It took me...

21 years to realise that Bras Basah Road has the word bras in it.


derrick said…
Hmm.. it took me 20 then..
ISupportXiaxue said…
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ISupportXiaxue said…
At least it took u 21 years... it took me me 23 years. Bras Basah sound like Bras Ba Sa (Bras Market) hor? The indian second hand bookshops sure sell the books there cheap compared to popular.
MightyBV said…
It took me about the same amount of time to finally get an opportunity to take a bra off of a girl. Then, she woke up and I had to stop. Life sucks. I hate all things.
UltraVinz said…
*clap~ clap~ clap~

Mensa you were sayin'?

Eh! There are "men" in Mensa! Hahaha~
Seri said…
hey are you listing pickup lines that worked on/for you or what? or are you testing how many comments your one-liners generate?
Nadia said…
BASAH in Malay means WET ... put it together and you get WET BRAS COMPLEX ... hehehehe ... just thought I share that ... Lurve reading your blog ... Take care and have a nice weekend Ms Xiaxue! :)
Dave Lucas said…
Xiaxue Lovers! English translation of the Wendy's May 8 ZaoBao interview is HERE
Anonymous said…

eisen said…
i always thought the bras in bras basah road probably referred to rice.. which is beras in malay.. and something got lost in translation.. thus.. bras basah road.. (wet rice road, basah means wet)

but then.... well... wet bras road... maybe long long time ago.. when orchard road was a coconut tree plantation,

there was a kampung at bras basah road.. and the women there always hang up their wet bras in broad daylight for everyone 2 see..
and ppl referred to the road as wet bras road cos u can always see the latest victoria's secret line displayed wet on the clotheslines..

u think?
Yin Leong said…
actually i thot "Bras Basah" is more like "Bras Besar".... like "big bras"...
it took me 22 years.
meaning now then i know.

btw, hello.
loveriot said…
Nyahahahahahahahahaha. I actually erupted into mad giggles when I read your post. Funnniiiieeee. xP
Who was the pervert who named it Bras Basah Road?
VaLernax said…
E said…
its called HOPE THEORY
this theory says that
if there sum1 who like u a lot
but u arent sure...not 100% sure
if u like him
or u are just being nice to him becoz he's really nice to u
and u don want to tell him the truth
becoz it will break his
in fact , u are giving him false hope
false hope that u will one day accept him
but actually u will NEVER accept him
so he everyday HOPE n HOPE
and as the days go by
his love will deeepen
and as u drag it longer
the hurt will become greater
so , if u dont think he has a slightest chance
don give him hope
u will only hurt him more n the end
SU said…
geez, you must be slow. my friends and i realised that many years ago.
andy_elvins said…
your blog is damn boring.... pls post more interesting happening or watever that is funny...
Emi said…
Oh, do not worry.
That proves that your mind is as pure as... sugar or something.
No dirty thought. :o

kat said…
Braddell too x)
Gabrielle said…
I nv buy bras anywhere but department stores, or big big shops that sell nothing but bras.

but calvin klein bras rocks!!!!!!!!
aidle said…
Took me 33 years, eventhough I pass there many time.
Thanks and L.O.L, at least there's some topic I can bring to the workplace to make people laugh.

スロ / Bernat said…
robin said…
Bras Basah Road which was officially named in 1835, was spelt "Beras Basah" in olden days and it means in Malay, "wet rice".
Maia said…
Interesting! Love the pics from your party.
SPG said…
Hey Wendy! I LOVE YOU! I just checked out the English translation of the ZaoBao interview. Thanks for being a role model for us bloggers. Anybody else need English click HERE.
Teekay said…
great, there's a penis in tampinese and buttocks in bukit batok... dun you think singapore is actually ready for more of such names? rather than the dumb LRT names they have in Sengkang?
seraphicera said…
took me 14 years.
Anonymous said…
How about... Talking cock!... *nudge nudge*... -.-

