I also want to be rich leh. I want to live in a big house with a piano-shaped swimming pool (carpet grass and palm trees!), then I can invite all my friends over to swim, and we can ask the inhouse bartender to make us some lychee martinis, and I can even ask my driver to go to their houses and fetch them here.

I want to have my wealthy gramps tellings me that he'd sponsor my room's decorations, and I'd make my toilet so big my girlfriends can have a jacuzzi together (since shuyin dun like tanning), with a series of Crabtree's bubble baths to choose from and my carpet will be Bailey's-cream coloured, and my room decked in gold and pink, just the way I like it. I'd plaster a larger-than-life sized painting of myself on the high-ceilinged wall. I'd have a loris. That is not endangered enough. I'd have a baby white tiger pawing his way around.

Hell, my room would have two floors (I have a friend's friend who really has such a ludicrous thing and I've seen it - the second floor's floor area is half that of the lower floor, geddit?). The bed would be upstairs and accessible by a spiral staircase and surrounded by roses changed everyday, pink and champagne ones. My own KTV system, a baby grand, and hell, let's have a dance floor too, complete with DJ console.

A walk-in wardrobe where the clothes are sorted alphabetically complete with two fitting rooms for me to get the shopping feel when I am changing.

I want to have my own little pony, and he will be white with a swishy tail and have beautiful soulful brown eyes.

My car - nothing too flashy, just the exact same pink one the Jap model drove in Too Fast Too Furious, complete with pink fumes and lights.

I will "bao" any actor I want, and have him serenade me with a French accent while doing my nails and telling me, I am ze most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and indeed I am, because I have machines helping me lose weight and curl my hair...

OK enough dreaming. MUST MAKE MORE MONEY.


derrick said…
Hmm... your own collection of nice cool sports and vintage cars garage would be nice! you know, the type that Bruce Wayne has! Oh ya!you could maybe pay to have your name imprinted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! haha now thats flaunting your dough!
Alovefororange said…
Lucky I am not you... If not I will be so stressed at home coz there will be too many things to do instead of good ol' sleeping. lol.

Don't you agree? Tataz.
HaMz said…
*goes back to lalaland*
I dun wan to wake up...
heyzel said…
Itz NicE to haVE drEams!!! :p
DIP Project said…
if i'm not mistaken, the 'Jap model' from Too Fast Too Furious; her names's Devon. and again, if my memory serves me well, she's not entirely jap. mother's asian[i can't recall what nationality though] and her father's caucasian. [or is it vice versa?] her mother chose the name 'Devon' because when she visited a town in England called Devonshire, the mother thought it to be the most beautiful place she'd ever seen.

Wei Xin said…
Hello. This is Wei Li's brother over here. I think you should know me. I love reading your blog. It always makes me laugh and asking for more of your entries. Haha! Being rich is nice. However, being too rich isn't. At least that is what i think so.
Raine said…

if we weren't stranger.. you can come over to my house to use our pool but unfortunately its not shaped like a piano..

you can have your lychee martinis and margaritas because one of the maids knows how to make them..

i have my own bedroom and bathroom (we have our own rooms and bathrooms) but its not decked in pink and gold.. its light lilac or lavender but i do have a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom (actually each bathroom in the house has one) with crabtree and evelyn bath and body products..

i have a dog (golden retriever) named maverick instead of a loris and a white tiger cub..

i have a walk-in wardrobe but it does not have two dressing rooms and my clothes are not sorted alphabetically but instead sorted by brands and colors..

lastly.. i have a car and a bike and they are definitely not pink..
genevieve//* said…
its not the model. is the car. and that car in 2fast 2furious is a Honda S2000. nice car. muahahah.. nice dreams. =))
Mozzie said…
I think you should find yourself a sugar daddy then you won't have to work so hard.
wats more extinct than a loris? a baby jedi!!.....how do they reproduce after the old jedi is dead??? question...will my comment be deleted?
sorry...i meant a baby yoda...wouldnt it be cute?
-ben said…
The word, "Jap," is a racist term of disparagement.
Way Wrong said…
How do u sort clothes alphabetically?? Brand names or color? Or do u give them names?
Raine said…
when i say i sort my clothes out by brands and color i meant something like this:

abercormbie and fitch - blue (it will be all abercrombie and fitch in all hues of blue)

ralph lauren - grey (it will be all ralph lauren in all hues of grey)

tommy hilfiger - yellow (it will be all tommy hilfiger in all hues of yellow)

baby phat - lavender or lilac (it will be all baby phat in all hues of lavender or lilac)

etc.. etc.. etc

i think you know what i mean..
bEaNiE said…
hiyee..am always reading yr blogs cuz found it interesting. Anyway your dream hse sounds cool! Anybody would love this kinda hse, including me! =) The car that you're toking abt where the jap model (Devon Aoki) is driving in 2 fast 2 furious is a Honda S2000, 1 of my fav car too!

