."

But he had gone back to sleep.

It is no wonder that she wanted the place so much. Almost everyday she dreamt of it, and she knew every detail by heart. She loved its ancient Victorian settings, its lavish grandeur, and its lush red carpets. The funny thing is how the house never changed setting in her dreams. Always the same, almost faithfully urging her.

But their place is the exact opposite of her dream house. He liked the place with urban settings, and metal and glass filled their apartment instead of comfortable wood and old velvet. He knew his wife's housing preferences, but he also knew that such places are not going to be cheap - which, as abundant as his love for her is, he cannot afford.

He was still troubled over this when he drove pass a house in the countryside one day.

He stopped and stared.

The house proudly stood on soft green carpet grass, separated from the rest of the world by pearly white gates and flanked by two stone angels, exactly as his wife described to him ever so often.

A sign was hanging from one of the angels. "For Sale," it said. "Call Mr. Brown at 244-3958-375"

He laughed heartily and decided to call and try.

"Hi, how much are you selling the house off Dunhill road?" he enquired.

The real estate agent stated a ridiculously cheap sum.

"Really? Why is it so cheap?"

"Well, if you really want to know, the owner wants to sell it cheap because the place is haunted. She wants to get rid of it fast."

"Ha!" said the husband, who didn't believe in ghosts. "I'd take my chance! Can I view the house tomorrow then? I'd bring my wife along."

So it was settled.

The next day, when she arrived, she was stunned speechless.

The house was EXACTLY like what she had dreamt about. She followed the agent inside, still gingery from the shock. It wasn't a mere resemblance of her dream house; it WAS her dream house.

Its red carpets, that intricately craved wooden table at that exact place, the quaint fireplace... She was beside herself in joy!

"I want this house baby, I want it so! It is what I saw in my dreams!" she gushed.

Her husband smiled and said, yes, yes indeed they are going to own it, because it is affordable.

The real estate agent was glad to get a deal so easily. "Well," he said. "The owner will be arriving very soon, I think! As long as you sign this contract with her, the deal is sealed and the house is yours!"

The trio was having some pleasant talk about the house when suddenly a loud piercing scream filled the house.

The owner, standing a few metres away, was looking utterly thunderstruck and was had dropped her keys and bag in shock. Her eyes were popping and her mouth was agape in horror. Her finger was pointing directly at the wife.

"It is you," she said, "You are the ghost that haunts my house every night."


Stories adapted from the popular TV series, Fact or Fiction. Rewritten by me. I love that show and thought I'd share the stories that I remember. Any more? If anyone has any to contribute, do write it in the comments!!

p/s: I am sorry if I scared you. But ... Both stories are facts.


Ms Gia Gia said…
yeah~ finally i'm the 1st to post. I like this post. XD
kalambaki2 said…
am I the 2nd? I also like this post.
Rob said…
And I am the third.. ;-)

Great post, I like the blog, hope you got email saying so.. :-)

take care,

J Schnorng said…
So, the question is, which one is fact and which one is fiction? Are they both fact or both fiction? Are we supposed to guess?

Here's my prediction:

The first one is obviously a false story, because, knowing the wife, she wouldn't have tried to explain; don't tell me she lived in the house for so long and didn't know there was a gun next to her bed. What is she? Blind? Retarded? Maybe the husband just secretly hid it after she went to sleep? Lan tui! Obviously she knew about the gun. Instead of talking all the cock, the bitch would have shot him herself. Game over.

As for the second story, it is obviously true. Why? Because ghosts don't exist, lah! If there's a ghost in the house, it must have come from somewhere, right? Then the wife, being so obsessed, must have been a sleepwalker. Maybe the owner thought she was a ghost because she always wears facial masks at night. This also explains why she was so enraptured with the house. Since sleepwalking is damn tiring, when she saw the nice big comfy house, she thought it was the nicest thing in the world. See? MUST be true.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'm just full of shit.

Sang said…
God, that show scares me half to death every time I see it... especially at the end when they're like "YES IT IS FACT!". My favourite has to be the one where the old man strangles his son's killer in prison.
ningx said…
hmmmm, this show got show on channel 5 ar?
can tell me what time pls? :D and what day...
msrdic said…
Ok,the first story realy sucks,but the second scared the shit out of me...sadly,I never watched that showorwhatever,because I hate TV.Nevermind,I'll grab it on some shareserv.



