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Dear blogders, I'd be off for a holiday to Bintan till Tuesday! Updates when I come back. =)
One of the trademark things about Singapore is her swelteringly hot weather, and I constantly whine about it. Having waist-long hair doesn't help, and neither does whining, but it makes me happy that others are irritated together with me. But I get irritated right back: because Singaporeans are so fond of saying the Chinese saying "If the heart is calm it will naturally be cool(ing)". Whenever someone says that I get fits and start foaming at the mouth. Stop it already; that sentence doesn't make sense! My prompt reply is always, "Oh yeah? Let's put you into a microwave and see if it is still cool!" Most people wilt under my malevolent glare and scurry away, with the exception of my friend's ex who replied, "You find me a microwave big enough first!" — which is obviously not the point, so let's not talk about him. The thing is, if it is hot it is hot . Whether your heart is icy or not, your skin is programmed to feel the temperature
Nice site: Phamous69 , gotten from Petes. ;) As the title suggests, it is strictly for the mature audience only. The site is beautiful! Very nice right, I want my site to be like all diamond-ly also... Any web designer would like to do my site for me? I'd advertise for you, haha... Anyway, my absolute favourite is "Charity" under images. She moves! Have fun. =)

Fucking stupid people all around

Why are some people so dumb? I wrote about the 'marriage proposal' because I thought Kenny's blog is hilarious and I wanted to introduce my readers to him. Simple as that. And for a laugh. What he wrote back, I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I do not see the "blog war", nor the offence. Hell, if I can take a photo of myself looking like Yoda, I don't see why I should be angry if Kenny photoshops my photos (well done too!!), and Kenny knows that. Well, for the bulk of you who have a sense of humour, I hope you liked both our entries. =) Meanwhile, I've been generating, once again, a frenzy of hate posts with the recent media exposure. I get annoyed when, once again, I see some obscure blogger bash me, AND READERS SAY, LET'S REJOICE, FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKS UP AGAINST XIAXUE ! Finally? Finally? Yes, rejoice my hairy ass. Almost every other day someone writes something bad about me - what's the big fucking deal? These dumbass readers go like, "

Please scold me...

It is time to update the media center - I've got 3 new TV interviews, two new cover pages of dailies and many small small articles but I AM SO FUCKING LAZY and unmotivated. Please nag me, scold me and abuse me to it NOW and stop procrastinating! LIKE NOW! Don't want lah. I think I go sleep. Or maybe play some game.

It took me...

21 years to realise that Bras Basah Road has the word bras in it.
Hello, stranger.


I also want to be rich leh. I want to live in a big house with a piano-shaped swimming pool (carpet grass and palm trees!), then I can invite all my friends over to swim, and we can ask the inhouse bartender to make us some lychee martinis, and I can even ask my driver to go to their houses and fetch them here. I want to have my wealthy gramps tellings me that he'd sponsor my room's decorations, and I'd make my toilet so big my girlfriends can have a jacuzzi together (since shuyin dun like tanning), with a series of Crabtree's bubble baths to choose from and my carpet will be Bailey's-cream coloured, and my room decked in gold and pink, just the way I like it. I'd plaster a larger-than-life sized painting of myself on the high-ceilinged wall. I'd have a loris. That is not endangered enough. I'd have a baby white tiger pawing his way around. Hell, my room would have two floors (I have a friend's friend who really has such a ludicrous thing and I

I am a Chinese genius at heart

I had this dream. I dreamt that there were two Indian mamashop owners who were cannibals. They wanted to eat up my RV friends (who are, since RV is a Chinese school, all Chinese). Somehow, we ended up in a desert, and they ate somebody up. I was damn scared I was to be next. However, they seemed to be full with one RV student, and were quite friendly to the rest of us after that. We sat down in a circle (with like 7 or 8 other students) and the two cannibals started to demand that we all say [that's Chinese proverbs, or idioms, I don't know], one by one. Although they wouldn't understand, it would be entertaining to hear. One by one my RV schoolmates came up with ridiculously difficult proverbs/idioms that I cannot recite for my life. But I knew the idioms were correct because I've heard them before la, but you know, you cannot just recall all at one time like that. We got through like 6 idioms, and everybody applauded when someone said something difficult. I was a

Wherefore art thou cute?

Hui Fen told me the other day about her ex and how they got to know each other. Apparently, he put a cigarette packet on each shoulder, marched up to her, and said, "I heard you like broad shoulders!" That is just spectacularly cute!! I think it can make almost every girl laugh, and the pick-up line is almost guaranteed to work if the guy is not ugly. (Men thinking of using this, I'd just like to warn you that a lot of girls read my blog and if you copy, you are a loser.) This got me thinking ... There are some things, that when a guy does, are almost guaranteed to make a girl go, " So cute !" Or " So sweet !" whatever, and drop down on their knees, immediately becoming slaves to the men. I have one more example from Hui Fen, where her guy friend says "What's up, (a kind of food)" in a groggy (read: sexy) voice to her whenever she gives him a morning call, but she says this is private and would like to keep it that way. So yes, very

shTruckload of Photos!

Just pics, lots and lots of my pics, to celebrate my new-found camera!! The LAST... Of my fair-skinned and long-eyelashed photos... My lashes are REAL! Stop accusing me. Nice right my Ikea lights? Look like thoughts coming out of my head! I love my M.A.C lipstick and Prescriptives lipgloss! Spot of acrylic paint on skirt. Tsk. Nice? Hui Fen helped me buy from US! Only $105, and we are selling in SG at $180! Very bling bling! I LOVE IT ! Suddenly, I decided I am very sick of how I look and decided to go for drastic changes! First, a hair dye. Yikes, the black! Still, a good hair day. =) Kimage - $26 by students. Tadah! Still look very boring ... I SHALL GO TAN!!! And highlight my hair blonde! Unfortunately, I also went to perm my eyelashes, and it got depressingly frayed at the ends, so I cut them off. =( Yay!!! I look different! Blogder Ginger bought me a birthday present to be collected from the M.A.C counter! Shuyin holds it for me. Bronzer! S