But one thing abt such big hse, living alone in it, can be quite scary, dunch u tink so?
Rode said…
Rode said…
YOU ARE VERY SICK. marc.vidal@gmail.com
O.E.B. said…
thank god you are not paris hilton...
babe said…
wendy cheng fat without make up!
she actuali took out my comment post n another person's cos of this.. omg! u r ugly

larissa* said…
ok, i'm using my sister's acc to post. i think you write really well, very witty and cool. Gr8t photos too. love your blog, saw it in a mag and wanted to check it out, glad i did. Rock on!
WeHateXiaXue said…
come on lah xia xue.. pls review how Singaporeans think of you (Come on guys, im not bashing her! Just reviewing and showing you guys how, in general, singaporeans feel about her:)

Quoting the forum for you people

Beep Wrote:
Ok, im terribly sorry people.. but.. uh.. i really need to get this off my chest, you know.. well erm, it evolves around XiaXue again, and i must paste more facts back to you guys///

Btw, ive seen Xia Xue in real life before, and i know some of her friends, tho not close ones.. (anyway who's close to xiaxue the schizo?)

In Wendy Chua's blog, she wrote: -- *My personal comments in italics
About Me

My PSLE is 269. (So? You ended up in poly, anyway. And so much for kaopeing people from Normal Technical, saying that they are "struggling with their work")

As if that says anything at all. (You just proved your point)

I am also smart(Nope, you're not), beautiful(Well, if you mean FAT, Short - 1.55m only! and Plummy, come on, i've seen you in real life), and a total sex goddess (or so I say) (yep, you look like those despo people who would jump into any bed with any man). I am short by mortal standards (shrugs and waves hand in a nonchalant godly manner) but that doesn't bother me (Well, at least understand that you're being ugly and incomplete so you have no rights to kaopei others, like miss. Singapore). I am also mean and ^&&!@y(Yar loh, you sound like a siao gi na). Some girls say they are mean & ^&&!@y too, but they are actually mild like hand soap - while I am the real thing, baby!(Yep, you're real, erm as in, really siao gi na) I look at you in the eye and tell you you look like a blind La Salle student dressed you up(You blog is full of pretentious crap). Who cares about your feelings? My world revolves around me. *smirks* (Good time living in your bubble world, wait a minute, i think its time you wake it, you're not born a beauty, nor are you a beauty now, xiao zhu zhu)

I despise girls who have no character and backbones of their own (aka "shu nu"Wink, and I despise stupid guys who like these girls even more. HMPF! My dream is to kill all of them and pretend it was a gas explosion. Alternately, I could transport all the stupid(Hey, you're stupid urself!) people into a spaceship and send them to Uranus by telling them that Earth is facing a meteor collision.

One day, I also aspire to cut off everyone's eyelashes, so that mine will be the longest.(One day, short and fat people like you wont exist)

Wanna know more about me? READ THE BLOG LAH!

(I can stand it if you're ugly, xia xue
I can stand it if you're short, xia xue
I can stand it if you're fat, xia xue
I can stand it if you like to kaopei Miss. Singapore and NT students
But I cant stand it if you are short, fat and ugly and still wanna kaopei others!

Saint' wrote: u see her putting more n more makeups each day n it gets thicker n thicker ?? don worry .. she will soon become what she wrote .. short , ugly n still wan to kaopei

M©+square wrote:
I condemn her.

Pui Pui pui

FI can do a better job.
mistyblue wrote:
she got personality problem one...
its just that she's a good example to show that girls should not follow her footsteps and guys should avoid her at all costs... .

She's just some young ,ignorant , beauty queen wanna be - attention seeker... and most of the attention she got was out of curiousity which eventually led to negative comments....

Her blog shows the level of maturity in her liaoz.. seriously cannot make it.. (esp. the Handphone "article" she came out with)...

Anyway, I bet someone like her don't have many TRUE friends...she's popular coz she's infamous... i bet 90% of the people here in sgforums are better off than her... so who cares right.. lolz.. have a good laugh at her lame yet entertaining blog and forget about it... y waste ur memory space?? She'll be history in no time...

ya ya .. steven lim and her made a good couple.

for me i dont even give a damn.
Agreed that any gal in sg forum is prettier than her haa...
She cnt even compare to my puppy.. haaa...

hey xia xue no point keep deleting lah, you keep deleting i will continuing posting.. hehe :D

come on man, face it, you're gaining fame because 1) foreign man wanna peep at fat singapore girls 2) you're notorious...

kudos. dun delete this post.. let singaporeans know the truth
Jeff said…
"her mother chose the name 'Devon' because when she visited a town in England called Devonshire, the mother thought it to be the most beautiful place she'd ever seen."

Devonshire is a county (7000km^2) not a town. It is beautiful though.

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