Sang said…
for ningx:
(Not sure about Singapore but in the US the show was on Fox but got cancelled now it's being aired on the Sci-fi channel, I believe)

The show's official site:

Episode Guide:
(Read segment 4 and 5 for episode 101)
I enjoyed the story. It's hard to believe it's true though. I've never heard of the show even in the US. Sci Fi channel you say?
L I J I said…
Hmm .. interesting story ..

btw , XiaXue : you r working for " newpaper " now right .. ? hahas saw your post in the newpaper on Sunday ..
Zhe Bin said…
piang. the bullet one sounds like a bull. lol. fantastic twist, so i reckon it's a FICTION.

hmm miguel i don't think she's working for newpaper. she was working for Today previously lah. but she can answer for herself though.
Mode said…
Hey, your blog is interesting.

Interesting stories. I vaugely remember seeing this show either on the Sci-Fi Channel here in the US.
zeon said…
Hmm... the story is interesting... The bullet at last still gets in that man's head. I think both story can be fake... Of course the bullet thing is to be fake sound more like a drama. And the ghost, I think the owner of the house must be crazy. And when he sees a woman, he think that she must be the female ghost who bother him every night.
cake said…
You're a REAL Writer now!
*read in Pinochio voice*
Wimal said…
Woah...interesting stories. you sure they are facts?
Wimal said…
I like the second story. The first one seems highly unlikely though. J has a point bout not knowing bout the gun after so many years.
JT. said…
I like the ghost stuff.

By the way, it was shown on Chanel 5 last year or the year before last. My mum and I liked the host... Damn cool
JT. said…
I like the ghost stuff.

By the way, it was shown on Chanel 5 last year or the year before last. My mum and I liked the host... Damn cool
JO BAKES said…
I love the show! I like the host adn the stories. And the best part is how they make us wait till the end then they will reveal whether the stories are fact of fiction.

I really believe the stories are facts. Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. and each story the show present is backed up by some research or evidence.

Hope channel 5 can broadcas this show again soon. I miss it!
Nice one! I used to love the show too!

cheers said…
yup, I love the show too! Great show! nice stories, quite well-written. this is the entry i realli liked. hopefully u can write more along this line, as in like this entry. =)my mum used to tape the show and we would all watched it during dinner time coz if i'm not wrong, the show used to show at a very late timing and most, if not all of us would have been asleep by then.
always me said…
Reading through halfway, I thought there is something about the way the stories are written that I found so familiar, haha, then you said is Fact or Fiction.

I loved the show when it was on channel 5 then. Some of the stories really spooked me though.

Anyway, nice re-writing. =)
Darthsid said…

I guess I prefer the old fashioned bitching and attacking of people going on..
But hey, that's just my opinion...
Istvan Paul said…
Ah finally you're writing something worthy to read.
jeromnimbo said…
Somehow I believe both stories are true. Weird.
MiE said…
both stories are facts laaarh didn't you see her last sentence the PS thingy?! Like jeez?

Anyway I don't really follow the show...scares the bejeesus out of me every time I watch it alone at nite. Hahkz.
Squido said…
Nice show. Usually at 10 or 11 pm and its setting is in a room full of antiques a la Ripley's belive it or not but it is seriously creepy. Always made me arfraid to use the toilet during the show =X
Dilip Mutum said…
My first time commenting here. I read about the bullet finally finding its mark after years but I guess the story is a bit spiced up. I don't belive the 2nd one. But the stories are great all the same.
Jonathan said…
My goodness, suddenly a story coming out....scary
Gabrielle said…
huh? now still got fact or fiction meh?? its so long time ago. but anyway i think the bullet story sounded more logical.
PrinCesS sTepH said…
where are the answers to the IQ questions complete with the porno stickmen figures???!!
Sam W. said…
AHAHAH. I like Fact of Fiction, I think some of the stories are really logical.
Jasper said…
aiyo... never heard of astral walking? or chinese's "ling hun chu qiao" ?? got scientific experiments done on astral walking wat...
Jasper said…
aiyo... never heard of astral walking? or chinese's "ling hun chu qiao" ?? got scientific experiments done on astral walking wat...
[H]irai`` said…
y do i think the 2nd one is funny. the owner thought the wife is a ghost. dats wad i can think of.
Lili said…
if i'm not wrong, the factual stories in Beyond Belief usually ends with something like

"inspired by a true story that happened..." and they state the year and place.

so, much of those facts which seems unbelievable most probably got exagerated.

thats why i love that show.

Marcelly said…
Hi all, I thought I'd just share an interesting story I've heard from my dad when I was younger.

There was once a young couple, who was blessed with a beautiful daughter named Jenna.
Showering her with endless love, Jenna grew up to be a very cheerful, lovable little girl.

However, at a tender age of 5, Jenna had developed a terminal disease which was incurable. Her parents had tried everything they could to save her.
But alas, less than a year later, Jenna sadly passed away.