I'll just sit in the corner over there ------------------->
Claris said…
u mean you took so long??`hmmm
Arika said…
it took me only a glance.... Made me wonder what does it stands for....
~Mav'RiCk~ said…
So the original name is "Beras Basah"? I guess our government's too poor to buy that extra vowel then..
PaperBear said…
Hi, maybe you can help to rally the adoption of animals at SPCA since so much readers you have here. Well I can't do much. Just a suggestion.

babe said…
wendy cheng fat without make up!
she actuali took out my comment post n another person's cos of this.. omg! u r ugly
Colin Jones said…
Woah... took mean nearly 19 years... I'm a guy, i am suppose to notice such stuff! BAH!!!
WeHateXiaXue said…
come on lah xia xue.. pls review how Singaporeans think of you (Come on guys, im not bashing her! Just reviewing and showing you guys how, in general, singaporeans feel about her:)

Quoting the forum for you people

Beep Wrote:
Ok, im terribly sorry people.. but.. uh.. i really need to get this off my chest, you know.. well erm, it evolves around XiaXue again, and i must paste more facts back to you guys///

Btw, ive seen Xia Xue in real life before, and i know some of her friends, tho not close ones.. (anyway who's close to xiaxue the schizo?)

In Wendy Chua's blog, she wrote: -- *My personal comments in italics
About Me

My PSLE is 269. (So? You ended up in poly, anyway. And so much for kaopeing people from Normal Technical, saying that they are "struggling with their work")

As if that says anything at all. (You just proved your point)

I am also smart(Nope, you're not), beautiful(Well, if you mean FAT, Short - 1.55m only! and Plummy, come on, i've seen you in real life), and a total sex goddess (or so I say) (yep, you look like those despo people who would jump into any bed with any man). I am short by mortal standards (shrugs and waves hand in a nonchalant godly manner) but that doesn't bother me (Well, at least understand that you're being ugly and incomplete so you have no rights to kaopei others, like miss. Singapore). I am also mean and ^&&!@y(Yar loh, you sound like a siao gi na). Some girls say they are mean & ^&&!@y too, but they are actually mild like hand soap - while I am the real thing, baby!(Yep, you're real, erm as in, really siao gi na) I look at you in the eye and tell you you look like a blind La Salle student dressed you up(You blog is full of pretentious crap). Who cares about your feelings? My world revolves around me. *smirks* (Good time living in your bubble world, wait a minute, i think its time you wake it, you're not born a beauty, nor are you a beauty now, xiao zhu zhu)

I despise girls who have no character and backbones of their own (aka "shu nu"Wink, and I despise stupid guys who like these girls even more. HMPF! My dream is to kill all of them and pretend it was a gas explosion. Alternately, I could transport all the stupid(Hey, you're stupid urself!) people into a spaceship and send them to Uranus by telling them that Earth is facing a meteor collision.

One day, I also aspire to cut off everyone's eyelashes, so that mine will be the longest.(One day, short and fat people like you wont exist)

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I condemn her.

Pui Pui pui

FI can do a better job.
mistyblue wrote:
she got personality problem one...
its just that she's a good example to show that girls should not follow her footsteps and guys should avoid her at all costs... .

She's just some young ,ignorant , beauty queen wanna be - attention seeker... and most of the attention she got was out of curiousity which eventually led to negative comments....

Her blog shows the level of maturity in her liaoz.. seriously cannot make it.. (esp. the Handphone "article" she came out with)...

Anyway, I bet someone like her don't have many TRUE friends...she's popular coz she's infamous... i bet 90% of the people here in sgforums are better off than her... so who cares right.. lolz.. have a good laugh at her lame yet entertaining blog and forget about it... y waste ur memory space?? She'll be history in no time...

ya ya .. steven lim and her made a good couple.

for me i dont even give a damn.
Agreed that any gal in sg forum is prettier than her haa...
She cnt even compare to my puppy.. haaa...

hey xia xue no point keep deleting lah, you keep deleting i will continuing posting.. hehe :D

come on man, face it, you're gaining fame because 1) foreign man wanna peep at fat singapore girls 2) you're notorious...

kudos. dun delete this post.. let singaporeans know the truth

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