Friday, May 20, 2005


I also want to be rich leh. I want to live in a big house with a piano-shaped swimming pool (carpet grass and palm trees!), then I can invite all my friends over to swim, and we can ask the inhouse bartender to make us some lychee martinis, and I can even ask my driver to go to their houses and fetch them here.

I want to have my wealthy gramps tellings me that he'd sponsor my room's decorations, and I'd make my toilet so big my girlfriends can have a jacuzzi together (since shuyin dun like tanning), with a series of Crabtree's bubble baths to choose from and my carpet will be Bailey's-cream coloured, and my room decked in gold and pink, just the way I like it. I'd plaster a larger-than-life sized painting of myself on the high-ceilinged wall. I'd have a loris. That is not endangered enough. I'd have a baby white tiger pawing his way around.

Hell, my room would have two floors (I have a friend's friend who really has such a ludicrous thing and I've seen it - the second floor's floor area is half that of the lower floor, geddit?). The bed would be upstairs and accessible by a spiral staircase and surrounded by roses changed everyday, pink and champagne ones. My own KTV system, a baby grand, and hell, let's have a dance floor too, complete with DJ console.

A walk-in wardrobe where the clothes are sorted alphabetically complete with two fitting rooms for me to get the shopping feel when I am changing.

I want to have my own little pony, and he will be white with a swishy tail and have beautiful soulful brown eyes.

My car - nothing too flashy, just the exact same pink one the Jap model drove in Too Fast Too Furious, complete with pink fumes and lights.

I will "bao" any actor I want, and have him serenade me with a French accent while doing my nails and telling me, I am ze most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and indeed I am, because I have machines helping me lose weight and curl my hair...

OK enough dreaming. MUST MAKE MORE MONEY.