The couple was absolutely devastated and they could never forget Jenna's sweet, sunshiny smiles and giggles. However, life had to go on.

A year later, the couple was thankfully blessed again with another daughter. They could not be any happier. The baby girl was just as beautiful as Jenna. Her hair was brown, curly and luscious like Jenna's.
Their second daughter was named Jenni.
Years have passed and the couple grew fonder and fonder of Jenni everyday.

One day, when Jenni was five, she spoke up sweetly to her mother, asking : " Mom, have you seen my little blue dress with the frilly purple ribbons and a purple hippo?"

Her mother was confused for awhile for she could not recall Jenni possessing such a dress.

She however, suddenly remembered that Jenna's favourite dress was also blue with frilly purple ribbons.

Bemused, she searched high and low for the dress in the store room, for she has kept all of Jenna's previous posssesions and nicely tucked them away in the attic.

She found the purple dress and realised that there was smiling hippo embroidered on it.
She showed it to Jenni and Jenni leaped happily, " Momi momi!! That's my favourite dress!! Where have you been hiding it??"

Jenni also then asked her mother where her favourite white teddy bear with the cowboy hat was.

Again, her mother was puzzled. That was Jenna's favourite bear too.

Seeking help from a medium and a fortune teller, Jenni's mother was advised that Jenna had reincarnated as Jenni. This was because of the very close emotional attachment to Jenna the young couple had developed when Jenna was still alive.

The parents, although found the news very hard to fathom and believe, had decided to put the thoughts away and embrace Jenni's presence to the fullest.
They loved her more than ever.

Fact or fiction? That's arguable, I didn't hear this first hand, nor did I read it off a book.

Anonymous said…
this post is gr8...and the show is gd oso...quite unbelievable sometimes...veri hard 2 guess oso...
1st story: u chainsaw the tree and the bullet gains the speed 2 shoot thru ur brain?!tho it's fact,bt it's quite hard 2 accept
2nd story: hmmm...to me,if u put it into other words,it's a story abt her living frm her physical body to her 'Dream House'...i heard of things like thise when i was younger...when u slp,ur soul leaves ur body and it flutters elsewhere...
idiot said…
i don't understand the lsat story.. conclusion - the wife is ghost or the owner dreamt of the lady and think that she is the ghost?? so confuse..
spadie said…
interesting story and yet ironic... such is life

"catus in concrete jungle"

s. said…
Well, obviously, the wife was indeed viewing the house. She was doing so in her dreams (as she presumed) but in fact, her soul was.
jllt said…

Tom came home from work one day with a big box in his hands.

"Who is it for, daddy? his daughter, Sarah asked.

"It's for my dear baby. Daddy bought it from the toy store."

The box was quickly opened by a very excited Sarah. It was a magnificent piece of work. The house was set in the Victorian style, with the tiny furniture immaculately engraved and painted. Perfect curtains hung on the windows and there were even tins in the cupboards. Suddenly, the lights came on.


"Don't worry sweetie. Daddy's hand just brushed the light switch accidentally."

With the enthusiasm of a 5-year-old, Sarah started exploring the doll house. She noticed the doll family was not intact. It had an adult female and two young children, one male, one female.

"Why don't they have a daddy, daddy? Will you be their daddy?"

Tom was checking his mail and answered absentmindedly,"Sure, Sarah. Anything you said."

For the rest of the evening, Sarah laid on the floor with her mother, Alice, marveling at the workmanship of the dollhouse. It was a long day and Tom felt very tired. So he went to bed early, leaving the girls in the living room to explore the dollhouse.

The next morning...

Alice descended the stairs with a hand over her mouth to surpress a yawn. I'm too old to sit on the floor the whole night, she mused. She felt that the living room was different but could not quite put her finger on what was strange. Shrugging it off, Alice went on to prepare breakfast for Tom and lunchboxes for Sarah and Mike to bring to school. Tom is probably coming back from his morning jog soon.

"Hey Mum! Come and look! The doll daddy came back!" shouted Sarah from the living room.

Alice's head jerked up and she stared at the doll Sarah was holding. It looked exactly like Tom...

Then, she saw the curtains on her windows; curtains she never had...
NoPro said…
Hello. I'm reading ur blog for the first time and i muz say its very engaging!
On topic proper, i think the best one i've heard (the fact or fiction catergory) is the one on "Three Men and a baby".
A woman, who let out her house for the filming, watched the movie and saw her dead son in the background. Her son apparently killed himself with a shotgun previously. Both the son and his shotgun could be seen even in the final cut of the movie.
Dun knoe if this is true but its interesting nonetheless.
fact or fiction. i think both are very interesting to ponder on. hmm but i was a bit of confused when i first read the first one. er nvm.

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