Dear old Blogders,

As well that the vast amount of new readers from Zaobao, Straits Times and SFgate,

I apologize for the lag in blogging. I am usually not so boring. Mr Adrian has made my computer worse than ever in a valiant attempt to save it. It now shows me the blue screen of death while exclaiming how XP has an exciting new look.

However, in an exciting twist, my mom's computer has recovered by itself. I now feel hard-pressed, my lovely readers, not to blog my long-awaited birthday blog entry.

I must say something which will scare some timid people into hysterics. The birthday blog has a grand total of 121 photos from 3 different cameras, and counting. I haven't even shot all my presents. I imagine your menstrual cycle would be completed by the time the pictures finish loading.

Please, stay tuned. I know I've lied many times and cannot be trusted, but I still love you very much baby, and I promise I will change. You will come back later, wouldn't you?

Meanwhile, you can always enjoy my classics (finish can read again!), at the friendly neighbourhood sidebar.

All my love,


Ah^Yuan said…
1st to comment !

been waiting eons for your bdae photos !! hope that your com will recover soon. and ya, Happy Belated Birthday !!
donoe said…
i've really been waiting for a while for the photos.. but i'll keep waiting anyway (and im sure my friends too..)

dewei, keen and sebas wishes you a happy 21st! (it'll be our turn soon)
lalalabom said…
loveriot said…
Anyway, Wendy, just wanna say you're my Blog Idol!!
Always will be!!!!
Keep writing in those funny things you're so good at, ok?
Hope your computer will be ok soon.
Unknown said… comp kena virus also. And it will shut down by itself with warning. That sucks so much! Anyway, I will wait for the photos! And I definitely will come back here again!!
Yah, photos would be grand!

However, maybe starting up a Flickr account for your pix would be a good idea lah.

It's easier to upload and manage oodles of pix than with blogger...
i believe said…
hellos...this is my first time see your blog..hrm..nice blog..=)
bubblejoy said…
having been reading ur blog for the pass few months and i really like it very much.
desperately waiting for the photos to be uploaded. hopefully i will be uploaded real soon.
anyway happy belated 21st birthdaY~
good luck.
Unknown said…
just make sure you've changed : ))
comradewo1f said…
hey! wow...that many photos? Well...I'd be damn reluctant to write about it. Ah well--I think your FANS would understand if it's too tedious to upload all your photos yes?

Ah well, take care!
Soli Loquy said…
my goodness... xiaxue hasnt been sounding like herself d past 2 blogs!!! are u sure ur okay??? better not be some babi hacker who hacked xiaxue's blog.... AWAY WITH U!
Luv U Baby!
There's another cool article about you on CRP's! Push HERE to VIEW!
silveryarn said…
hmm the sidebar classics thing..that's like tuckermax's site, no?
bUttsH4k3r said…
crap's sake, now i have to go read phone sex all over again :(
oNe foReVeR said…
i oni saw u on sunday's zaobao...are u on straits times too??
Darren Sia said…
Ya, i onli noe u when i saw u on zaobao. lol but the blog is really simple but nice. wat virus com kanna?? got put up firewall or antivirus?? if got then suay loh... lol anyway XP ROX!! (i prefer Xp pro) ;>
ken said…
yar man... dun sound(type) like the usual xx leh. i sense, at the point of time there may be things xx wants to type but preferably in her private diary eh? *psychic*
LuKe said…
Hmmm. If he did a reformat and BSOD appears, I think maybe hardware dying le. Go check out how long yur H/W already...if > 2 yrs...not surprising esp. if you used for extended hours without gd ventilation...

Or maybe some other stuff I say here you also might not understand...hahaha...such things very common in Windows...from old times till now...

Anyway may you continue blogging =)

Robin said…
You definitelly need to get an Apple, then you won't have all those problems anymore!
Miff said…
I saw you on TV and read bout you on CRP. They have NEW stuff about you at their website, just push HERE!
I think I counted four or five Xiaxue entries on their diary!

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