Monday, May 9, 2005

Dear old Blogders,

As well that the vast amount of new readers from Zaobao, Straits Times and SFgate,

I apologize for the lag in blogging. I am usually not so boring. Mr Adrian has made my computer worse than ever in a valiant attempt to save it. It now shows me the blue screen of death while exclaiming how XP has an exciting new look.

However, in an exciting twist, my mom's computer has recovered by itself. I now feel hard-pressed, my lovely readers, not to blog my long-awaited birthday blog entry.

I must say something which will scare some timid people into hysterics. The birthday blog has a grand total of 121 photos from 3 different cameras, and counting. I haven't even shot all my presents. I imagine your menstrual cycle would be completed by the time the pictures finish loading.

Please, stay tuned. I know I've lied many times and cannot be trusted, but I still love you very much baby, and I promise I will change. You will come back later, wouldn't you?

Meanwhile, you can always enjoy my classics (finish can read again!), at the friendly neighbourhood sidebar.

All my love,