Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh yeah? I believe when I die, I will meet God (I use the term "God" loosely - I mean a superior being), who is a fucking big cockroach, like 12 feet tall. Why? Well, because God (in my view) is almighty, and everyone is scared of cockroaches! Maybe not everyone is scared of cockroaches when they are small, but a 12 foot cockroach??! Aha! And, and SHE (because only female cockroaches fly, and flying cockroaches are fucking scary) ... She can jolly well put me in anywhere she wants, as long as those hairy brown legs don't come near me ...!

Now don't you go around insulting my religion and beliefs.

Postnote: Why (some of) you Christians like that one ah?? A bit self-centred right? FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME: Nobody is talking about you or your God can?! I am only announcing my own new-found religion, and please respect my choice. Do not insult my God, giant cockroach or fluttering butterfly. My God is stupid and yours is not? Ugly I agree, but it is a matter of taste I guess! Tsk - differing opinions, different faiths. Leave me alone with mine! I am not imposing my views on you, am I?

There is nothing wrong with writing on MY blog about my religion right? Cockroach bless you.